Mesotherapy for hair and scalp: what you need to know about the procedure

For problems with the scalp and hair, the use of subcutaneous or intradermal administration of biologically active compounds may be indicated. This technique is called mesotherapy of hair and scalp. It helps in solving a number of trichological and dermatological problems - eliminating dandruff, activating hair growth, treating baldness caused by various external influences. The technique is non-surgical and minimally invasive, suitable for any hair type, practically painless and highly effective.

Achieved effect

The effects of the manipulations performed during hair mesotherapy are achieved due to the fact that the administered biologically active cocktail directly penetrates the hair follicles, stimulating them to activity. On average, in order to obtain a relatively pronounced and noticeable effect, it is necessary to perform a series of injections every 2-3 weeks for at least three months. To obtain a sufficient and lasting effect, it is necessary to carry out successive courses of 5-10 procedures throughout the year.

Among the key effects that are achieved with hair mesotherapy in St. Petersburg:

  • stimulation of the activity of hair follicles that are in the sleep stage;
  • reducing the severity of hair loss due to alopecia;
  • restoring the balance of the hydrolipid film on the surface of the scalp, including dryness, flaking or dry seborrhea;
  • normalization of sebum separation processes, elimination of excessive oiliness in various skin pathologies;
  • reducing the risk of early gray hair;
  • prolongation of the period of active hair growth;
  • stimulation of blood circulation in the vessels of the skin, increased metabolism;
  • increase in strength, volume, thickness of hair;
  • structural hair improvements.

Reviews about mesotherapy

The procedure of hair mesotherapy is common among men and women - it gives a positive effect, heals the skin and hair. According to patients who have experienced this type of treatment, hair stops falling out so intensely, and there is an improvement in the condition of the curl structure. Reviews from clients of beauty salons speak of the healthy appearance of strands and emphasize the improvement of blood microcirculation. Since vitamins and substances penetrate into the upper and deep layers of the dermis, they are evenly distributed, which causes a lasting result.

Patients pay attention to the rating of the clinic and the specialist who will perform mesotherapy. It is better to read the reviews in advance and choose a professional who will make the injections painless and the treatment effective.

What components are used in scalp mesotherapy?

For each person, the trichologist selects a complex of administered biologically active compounds strictly individually. They are selected taking into account the client’s wishes, expectations and indications, age and additional criteria. The basis of cocktails for mesotherapy is vitamin and mineral components. Peptide components in combination with copper and zinc are so-called inhibitors (substances that suppress activity) of alpha reductase. This enzyme depletes hair follicles. Cocktails with B-group vitamins have metabolic effects, amino acid cocktails stimulate the formation of keratin in the hair, strengthening the hair shaft and restoring the hair structure.

In some cases, stimulants for the formation of new capillaries, agents that improve microcirculation and nutrition of the epidermis are added to the cocktails. This is, for example, coenzyme Q10 or carnitine. To restore the skin, dexpanthenol is indicated. It has a calming, regenerating effect. For dry hair, hyaluronic acid is indicated.

Photos before and after

A course of mesotherapy can significantly improve the appearance of hair, strengthen the hair follicle and make hair soft, at the same time dense and thick. Photographs of patients before and after the procedure speak volumes about the results of mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy significantly slows down the process of hair loss

This is a good way to stop baldness and restore your hair to its former appearance. Therapeutic cocktails activate the work of the follicles and saturate the bulb with nutritional components. The drug administration regimen is selected individually. For hereditary alopecia, the dosage will be different compared to acquired alopecia, when hair falls out due to stress and other reasons.

Indications for mesotherapy for hair growth

A course of mesotherapy for hair growth can be recommended for various hair and skin problems. For example:

  • different types of alopecia (diffuse, focal, focal or androgenic);
  • fragility and excessive dryness of hair;
  • constant dandruff, unavoidable by other methods, itching of the scalp;
  • preparatory stage before hair transplant surgery;
  • premature graying;
  • signs of ringworm;
  • seborrheic eczema of the scalp;
  • hair problems after childbirth;
  • split ends;
  • hair damage, hair loss, weakening after frequent curling and dyeing, aggressive procedures.

A trichologist can also prescribe mesotherapy for other indications or for preventive purposes.


