The unsolved mystery of the most seductive "tennis player." The history of famous photography
Photos of the most beautiful tennis players in swimsuits: Sharapova, Bouchard, Wozniacki, Sabalenka, Azarenka
Already on Monday, January 4, the draws for the first tennis tournaments of the 2021 season will take place. In the meantime
live barbie valeria lukyanova
Lukyanova Valeria Valerievna - living Barbie: biography, personal life
Everyone has their own path to fame, but usually it is thorny and not at all
rhinoplasty of the nose
Such a fragile nose: will its shape change after a slight blow?
How to Recognize The severity of damage depends on several factors. For example, on how strong he turned out to be
I’m embarrassed to ask: I want to have plastic surgery, but I’m very scared. A plastic surgeon on how to understand that you (don't) need it
In the section “I’m embarrassed to ask” we collect questions that Belarusians are usually embarrassed to ask friends and
Photo 1
Long and lonely: why do we all have such hair growing in the same place and is it dangerous?
There is no woman who would be indifferent to her appearance. Visiting the hairdresser for the purpose
What is microtia: why is the disease dangerous, and when should you contact a surgeon? 
Types of Microtia Type 1 The first type of Microtia - mild type - is characterized by an unusually small ear,
Treatment methods for local fat deposits using Maximus RF, VASER, Z Wave, Z Lipo devices
Correction of local fat deposits in men
Contents Etiology and pathogenesis Clinical manifestations Principles of treatment Local fat deposits (abdominal fold,
3 effective ways to restore the quality and elasticity of facial skin after losing weight
Since ancient times, humanity has been interested in the question of what should be the proportions of an ideal
Features of anti-aging biorevitalization with otesaly
Hyaluronic acid is an important component of the human body, which is responsible for health and beauty. Thanks to
After 40: what plastic surgeries should be done first?
Lifting – facelift. Types of face lifts: Endoscopic frontotemporal lift Endoscopic midzone lift
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