What is scalp peeling: how often should it be done and what is it for?

Careful hair care ensures its beauty and health. Just washing your hair with shampoo is not enough. Cleansing the scalp is of particular importance. She, like her face and body, needs hydration, nutrition, and toning. You won’t be able to deeply cleanse your head with shampoos, balms, or masks. In this case, peeling becomes an auxiliary care ritual. The procedure allows you to quickly improve the health of your hair, improve metabolic processes, and get rid of flaking and itching. Let's look at the best peeling products.

Professional peelings for the scalp

Professional scalp scrubbing is divided into the following types:

  • chemical;
  • mechanical;
  • physical.

The components may differ in their mechanism of action. But the result is identical - the stratum corneum is removed much faster, which stimulates cell renewal. Peels usually contain enzymes and acids.

Note! Hair scrubs are also divided according to the degree of impact. Superficial work within the stratum corneum. The middle ones penetrate deeper. Deep cleansing is carried out in beauty salons.

After COVID-19

The most popular topic right now is hair loss after a new coronavirus infection. It must be said that any infectious and viral diseases can cause hair loss after recovery, and this does not happen immediately, but after 2-3 months. What is typical for a coronavirus infection: it may not be very active, without the need for hospitalization, but nevertheless, after a few months a person may notice increased hair loss. This is due to the fact that the new virus is quite active and it is difficult for our immune system to cope with and immediately recover from it. Especially if antibiotics and other serious drugs were used in treatment. This, of course, affects the condition of the whole organism. Therefore, in general, there are a lot of complaints about hair loss after covid-19.

Pros and cons of scalp and hair scrubs

The main task of scalp scrubs is deep cleansing and exfoliation. Benefits of the procedure:

  • deep cleansing of the scalp from dust, dirt, residues of styling products;
  • improving metabolism at the cellular level, increasing blood flow;
  • normalization of sebum secretion;
  • elimination of dandruff, irritation, itching;
  • awakening dormant hair follicles, stimulating hair growth;
  • increasing the effectiveness of other cosmetic hair treatments.

The only drawback of peeling is that it must be carried out taking into account the type and condition of the hair. For normal and oily hair - once a week. Dry, painted ones require 1 time every 1.5 weeks. If your curls are brittle and dry, it is advisable to do deep cleaning once a month.


A good chemical peel for the face in a cosmetic clinic is carried out in four stages:

  1. Cleaning and disinfection. The skin is treated with a special milk or gel containing a weak solution of glycolic acid with surface active components. This allows you to reliably degrease the areas to be treated and eliminate contamination. The use of soap is not allowed, as this leads to severe alkalization of the skin and reduces the effectiveness of peeling.
  2. Application of the active agent. Using a fan brush, a cosmetologist evenly treats the skin of the face in a certain sequence: forehead, temples, chin, neck, center. The preparation for chemical peeling of the face is not applied to the moving part of the eyelids. During the procedure, the cosmetologist constantly monitors the patient’s condition and maintains precise timing. A slight burning sensation is considered normal, but should not become unbearable. After diffuse erythema appears on the skin, proceed to the next stage of the procedure.
  3. Neutralization of acid. Deactivation of the peeling agent is carried out using a special neutralizer. It completely stops the drug from working. Residues of the base substance and neutralizer should be washed off with cool water. Chemical glycolic facial peeling does not require the use of deactivators. The product is removed from the skin surface by simple washing.
  4. Post-peeling care. After deactivating the acid, the cosmetologist treats the patient’s face with a special post-peeling cream. This is necessary, since during the procedure the epidermis is severely dehydrated and needs to compensate for fluid loss.

In the future, it is necessary to use sunscreens, moisturizers, and wash your face twice a day with a warm chamomile decoction without detergents. If your skin feels dry and tight, it is recommended to spray your face with a thermal spray. After medium chemical peels of the face, crusts form on the face and crack. It is forbidden to tear them down by force. Hydrocortisone ointment is applied to the damaged areas. Peeling and separation of crusts stops by 5–7 days after the procedure.