The price consists of the cost of the drug and the doctor’s work. In different clinics, prices for mesotherapy differ according to the regions of the country:

  1. Moscow – 4000 rubles.
  2. St. Petersburg – 3600 rubles.

The price is indicated for 1 session of the procedure. For example, the administration of the drug Laennec costs 6,100 rubles, the use of the substance Curacen costs 8,000 rubles. Leading clinics immediately indicate on their websites the cost of one injection, as well as the amount of the drug in milliliters. Well-known Moscow clinics indicate the duration of the procedure - it often lasts 20-30 minutes. During this time, doctors treat and prevent hair loss, dry scalp, seborrhea, dandruff, and itching.

Prices vary by region of the country. For example, in Astrakhan the starting price is from 1,400 rubles. In Kazan it is a little more expensive - from 2300 rubles, and in Krasnodar you will have to pay from 5000 rubles for one procedure. Anesthesia throughout the country costs 200-300 rubles. The use of complex cocktails is more expensive than the use of narrowly targeted drugs.

Contraindications to hair mesotherapy

Although the procedure is quite safe, there are a number of contraindications for its implementation that must be taken into account before starting the sessions. Intervention not indicated:

  • during menstruation;
  • at any three meters of pregnancy;
  • during lactation;
  • against the background of cholelithiasis;
  • when taking anticoagulant drugs or blood diseases;
  • if you are allergic to the components of cocktails;
  • against the background of infectious skin lesions at injection sites;
  • for any type of tumor.

Mesotherapy is also prohibited if mental disorders are detected, immunity is reduced or there are endocrine disorders.

Preparation rules

Before going to the clinic for a mesotherapy procedure, you need to find out the reason for the deterioration of the hair and scalp.

First, visit a trichologist, dermatologist or cosmetologist . The specialist will assess your health status and also give a referral for the following tests:

  1. general blood analysis;
  2. iron level analysis;
  3. analysis for hormones and vitamins.

If the research reveals no contraindications, the doctor selects injectable drugs and sets a date for the first procedure. A few days before the mesotherapy session, you need to adhere to some restrictions, for example:

  • 7 days before the procedure, stop taking blood thinners such as aspirin, ibuprofen, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics.
    Don't be alarmed by not taking analgesics. An hour before the injection, the doctor treats the patient's head with an anesthetic gel.
  • 2 days before the procedure, stop drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Wash your hair before going to the clinic. There should be no traces of styling products, dust or sebum left on the scalp. And also comb your strands thoroughly and do not collect them in tight hairstyles.

How does the procedure work?

When carrying out mesotherapy of the scalp and hair, several variants of injection techniques are used:

  • multipuncture;
  • median nappage;
  • superficial;
  • papular.

The composition of biologically active components is administered subcutaneously - as close as possible to the follicle zone - in extremely small doses. Injections are carried out at a distance of up to 15 mm from each other. Several injections are given in the neck area to stimulate growth points. Before and after the procedure, the doctor will treat the injection sites with solutions of local antiseptics to prevent infection.

Carrying out mesotherapy

The procedure is carried out in a cosmetology salon. A specialist can use a gun, mesoinjector or mesoroller, and also administer the medicine manually with needles. You can use a mesoscooter at home - experts tell you how to do it correctly.

Manual administration of the drug

Manual administration of the drug is carried out by professional craftsmen and novice cosmetologists. This is the easiest way to do scalp mesotherapy, as a syringe with a needle is used. The syringe must have a thin needle, as injection of the drug can be painful. However, compared to other methods, this technique brings less pain, since microinjections are performed.

Before inserting the needle, the technician treats the area with an antiseptic and may offer local anesthesia. The patient feels the greatest discomfort in the area of ​​the ears and the back of the head. The advantage of this method is minimal trauma to the skin and hair follicles. Injections are carried out in a full course, consisting of 7-12 sessions. When the course ends, the cosmetologist prescribes maintenance sessions at intervals of 1 time per week.

Gun for mesotherapy

Mesotherapy of the scalp is carried out with a special instrument - a gun. Its advantage is the ability to process a large space in a short period of time. Since the gun requires additional adapters, claws and stops, the cost of the procedure may increase. The gun has a simple design: a syringe with the drug is inserted inside it. After mechanical or automatic pressing, a medicinal cocktail is administered.

Illiterate manipulations will lead to injuries to the scalp and also cause pain. The effectiveness of this method of treatment is not inferior to other options for hair mesotherapy - the gun makes it possible to make several targeted injections on an area of ​​skin at once.

