Photos of the most beautiful tennis players in swimsuits: Sharapova, Bouchard, Wozniacki, Sabalenka, Azarenka

Already on Monday, January 4, the draws for the first tennis tournaments of the 2021 season will take place. In the meantime, the most beautiful tennis players in the world have the last opportunity to plunge into the warm sea, dive into the pool, and show their fans their athletic figure in a swimsuit.

The unsolved mystery of the most seductive "tennis player." The history of famous photography

Victoria Azarenka (Belarus)

In 2020, Victoria had one of the best seasons in recent memory, despite its very truncated format. The Belarusian tennis player won the Premier 5 tournament in Cincinnati and then reached the final of the US Open - for the first time at a Grand Slam competition in the last seven years. As a result, Azarenka finished the year as the 13th racket in the world. By the way, it was at the Australian Open, which will be held in February, that Victoria achieved her greatest success in slams - she was twice champion (2012, 2013).

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Height, weight, age. How old is Arina Sharapova

Interest in the personality of the popular television presenter does not subside. TV viewers are interested in everything related to this multifaceted personality, including height, weight, age, how old is Arina Sharapova. In May 2022, the Russian TV presenter will turn 57 years old. Despite her already serious age, she looks younger than her years.

With a height of 165 cm, she weighs 75 kg, as became known from Timur Kizyakov’s program “While everyone is at home.”

Arina Sharapova, whose photos in her youth and now are presented on the website of the First TV Channel as a single photo, adheres to a healthy diet. But the woman says that sometimes she can break down and eat a whole chocolate bar. But then she is forced to go on a strict diet to lose weight.

Former common-law husband of Arina Sharapova - Kirill Legat

Arina met a man on television. He is a producer. They immediately began to live together. A successful producer helped establish Arina’s career at the very beginning. They were inseparable: both at home and at work. But soon it was work that became the stumbling block because of which they broke up.

Arina Sharapova's former common-law husband, Kirill Legat, after breaking up with his former lover, tried to ruin her career. It was because of him that she had to leave the ORT TV channel for several years.

Currently, the former lovers do not communicate. The legate married another woman after the separation. Now he is the father of two sons.

Naked Arina Sharapova

Many TV viewers believe that the beauty of the popular presenter and journalist is getting better and better. The sight of Arina Sharapova losing weight attracts everyone's attention. Many people attribute such changes to the fact that Arina Sharapova had plastic surgery. On the Internet you can find false information on request Arina Sharapova facial plastic surgery before and after photos. The woman herself says that this is not true. She believes that there is no need for her to undergo facial plastic surgery. To maintain the beauty of her face, she sometimes turns to the services of beauty salons, where she undergoes facial mesotherapy.

Arina Sharapova, who has lost weight, says that she lost her weight because she adheres to a diet that she herself developed. You can find this diet online.

It is impossible to find photos in which Arina Sharapova poses naked. She says her chaste upbringing prevents her from undressing in front of the camera.

Arina Sharapova's son - Daniil Sharapov

In 1981, Arina Sharapova became a mother. She had a son, whom it was decided to name Danechka (Daniil). The boy grew up very versatile. He didn't cause problems for his mother. He studied well at school and took part in various competitions. In high school, Arina Sharapova’s son, Daniil Sharapov, decided to follow in his mother’s footsteps. Currently he is a well-known producer, a member of the Russian Television Academy.

The son of a popular television presenter is happily married. He is married to a girl named Alina. Daniel had 2 sons, whose names are Nikita and Stepan.

Arina Sharapova's ex-husband - Sergei Alliluyev

Soon after breaking up with her first husband, Arina met Sergei Alliluyev. He worked as a journalist. It turned out that the young man was the nephew of I.V. Stalin’s deceased wife.

Soon love broke out between the young people. Literally after 3 days of meeting they began to live together. A year after they met, the lovers formalized their relationship.

After some time, the spouses often began to quarrel, which ultimately led to their separation.

Arina Sharapova's ex-husband, Sergei Alliluyev, did not communicate with the woman after the divorce. He believed and still believes that she was to blame for their divorce. And he looks at his sprees positively. He says that it is typical for a man to lead such a lifestyle.

Arina Sharapova's ex-husband - Oleg Borushko

The young people met during their student days. An 18-year-old girl fell in love with Oleg at first sight. She dreamed of living with him, raising children and dying with her beloved on the same day. Young people wandered the streets of Moscow. He read her his own poems. Arina was happy. She considered her beloved the best in the world.

Soon the young man proposes. Arina immediately agreed. After the wedding, the couple lived in perfect harmony. They were happy about the birth of their first child, whom they named Daniel.

But after a few years they realized that their relationship had run its course and divorced.

