The simplicity and benefits of salt peeling for hair and scalp

Last update: 02/27/2021

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Menshchikova Galina Vladimirovna

Dermatovenerologist, trichologist, candidate of medical sciences, member of the Association “National Society of Trichologists”

We exfoliate the face and body, but what about the scalp? The skin is the largest human organ, but many people forget that the scalp needs care no less than the face or body. Meanwhile, trichologists draw the attention of women to the need for deep cleansing in this area. Let's talk about the benefits of peelings for the scalp and share recipes for scrubs.

What is salt hair cleansing?

Naturally flowing, silky and thick hair is a happy exception rather than a rule for a woman. Many people have to work diligently to achieve the advertised shine and volume combined with the smoothness and manageability of strands, spending considerable sums and a long time on regularly maintaining their health.

Some resort to the services of beauty salon stylists, while others test innovative developments on a weekly basis to maintain healthy hair. But the manic pursuit of the beauty of hair produces the opposite effect. Even high-quality shampoos, restorative balms and nourishing serums are not completely washed off.

Microscopic particles of their ingredients settle on the hair roots, creating an ideal environment for the accumulation of varnish and foam residues, street dust and dead skin cells. Noticing this, many women complain about increased oiliness of the skin, not suspecting that the cause of untidy hair is ordinary dirt.

The scalp needs the same regular cleansing as hair. The dense layer of impurities covering them prevents them from “breathing”, this provokes blockage and unpleasant flaking, which we call dandruff. Hair follicles do not receive enough nourishment, causing the hair to become thinner, weaker and begin to fall out. Therefore, the beauty and luxury of a hairstyle is the result of proper and deep cleansing of the scalp.

Hair exfoliation is as essential a care procedure as washing it. There are two ways to clean the hair from dead scales, secretions of the sebaceous glands and cosmetics: mechanically by rubbing in scrubs, and chemically by applying special acid preparations. For the second option, it is better to go to a salon, but the first can be easily done at home.

The most affordable and effective way to deeply and safely impact the scalp is salt peeling. You can prepare a salt-based abrasive mixture yourself. Despite the simplicity of the product, its benefits are difficult to overestimate: a natural scrub frees the scalp, awakens hair follicles, improves blood circulation, normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands and helps you forget about dandruff. The hair responds to the launched regeneration processes with an external transformation: it becomes stronger, thicker and acquires the long-awaited gloss.

From the name it is obvious that the main component of peeling for cleansing hair is salt. This popular remedy was actively used by our grandmothers in ancient beauty recipes. Snow-white and crumbly powder was the basic component of traditional baths to strengthen nails, balms to treat inflammation on the face and acne marks. From the kitchen, salt instantly migrated to the dressing tables of modern beauties.

Scalp peeling is best done using sea salt. Buying it now will not be difficult: ready-made salt mixtures are displayed in most cosmetics and perfume stores, pharmacies and supermarkets. If you don’t have sea salt, you can use iodized salt for peeling. Its composition and properties will also serve the hair and scalp excellently. As a last resort, leave adding regular table salt to the peeling agent. There are significantly fewer benefits in it, but the abrasive qualities are the same.

Make sure that the salt particles for the cleansing procedure are not too large. Large and sharp fragments injure the scalp and are more likely to harm it - small scratches will become inflamed and cause pain. Before peeling, it is best to re-place industrially ground salt in a coffee grinder and achieve the consistency of washing powder granules.

The uniqueness of sea salt in its natural origin:

  • sea ​​salt is a kind of chest of vital minerals for hair and scalp: calcium, iron compounds, sodium, iodine, selenium and zinc;
  • sea ​​salt is a medicine for greasy hair: it helps reduce sebum production and dries out the skin;
  • being an excellent abrasive, salt crystals collect all biological and perfume contaminants from the skin, while simultaneously opening access to oxygen molecules and nutrients;
  • sea ​​salt is a good antiseptic;
  • sea ​​salt stimulates the renewal of the epidermis and increases its tone, which means peeling with sea salt brings the dream of a “waist-length braid” closer to reality.

A collection of benefits of salt cleansing

On the one hand, it seems that such a simple cleansing as scrubbing with sea salt has no more effect than, for example, coffee. But this is far from true. The result of home salt peeling for scalp renewal is comparable to many professional salon procedures. Knowing this, large cosmetic companies produce ready-made mixtures for this type of peeling.

Peeling based on sea or iodized salt:

  • regulates the secretion of sebaceous glands;
  • carefully removes all dirt deposits;
  • stimulates blood microcirculation in the epidermal layer, activates intercellular metabolism;
  • provides better oxygen supply to hair follicles, activates saturation with micronutrients;
  • relieves clogging of scalp pores, releasing hair follicles;
  • stimulates hair growth;
  • eliminates the “snowy shoulders” complex, helping to eliminate dandruff;
  • helps to forget about increased greasiness of hair;
  • dries out the skin;
  • improves the healing of inflammation;
  • eliminates the feeling of itching;
  • prevents seborrhea and helps in getting rid of it;
  • at the end of the session it gives a feeling of freshness and a “light head”.

