14 legendary exercises - aerobics for the skin and facial muscles from Carol Maggio

To stay young and beautiful, women are ready to undergo any procedures and pay a lot of money for them.

However, not only with the help of cosmetology you can achieve amazing success in rejuvenation. Regular gymnastics for the face, or rather unusual gymnastics for the face by Carol Maggio, has many followers and adherents around the world, because it works, and the results are stunning.

To use it, you will not need money, but time, patience and consistency. Well, and of course, mastery of technology.

How the technique came about

Back in the first half of the 20th century, German plastic surgeon Reinhold Benz began to talk about the benefits of physical activity for facial muscles and proposed a set of exercises to help keep them in good shape, a kind of aerobics.

Several decades later, Facebook was given a second wind by the American Carol Maggio.

She, approaching the 40-year mark, began to notice age-related changes in her skin and decided to actively fight them.

Carol approached the process professionally - she was trained as a cosmetologist, actively communicated with specialists in the field of aesthetics, and ultimately made a statement for herself: various injections do not solve the problem, they bring an instant result, which disappears after a couple of months, and the skin continues to age.

A talented woman reviewed Benz’s works, systematized them and proposed her own aerobics complex for the face, which solves age-related skin changes.

Carol organized a course for everyone, “Aerobics for the skin and facial muscles,” where she taught her students to perform a set of exercises, and then wrote an illustrated book, which became a bestseller.

This gymnastics was instantly appreciated by women; it gained popularity for its simplicity and quick results.

It was from this period that a new page began in the biography of Carol Maggio; she became famous and recognizable.

Hard-won appearance

To paraphrase the classic, we can confidently say that everything in a modern woman should be beautiful: her figure, her hair, and her face. And the point here is not a healthy body, waist-length brown braid, natural blush of the cheeks and a sweet smile. No, modern beauty must be achieved through suffering.

Don't you spend 4 hours every day lifting weights in the gym, hoping to get closer to your cherished shape? Don't pay a well-known fitness trainer for individual lessons? Don't you walk around covered in bruises after anti-cellulite massage sessions? You are deprived of the right to be called a real woman!

Of course, there are ladies who devote only 20 minutes a day to exercise and manage to look good. And there is only one logical explanation for this. Witchcraft. But a properly selected set of exercises and regularity of exercise have absolutely nothing to do with it. Witches, burn them!

The hairstyle is also not easy . You need to constantly be aware of the latest fashion trends. Otherwise, you buy a curling iron to curl your hair, and in a month not a single decent girl will leave the house with such curls. You’ll spend money on a curl-straightening iron, and smooth hairstyles are no longer in fashion. The highlight of the season, it turns out, is the three-day French braid. Nothing that looks like she overslept this morning and didn’t have time to comb her hair, but it’s natural and ultra-modern. Colleagues didn't appreciate you? What to take from them? Village, collective farm, village.

The face is even more difficult. Is the girl turning 25? Yes, it’s five minutes to 30! Cream, lotion, mask will no longer save you from obvious signs of aging. It's time for special injections: vitamin cocktails, Botox, hyaluronic acid, fillers. What do you mean early? And then it will be too late.

The lady is 40? It's time to bring in the heavy artillery and make a circular pull-up. Is it painful and not always safe? For the sake of beauty, you can be patient and take risks .

Stop! But what about those who do not want to participate in the endless battle for eternal youth?

Carol Maggio's book for prolonging female beauty

K. Maggio’s first book, “Aerobics for the skin and muscles of the face,” was published in 1995. In it, she described in detail all the facial muscles, their location, as well as the processes occurring in them during aging.

According to Carol's findings, the following changes occur in the face:

  • eyebrows droop;
  • cheeks become flabby;
  • eyelids droop;
  • the nose lengthens a little;
  • lips become thinner and wrinkled;
  • the skin of the neck withers;
  • a double chin appears.