She currently calls Arina Sharapova's ex-husband Oleg Borushko one of her best friends.

Which star has the most luxurious bust? (Photo)

The beach season is about to begin. Anticipating the fashion show of celebrities in bikinis, WomanHit presents its own hit parade of owners of the most seductive forms.

Anna Semenovich. photo: Gennady Avramenko

Anna Semenovich Size: Five. About his dignity: “This is a family jewel. I inherited it from my mother.” Throughout her career, Anna has been haunted by questions about the naturalness of her breasts. Defending her curves, the artist recalls the past: she will either post photos online from the days of her sports career, or publish family photographs with relatives, where it is clearly visible: Anna’s large breasts are a family heritage. The singer constantly has to make excuses: how could she skate professionally and win medals with such breasts? He says that he had to wear shapewear. But what depresses the artist most is the fact that many fans directly link all of Anna’s successes with the size of her bust. However, it must be admitted that her curvy figure provided the artist with lucrative advertising contracts and, of course, added male fans. But breasts have not yet brought personal happiness to its owner.

Anfisa Chekhova. Photo: Gennady Avramenko.

Anfisa Chekhova Size: Five. About her dignity: “I am not only my breasts! There is a soul underneath!” According to the TV presenter, she was always terribly complex about her breasts and was embarrassed to meet men who did not take their eyes off her bust. But over time, Anfisa realized that breasts are a dignity that should not be hidden, but emphasized. And the biggest fan of Chekhova’s prominent breasts is her son Solomon, who recently turned one year old.

Masha Malinovskaya. Photo: Gennady Avramenko.

Masha Malinovskaya Size: Four. About his dignity: “My breasts have always been large.” At the dawn of her career as a TV presenter, Masha talked about good heredity regarding the bust, a rich gene pool and the special air of the city of Smolensk, in which she was born. Later, other stories appeared: about forced plastic surgery, allegedly due to a sharp loss of breast shape. Malinovskaya does not hide her love for plastic surgery, which, in fact, is clearly visible on her face, and considers it a natural necessity for maintaining her beauty. Nevertheless, the capital's socialite was not afraid to feed her son Miron with her outstanding dignity.

Ekaterina Strizhenova. Photo: Gennady Avramenko.

Ekaterina Strizhenova Size: Four. About my dignity: “I didn’t like a lot of things about myself, but my shortcomings do not poison my life.” Catherine has always been distinguished by her petite figure and prominent bust, but rumors about the origin of her breasts are constantly circulating. The TV presenter herself is partly to blame for this, who first talks in an interview about the loss of breast shape after her second birth, and then argues that harmony with herself, separate nutrition and fitness allow her to look great.

Masha Rasputina. Photo: Gennady Avramenko.

Masha Rasputina Size: Five. About his dignity: “I have my own breasts, not silicone!” The singer constantly insists that her beauty is natural, and her breasts are grown in natural conditions and on the products of the Siberian village. Masha happily talks about how she maintains her physical shape. She is on a regular diet that includes fresh juices, greens, vegetables, fruits and nutritional supplements. And also - mandatory sports. Rasputina has a personal trainer, with whom she has been collaborating for about ten years. The singer's workouts include stretching exercises, strength training and yoga. Despite all efforts, fans for some reason do not believe the artist’s assurances about the naturalness of her beauty.

Arina Sharapova. Photo: Mikhail Kovalev.

Arina Sharapova Size: Not commented. About her dignity: “It’s not clothes or shape that make a woman attractive.” Two years ago, for her anniversary, the TV presenter noticeably lost weight. But the gossipers were more interested in another fact: how did Arina’s breasts not shrink at all despite losing 10 kilograms? Sharapova prefers not to respond to these attacks. In her interviews, she admits that she once injected Botox, but the experience was unsuccessful. And she is generally half to death afraid of plastic surgery and will resort to it only in a critical case.

Irina Pegova. Photo: Gennady Avramenko.

Irina Pegova Size: Fifth. About my dignity: “I will never have a size 44 and volumes of 90-60-90.” Irina is called the owner of the most luxurious bust in Russian cinema. At the same time, the actress herself says that large breasts cause her troubles: she has to buy not the clothes that she likes, but the ones that she can fit into. Moreover, with such volumes, Irina, in her opinion, seems much larger and older than she actually is. Pegova is constantly trying to lose weight, watching her diet and seriously exercising. And she does all the stunts in the movies herself. In the film “Space as a Premonition” there is an episode in which Irina’s heroine, after running a cross-country race, finished first and tore the ribbon with her chest. Film critics considered this to be the first worthy erotic episode in the history of new Russian cinema.

Nadezhda Meikher. Photo: Gennady Avramenko.