Peeling for hair growth has a low cost - it varies within a few hundred rubles. The ingredients for preparing the composition are enough for more than one use. Therefore, it is most convenient to prepare a salt hair peeling from improvised means and do it at home.

Beneficial features

Salt improves the condition of the scalp, making it healthier. By removing dead cells, hair follicles are activated and hair begins to grow faster

This is especially important for those who have oily hair and have to wash their hair frequently.

Salt promotes the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands of the skin. Consequently, hair no longer needs frequent washing.

If the scalp is excessively dry, then salt masks should not be used; the skin may begin to peel, which will negatively affect hair growth and appearance.

For use in homemade masks, regular salt, which can be purchased at the grocery store, is suitable. You can take regular table water, or you can take iodized one. But the sea one is especially good for these purposes. It is saturated with useful minerals and trace elements.

Also a good solution would be to use sea salt for hair growth, to which seaweed or essential oils are added. This salt nourishes the scalp well, removes dead skin particles and makes it healthy.

Did you know that some procedures can accelerate the growth of strands, such as mesotherapy and scalp massage?

It is also very important to comb properly

Exfoliating with salt at home

Performing salt hair peeling at home is quite simple, even for a beginner. The main thing is to carry it out immediately before washing your hair, and not on clean hair. The procedure will take about half an hour, and you will enjoy its effect for at least two weeks.

  • Step 1: Wet your hair and scalp generously with water, making sure that there are no dry areas left;
  • stage 2: use a comb to distribute the entire mass of hair along the partings;
  • Step 3: Rub the prepared salt mixture for peeling gradually and evenly into the scalp. Finger movements should be circular and neat;
  • stage 4: massage the scalp with the peeling composition for 3 minutes;
  • stage 5: leave the product on the hair for about 10 minutes, after covering it with a cosmetic cap made of polyethylene, cling film;
  • Step 6: rinse off the peeling mixture with your usual shampoo, apply conditioner, moisturizing or nourishing serum. It is necessary to rinse the hair roots very well to remove salt;

The average course of salt peeling for hair is 8 sessions with an interval of 14 days. You can repeat the procedure about 4 times a year.

With aloe

Aloe juice moisturizes not only the scalp, but also the hair, making it silky and manageable. Salt must be combined with aloe juice. The juice is squeezed from the fresh leaves of the plant.

It is best to harvest leaves from an old plant, no younger than three years old. An older plant has more nutrients. There is no specific proportion; you need to ensure that the composition is convenient to apply to your head.

Distribute the composition with massage movements over the scalp, and then rinse off after a while.

Recipes for peeling salt mixtures

There are a lot of simple recipes for hair peeling with salt. The Internet will help you in this regard, and you can get all the consumables at the pharmacy and grocery store.

A mixture of salt and essential oils

  • 1 - 6 tbsp. crushed sea salt (based on the length of the strands);
  • ¼ cup of balm or conditioner;
  • 3 drops of essential oil (based on hair type and scalp problems).

Increased greasiness will be eliminated by essential oils of lemon, tea tree, lemon balm, grapefruit, lavender and lavender.
Essential oils of ylang-ylang, juniper, cedar, pine, rosemary and burdock will reduce hair loss.

Essential oils of geranium, lavender, orange, lemon and rosemary will relieve dandruff rashes.

Essential oils of chamomile, jasmine, sage and rose will help dry ends.

  1. mix the peeling ingredients;
  2. Apply the mixture to your head, following the step-by-step procedure.

A mixture of salt and baking soda

  • 1 - 6 tbsp. crushed sea salt (based on the length of the strands);
  • 1 - 6 tbsp. baking soda;
  • ¼ cup of shampoo.
  1. the components of the peeling composition are mixed in equal proportions;
  2. peeling is applied to the scalp, following the step-by-step procedure;
  3. No additional shampooing is required.

Kefir peeling with salt

  • 1 - 6 tbsp. crushed sea salt (based on the length of the strands);
  • 1 - tbsp. kefir 2.5% fat;
  1. the components of the peeling composition are mixed in equal proportions;
  2. the product is applied to the head according to the step-by-step procedure;
  3. Be sure to wash off the mixture with warm, but not hot water.

With pepper

Salt and pepper scrub is an aggressive mixture and is not recommended for use if your scalp is sensitive. Mix 2 tbsp. salt with 1 tsp. red pepper and 1 tsp. cinnamon. After mixing the dry ingredients, add any cosmetic oil to the composition, for example, avocado, almond, olive, sea buckthorn.

