10 coffee body scrub recipes you can make at home
Every girl who loves herself and her body strives to take care of her own appearance. Cosmetic
Facelift: circular or without surgery, facelift at home
Circular facelift With age, the skin loses its tone, becomes inelastic, and flabby. Wrinkles give about
Why does the skin on your face peel and dry?
Why does the skin on your face peel and dry?
Dry sensitive cracking skin: causes Dry skin can be caused by a wide variety of factors:
Types of redness and causes of their occurrence on the face
One of the patients, a French teacher, told the following story: “At the beginning of her career, her
Subcutaneous mite. Which procedures are prohibited and which are recommended?
Treatment of acne Treatment of Rosacea Treatment of demodicosis “Subcutaneous mite” sounds very unpleasant, and for many
Flexion contracture of the knee joint
Treatment of post-burn and post-traumatic deformities
Almost any burn or injury leads to the formation of scars, which often look unaesthetic
Hot and cold wrap - what to choose and which is better?
28 Dec 20201940 Greetings, dear readers! In this article we will talk about wrapping
mask for the face
How to do steam baths and saunas for acne and blackheads
What to take with you to the bathhouse Women for whom going to the bathhouse is something
11 face masks at home - an instant effect, an express mask before the holiday, a recipe for quick refreshing
Skin regeneration is a process of cell restoration, accompanied by the synthesis of various compounds at the molecular level.
Stages of skin care after 25 years
Girls advise: 9 effective and inexpensive face masks
Planeta Organica, “100% natural deep cleansing face mask” Price: from 180 rubles Consistency:
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