Nadezhda Meikher Size: Four. About his dignity: “If there is silicone in my breasts, then I have had it since birth!” Nadya, like most of her colleagues, claims that she inherited breasts. It turns out that her grandmother has a size 6 breast, and she is very surprised by all the gossip and conversations that arise around her granddaughter’s bust. The singer also categorically does not like it when men look at her breasts. And, according to Nadezhda, she receives the best compliments from her ten-year-old son.

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Photo of Arina Sharapova in a bikini

A photo of Arina Sharapova in a bikini recently appeared on her Instagram page. Subscribers to the popular TV presenter’s page positively assessed her figure, leaving a large number of likes and positive comments. Users noted that Arina Sharapova has changed for the better.

Fans of her talent made a large number of comments of the most flattering nature. They wished that Arina looked better and better, despite the years she had lived.

Arina Sharapova, whose photo in a swimsuit on the beach amazed all men and women, is currently young and attractive.

People believe that external changes are influenced by love for their beloved husband and son, as well as practicing their favorite profession.

Children of Arina Sharapova

In the 80s of the last century, our today's heroine gave birth to her son. She named him Daniel. She thought that she would soon be able to become a mother, giving her husband a daughter or another son. But it didn't happen. The marriage broke up. The ex-husband still communicates with Arina. They maintained normal relations.

The boy remained to live with his mother. He did well in school and enjoyed playing volleyball and football. Attended drama school. But after a while he left her, as he developed new hobbies.

Arina Sharapova’s children were not born from other men.

Personal life of Arina Sharapova

The famous TV presenter was married 4 times. She doesn't like to talk about this side of her life. Only recently did she tell her love story.

The girl first married Oleg Borushko, from whom she gave birth to her only son. After 5 years the marriage broke up.

Soon after this she meets Sergei Alliluyev, who becomes her second husband. But after 7 years, this marriage also breaks up.

For the third time, Arina tried to build personal happiness with Kirill Legat. But soon frequent scandals began to arise, which led to separation.

Arina Sharapova’s personal life currently runs parallel with Eduard Kartashov, who was able to make the TV presenter happy. She is happy and loved.

Arina Sharapova's family

Arina loved her parents very much. With them she visited many countries of the world, since her father was a diplomat and often traveled around the world for work.

When the girl turned 7 years old and it was time to go to school, Arina’s mother began working at the school where our today’s heroine studied. But during the holidays they invariably went to Arisha’s father. Her beloved grandmother and grandfather helped with raising the girl. They told her about China, advising her to visit there.

Currently, Arina Sharapova’s family is her beloved man, son Daniil, daughter-in-law Alina, grandchildren Nikitka and Styopochka. The popular TV presenter happily waits for her son to come and visit with his family. She loves her grandchildren and tells them interesting fairy tales and stories.

Biography of Arina Sharapova (TV presenter)

At the end of May in 1961, a girl was born. Thinking that a boy would appear, her parents wanted to name their first-born Yuri, in honor of the first cosmonaut Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin. After the birth of her daughter, it was decided to name her Arisha.

Father - Ayan Veniaminovich Sharapov was a very famous diplomat. He often traveled for work to different countries around the world. Mother, Anna Ivanovna, was raising her daughter. Arina visited a large number of countries around the world with her parents. The girl fell in love with Chinese culture and science, a love for which was instilled in her from a young age.

Arina fell in love with wandering the streets of Moscow. During her school years, she read all the works written by Mikhail Bulgakov. Her favorite novel is “The Master and Margarita,” which she can endlessly read and reread.

Arina Sharapova - bust size video. Representatives of the male half of humanity often want to know this request. According to their assumptions, the TV presenter has a fourth breast size. But Arina herself does not want to answer questions regarding her breasts and bust.

The television biography of Arina Sharapova (TV presenter) began in the 80s of the last century. Before that, she received a diploma from Moscow State University, as well as the Maurice Thorez Institute, becoming a professional translator from English.

At first, the former student worked in magazine and newspaper publishing houses. In 1991, she began hosting the Vesti television program on the second Russian channel. After the first release she becomes famous.

Soon she began hosting the Russian-American program “60 Minutes”, without leaving her favorite “News”.

In the mid-90s of the last century, the girl went to work on the ORT television channel. But she only worked here for a few years. She moves to NTV, where she hosts the original show program “Arina”. At the beginning of the new millennium, the successful TV presenter returned to the ORT television channel, where she began hosting a large number of show programs.

Since 2010, Arina Sharapova, in parallel with her work on the TV channel, begins teaching at the Ostankino State Institute. A new show program will be released soon, hosted by a popular TV presenter. This recently became known from her interview on the program “Alone with Everyone.”

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