Peeling results

Facial skin peeling allows you to achieve the following positive changes:

  • the color and texture of the skin becomes smoother;
  • fine wrinkles disappear;
  • deep wrinkles become less noticeable;
  • a prolonged effect of skin moisturizing is achieved;
  • the tone of the outer integument of the body increases;
  • zones of hyperpigmentation are eliminated or become almost invisible;
  • local immune reactions are enhanced.

Consequences if the procedure is carried out incorrectly

These changes are achieved after complete restoration of the skin. Until this point, a person may experience certain negative consequences, which soon go away on their own. These include:

  1. For superficial peeling – persistent erythema, dyschromia, infection, contact and allergic dermatitis. Similar reactions are accompanied by chemical glycolic facial peeling.
  2. For medium peeling – the appearance of a peeling crust and burn exudate.
  3. For deep chemical peeling of the face – the appearance of erythema, pastiness, local inflammatory reaction, swelling.

It must be remembered that all of these conditions fall into the category of expected and completely controllable. They do not pose a threat to life, health or appearance, and if all recommended recovery measures are followed, they pass without delayed consequences.

How to choose hair peeling?

When choosing a specific peeling product, you need to be guided by the result you want to achieve. Scrubs are divided according to the method of action, but the effect from them is almost the same. Physical means are the most common. These include all types of scrubs. Chemical ones contain enzymes and acids - salicylic, lactic, glycolic, almond, etc. The choice depends on how deep cleansing the scalp requires.

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It's a young business

Hair loss at a young age is quite common. And here we share the problem between girls and boys. In the former, this is often associated with poor nutrition and a lack of various substances, resulting in the development of iron deficiency anemia, lack of protein, and microelements. Also, their hair loss may be associated with the period of formation of hormonal levels, when it is not yet stable or for some reason has not been established.

In young people aged 18-20 years, hair loss can be the beginning of androgenetic alopecia: hair loss occurs due to high levels of male hormones, which are maximal at this age.

Of course, both young people and girls may have other reasons that do not depend on age, related, for example, to stress or past infectious diseases.

The best peelings for the scalp

Professional peelings appeared on the cosmetic market not so long ago. The main feature of scalp scrubs is deep cleansing without mechanical damage. Their cost is quite high, but the consumption is economical. One package will last for a long time. It is also worth noting the useful composition of professional lines.

The best scrubs for the scalp:

  1. Ollin Full Force Scalp Peeling With Bamboo Extract. Product based on bamboo extract. Provides detoxification and deep cleansing. Has a strengthening and tonic effect. Gives a feeling of purity and lightness for a long time. Does not contain artificial scrubbing elements, parabens, or dyes.
  2. Barex Joc Cure Anti-Dandruff Peeling. Gently cleanses the surface of dead cells. Saturates follicles with nutrients. Contains: jojoba extract, witch hazel decoction, lavender essential oil.
  3. Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment. The basis is biologically active ingredients (fruit acids, salts, herbal extracts, essential oils). Gently exfoliates keratinized areas, improves local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Stimulates cells, accelerates hair growth.
  4. R+Co Crown Scalp Scrub. Detoxifying product that effectively removes impurities and styling residues. Strengthens roots and prevents hair loss. Salicylic acid in the composition has an antibacterial effect. Kaolin saturates the skin and hair shafts with nutrients. Palm seed powder acts as a herbal exfoliant.
  5. Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Scalp Gentle Exfoliating Scrub. An exfoliating agent that effectively combats dandruff. The innovative complex maintains the hydrolipid balance of the scalp.
  6. Kerastase Genesis Poudre Detox. The drug is available in the form of powder for deep cleansing. Used together with shampoo, balm or mask. Gently removes remaining dust and sebum. Normalizes water balance.
  7. Tefia Mytreat Purifying Scalp Mask. Acid based peeling agent. Restores the lipid balance of oily hair. Eliminates sebum, soothes irritation and itching.
  8. Esthetic House CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Scaler. The drug with the addition of sea salt normalizes sebum production. Gently cleanses the skin, does not clog the follicles, and awakens dormant follicles. With regular use, hair becomes thicker.
  9. Goldwell Kerasilk Premium Revitalize Exfoliating Pre-Wash. An exfoliant removes excess sebum. Provides deep cleansing of pores.
  10. Davines Essential Haircare Solu Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser. The sea salt-based product is produced in the form of a paste. Thoroughly removes remaining dead skin particles. Refreshes for a long time, textures curls.