It is on solving these problems that the cosmetologist suggests focusing on in his gymnastics. Developed by her, the complex consists of a basic level, including 14 exercises for beginners and 9 exercises for advanced experts.

To date, she has written four more books, in which she talks about how you can professionally work with facial muscles at all stages of aging.

It’s easier to start getting acquainted with Facebook building with the book “Aerobics for the skin and muscles of the face.”

Making apple cheeks

This exercise not only helps to straighten your cheeks, but also remove circles under your eyes.

  1. You need to round your mouth into a large O, then wrap your lips around your teeth, as if pulling them inward.
  2. This will cause slight tension in the cheek muscles.
  3. With your index fingers you need to fix the position at the highest point - on the cheekbones.
  4. Next, you need to smile without changing the position of your lips, just stretch the corners.
  5. Fix your face in this position for a few seconds, then relax.
  6. Repeat 10 times.

Set of exercises

According to the author, the basic program (14 exercises) takes about 6 months to master. The body adapts to the stress, significant changes occur in appearance.


The goal is to relieve swelling, strengthen the upper eyelids, and smooth the skin of the lower eyelids. Index fingers are placed on the outer corners of the eyes. The rest (excluding large ones) are placed along the back of the nose. Use your middle fingers to lightly press between the eyebrows, and your index fingers to press lightly on the hollow in the corner of the eyes. The pressure is moderate. The gaze is directed upward. Maintain the position, squint tightly, trying to raise the lower eyelid high.

After completing 1 approach, relax. Repeat the steps at least 15 times.

Lower eyelid

The area under the eyes is tightened, bags and swelling go away. Use your middle fingers to press on the inner corners of your eyes, and your index fingers to the outer corners. The gaze is directed upward. They squint. With the eyes open, they try to “pull” the lower eyelid towards the upper. Relax. Repeat the steps 15 times.


The exercise is designed to tighten the frontal muscles. The index fingers are placed parallel to the eyebrows in the central part of the forehead. Using your fingertips, gently but forcefully press on the skin, pulling down. Fix your fingers in this position. The gaze is directed upward. At the same time as pressing your fingers on your forehead, you try to use your eyebrows to return it to its place. Repeat the steps 20 times.


Actions tighten the ptosis, jowls disappear. The mouth is opened slightly. The upper lip is pressed to the teeth, the lower lip is rolled up. In this position they smile, stretching the corners of their mouth wide. Hold the center of the chin with your index fingers. Move their mouth (open, close). Repeat the steps 20 times.

Energy boost

They work the upper lip, improve the brain's response to movements, and eliminate tension. Open your mouth in an oval. The index fingers are placed in the dimples on the cheeks without pressure. They stretch their smile and relax. It is important to think about the sensations during movement of the facial muscles (feel them). Repeat the steps 10 times.


Impact on the nasal muscles, preventing drooping edges, easy shape correction. The index finger is placed in the middle of the tip of the nose. Make a gentle upward pushing movement, producing resistance with the nostrils. The position is fixed, counting to 10. Relax. Repeat the steps 35 times.

Corners of lips

Prevents drooping corners and strengthens ends. Lips pursed into a smile. The corners of the mouth are tense, as if the jaw is cramped. You should not clench your teeth tightly. Index fingers are placed at the corners of the mouth. Place the ends of the lips into the mouth. In this position they try to stretch out a smile. The corners are moved up and down. Remove your fingers and quickly concentrate the energy at the site of impact, holding for up to half a minute. Relax, removing accumulated tension.

Lip contour

The lips are strengthened and pumped up, a contour is formed, and wrinkles around the mouth are smoothed out. The lips are pressed together without clenching the teeth. With the index finger they carefully hit the center, mentally imagining a blow of great force. The finger is moved away. Hands concentrate energy without touching the skin. Exhale and relax.