After application, the mixture will burn, but the sensations should be tolerable; if they become too painful, the composition should be washed off.

When not to do the procedure

Homemade peeling hair cleansing using sea or iodized salt is more gentle than salon procedures. The product, prepared in the kitchen, does not contain aggressive elements that penetrate deep into the epidermal layer. But just like any other cosmetic procedure, salt peeling is distinguished by its list of contraindications:

  • for those with dry hair and increased flaking of the scalp, it is better to avoid it;
  • scrubbing with sea salt does not imply daily use - peeling is repeated maximum once every 14 days;
  • unhealed wounds, fresh scratches, microcracks, abrasions and burns are also on the list of contraindications for sessions;
  • increased sensitivity of the epidermis and a tendency to allergies prohibit salt peeling;
  • peeling cannot be performed during the period of infection of the scalp, manifestations of dermatological diseases or purulent inflammatory processes on it;
  • this type of peeling is prohibited in the presence of tumor growths in the salt treatment area;
  • during periods of heavy hair loss (for example, during breastfeeding), a salt scrub can aggravate the situation;
  • It is not recommended to perform the peeling procedure within a week after perm, lamination, keratin straightening or hair lightening;
  • Immediately after salt cleansing, you should not apply warming masks to your hair, for example, with mustard or nettle.

Itching and burning during a sea salt peeling session is a signal to stop it immediately. In the future, the discomfort will not disappear, and peeling will provoke the appearance of extensive redness on the skin.

Recommendations for a beginner

The positive effect of using salt hair peeling will come to naught if the product is used incorrectly. And not a single expectation will be met if you miss important nuances of the procedure. Especially when doing it for the first time. After all, despite its familiarity, salt is an aggressive substance that requires careful handling and measures.

  • Salt peels for the scalp require moisturizing or nourishing the hair with special cosmetics. At the same time, apply the composition so that it does not come into contact with the skin itself;
  • At the end of the peeling procedure, refrain from quickly drying the strands with a hairdryer, and do not rub them too vigorously with a towel. Leave enough time and let the curls dry on their own;
  • Massaging the scalp too actively with a composition containing salt crystals and rubbing it in can cause hair breakage;
  • When preparing the peeling composition, observe the following salt proportions: 1-2 tablespoons of salt are enough for short hair, 4-5 for medium hair, and maximum 6 for long hair. Try not to exceed the concentration;
  • Apply the peeling mixture along the partings in your hair.

Hair peeling using sea or iodized salt is far from pampering and a very useful waste of time. It can become a preparatory stage for other caring and therapeutic procedures. For example, restoring hair health at the cellular level or drug therapy for the scalp. After such peeling, all products will be better absorbed and, accordingly, have a noticeable and quick effect.

Comparison table of characteristics

In order to compare the presented funds, we recommend that you study the table below.

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MeansCompoundStrand typeGoalsEffectPrice, rub)
La'dor Scalp Scaling SPAargan oil, complex of oils, complex of extracts, tea tree oil, aloe extractfattyagainst dandruff, against hair loss, protection from external factorsgrowth activation, shine, cleansingfrom 266 to 334
OLLIN Professional Full Forcealoe extract, climbazole, provitamin B5all typesagainst hair loss, protection from external factorscalmingfrom 1546 to 2722
Lebel Cosmetics Cleansercomplex of oils, complex of extracts, vitamin Eall typesagainst lossnutrition, strengthening, growth activation, adding volumefrom 1546 to 2172
Esthetic House SPAnutrition, strengthening, growth activation, adding volumeanyagainst dandruff, against hair lossnutrition, strengthening, growth activation, adding volumefrom 849 to 1208
FarmaVita AMETHYSTE PURIFYjojoba oil, complex of oils, complex of extractsanyanti-dandruffvolume, purityfrom 888 to 1200
Natura Siberica Oblepikha Sibericavitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin complexanyagainst dandruff, against hair lossnutrition, elasticity, strengthening, growth activation, shinefrom 249 to 329
Lebel Cosmetics THEO SCALP FLEXcomplex of oils, complex of extracts, vitamin EAllagainst lossnutrition, strengthening, growth activation, adding volumefrom 1546 to 2172
Spaklean Amazing collagen scalpvitamin E, collagen, caffeineAllagainst hair loss, protection from external factorsnutrition, elasticity, strengthening, shine, smoothing, moisturizing, restorationfrom 1405 to 1800
Golden Christmas treeacids AHA and BHAanyprotection from external factorscleansingfrom 194 to 250
VICHY against dandruffsalicylic acid, apricot kernel microparticles, piroctone olaminefattydandruff protectioncleansingfrom 920 to 1200
( 2 ratings, average 4.5 out of 5 )
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