Mesoinjector or mesoscooter

For fractional mesotherapy of problematic scalp, a mesoscooter or mesoinjector is used. These devices allow you to administer drugs in several places at once in a short period of time. A mesoinjector is used for manual or semi-automatic administration of medication, and a mesoscooter is represented by a small roller covered with small needles. Operating efficiency is achieved through:

  • minor damage to the skin due to the use of small needles;
  • starting the regeneration process;
  • skin rejuvenation;
  • creating tubules through which nutrients flow deep.

To work with a mesotherapy roller, only sterile preparations are used - the procedure cannot be performed with such a roller at home. This is due to the creation of a large number of punctures in the epidermis, as well as the possible appearance of blood, which can only be eliminated by a cosmetologist in a sterilely clean treatment room.

Using a mesoscooter at home

For home use, you can choose mesoscooters with needles up to 0.5 mm long. Typically these are 0.2 or 0.3 mm needles. They are allowed to be used with serum or standard cream. Since the punctures are small, there should be no contact with blood. How does this device work:

  • makes several thousand small punctures in the upper layers of the dermis;
  • damages the epidermis, causing cells to regenerate, which stimulates the growth of new hair;
  • the effect is achieved using special cosmetics.

Applying these products after rolling over the skin increases the likelihood of penetration to 86%. Before starting the procedure, the scalp is thoroughly treated with an antiseptic, the device is disinfected and a massage is performed. Then the substances are applied, rubbed in, and at the end the mesoscooter is disinfected again.

Limitations after head mesotherapy

The procedure can be performed at any time of the year, but if it is cold outside, it is recommended to wear a hat during the procedure. In the summer, it is important to protect your head from exposure to UV rays with a scarf or hat.

Immediately after the procedure, scratching is not recommended; for 4 hours you should not touch the skin on your head with your hands or scratch it. Applying any medications to the scalp after the procedure is permissible no earlier than 12 hours later. You should not wash your hair for 2 days, especially against the background of discomfort and redness at the injection sites. Active cosmetic procedures are postponed for a week, solarium or sauna - for 3 days.

Is there any pain during the procedure?

Many patients are interested in how often pain reactions to injections occur: the answer is directly related to the individual characteristics of the human body. If the patient has a low pain threshold, he will feel virtually no pain during mesotherapy. Women are more sensitive during menstrual flow, so an acute painful reaction to injections may occur.

These are special external ointments or preliminary administration of anesthesia. According to reviews from patients who have undergone this procedure, the most sensitive parts of the scalp are the temporal and occipital areas. In this case, the doctor will not treat the entire head, but will first examine the most problematic areas where injections will be administered.

Which composition to choose?

As a standard in salons, the composition of the meso-cocktail is selected by the master individually for each client, based on the characteristics of his hair and the desired result. At home, it is better to use ready-made preparations.

They may contain the following components:

  • Hyaluronic acid;
  • Vitamins;
  • Minerals;
  • Phospholipids;
  • Oils;
  • Plant and animal extracts;
  • Phospholipids.

The composition for subcutaneous administration should not contain toxic and aggressive substances that can adversely affect not only the health of the hair, but also your general well-being.

However, before using the meso-cocktail, make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to it. To do this, apply the drug to the inner surface of the elbow, and after 3-4 hours, remove it and check the skin for a reaction. If it is not available, you can safely use the product.

Course duration

How many sessions do you need to do for the best effect?

An average course of mesotherapy consists of 1-12 sessions . The first 4 sessions are carried out with an interval of one week, the next 4 - with an interval of two weeks, then - 1 session every 3 weeks. Afterwards, the patient will only have to wait for preventative maintenance therapy.

The result manifests itself individually, depending on the specific clinical case, but usually the difference “before and after” is noticeable after 6–9 procedures. New hairs appear, hair loss is reduced, and the scalp becomes nourished and moisturized. The final result will be visible a month after completing the course.

How much does one session cost?

The final cost of the procedure will also depend on what problem the patient is struggling with. In accordance with the task, the doctor will select the necessary meso-cocktail and indicate the price. On average, the price for 1 procedure varies from 1500 to 4500 rubles .

How often should I repeat?

Mesotherapy gives a lasting effect and a repeat course is not required. However, in order to maintain the achieved result, doctors recommend doing a preventive procedure once every six months (in some cases, once every 4 months).

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