Comparison table of characteristics

In order to compare the presented funds, we recommend that you study the table below.

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MeansCompoundStrand typeGoalsEffectPrice, rub)
La'dor Scalp Scaling SPAargan oil, complex of oils, complex of extracts, tea tree oil, aloe extractfattyagainst dandruff, against hair loss, protection from external factorsgrowth activation, shine, cleansingfrom 266 to 334
OLLIN Professional Full Forcealoe extract, climbazole, provitamin B5all typesagainst hair loss, protection from external factorscalmingfrom 1546 to 2722
Lebel Cosmetics Cleansercomplex of oils, complex of extracts, vitamin Eall typesagainst lossnutrition, strengthening, growth activation, adding volumefrom 1546 to 2172
Esthetic House SPAnutrition, strengthening, growth activation, adding volumeanyagainst dandruff, against hair lossnutrition, strengthening, growth activation, adding volumefrom 849 to 1208
FarmaVita AMETHYSTE PURIFYjojoba oil, complex of oils, complex of extractsanyanti-dandruffvolume, purityfrom 888 to 1200
Natura Siberica Oblepikha Sibericavitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin complexanyagainst dandruff, against hair lossnutrition, elasticity, strengthening, growth activation, shinefrom 249 to 329
Lebel Cosmetics THEO SCALP FLEXcomplex of oils, complex of extracts, vitamin EAllagainst lossnutrition, strengthening, growth activation, adding volumefrom 1546 to 2172
Spaklean Amazing collagen scalpvitamin E, collagen, caffeineAllagainst hair loss, protection from external factorsnutrition, elasticity, strengthening, shine, smoothing, moisturizing, restorationfrom 1405 to 1800
Golden Christmas treeacids AHA and BHAanyprotection from external factorscleansingfrom 194 to 250
VICHY against dandruffsalicylic acid, apricot kernel microparticles, piroctone olaminefattydandruff protectioncleansingfrom 920 to 1200

How to use a scalp scrub?

After the main shampoo, apply a little scrub evenly to the scalp. Gently massage for 2-3 minutes. Then wash your hair thoroughly.

Important! The cleansing process should not cause pain, burning, or other uncomfortable sensations.

All professional peelings are absolutely safe for hair and scalp. After using them, a feeling of cleanliness and lightness remains for a long time. You can order any scrubbing product in the Maroshka online store with delivery in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities of Russia. The site offers a wide selection of hair peelings.

Times change

The older a person gets, the more, unfortunately, he develops chronic diseases, which also affect the health of the hair. In addition, each age has its own characteristics. For example, a premenopausal woman's hormonal levels change, the amount of female hormones estrogen decreases, and even if she has never had problems with hair, hair loss and a decrease in its density become a fairly common complaint at this time. This is typical for hormonal changes. For this case, there is hormone replacement therapy. But it should be prescribed by a trichologist together with a gynecologist-endocrinologist.

Regardless of gender, the older the patients, the more diseases they develop: type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension. They may not directly, but indirectly affect the condition of the hair.

Any disease, of course, affects the health of the whole body. The problem can appear at any age, so you need to be examined and treated promptly.

A complex approach

It often happens that treatment begins with one method and ends with another. For example, after a course of mesotherapy, specialized medications are selected for home care, and then physiotherapy is carried out. Or are some other variations offered? In any case, when the therapy is conscious, when the doctor develops an individual program for the patient, taking into account his characteristics, coordinates it with him and explains what he will do and why, then the result will be good and will not be long in coming.

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