Nasolabial folds

Tightening of the nasal muscles, smoothing of the nasolabial lips. They open their mouth in an oval shape, pressing their lips to their teeth. Energy is directed from bottom to top along the fold area. The index fingers help without touching the face. Having reached the nose, they change direction. Do the same from top to bottom. Delay 30 seconds. As the actions are repeated, the pace increases.


Formation of a clear neck contour, eliminating sagging. The exercise is performed lying down. Be sure to use a flat surface. Fingers are placed on the sides of the neck. The position is fixed, with light pressure. The head is torn off the surface by 4–5 cm. Concentrate on muscle tension for no more than 5 s. Return to the starting position. Relax. Repeat the steps 20 times.


Formation of an “open” expression for thin cheeks. The mouth is slightly opened, the corners point inward. They mentally endow their appearance with chubby cheeks. Place your index fingers on the corners of your lips and make rotational movements. Represent the formation of expansion of the cheek muscles. They remove their fingers from their lips. They begin to rotate with their fingertips without touching the skin. Exhale. Relax.

Strengthening facial muscles

Achieving muscle tone, reducing volume. The mouth is opened slightly, the lips are pulled inward. They look up. Place your palms on your cheeks. Perform smooth movements up and down to the temples. Mentally imagine the effect of losing weight on the oval. Hands are torn from cheeks. Make similar movements without touching the skin. Exhale. Relax.

Neck and chin

Strengthening the jawline and neck. The head is thrown back, raising the chin as much as possible. They smile without showing their teeth. They pull the skin under the neck down. They look to the left, tense up, count to 10. Do similar actions while looking to the right. Return to the starting position.

Double chin correction

The oval is tightened, the contour is strengthened, and the sagging of the chin is eliminated. The lips are tightly compressed, the corners of the mouth are tense (similar to a smile without exposing the teeth). Use your palm to stretch the skin at the base of the neck. They look up. They throw their heads back and achieve tension. Return to the starting position. Relax. Repeat the steps 40 times.

At the stage of mastering gymnastics, they do not focus on the number of repetitions. Each exercise is performed no more than 5–7 times. Attention is paid to developing the correct technique. The pace doesn't matter either.

Note! Completion time can take up to 30–40 minutes. In 1–2 weeks, experience is gained, exercises are performed as usual.

We wash the nasolabial

In the book gymnastics for the face by Carol Maggio, this exercise is given an important place, because nasolabial folds greatly spoil the face, adding age.

  1. To perform the exercise, you need to make a large O with your mouth and hug your teeth with your lips.
  2. Place your index fingers on the sides of your mouth and move them from the corners of your mouth to the wings of your nose until a slight burning sensation appears.
  3. Then speed up the movement and repeat for a few more seconds.
  4. Relax, do 5 repetitions.

Recommendations for implementation

When mastering the technique, it is better to start with a cosmetologist who is familiar with the technique and is ready to show how to perform the exercises correctly. But if this is not possible, it is better to watch a video with facial gymnastics by Carol Maggio.

Also, for the first time you will need a mirror to see your own movements; later, when the whole process is brought to automaticity, you can do the complex without it.

Before starting the class, hands and face should be washed, wiped with micellar water, a little massage oil, serum or nourishing cream can be applied to the face to enhance the effect.

Carol Maggio's facial gymnastics will only be effective if you perform it regularly. The author recommends doing this 2 times a day. It doesn’t matter whether a woman is sitting or standing, but her body should be relaxed, her back straight, her muscles not tense. Breathing should be smooth, without tension.

It is recommended to pull in your stomach and tighten your buttocks to tune the body to work and concentrate. During the process of Facebook building, it is advisable to relax and get distracted, and let go of negative thoughts. It is better to focus on the movement of the muscles and imagine which of them are working at a given moment.

If a burning sensation appears during exercise, it means that your actions are correct. However, there should be no pain, only slight tension. After doing the exercises, you need to relax your muscles by taking air into your mouth and blowing it out through pursed lips, feeling the vibration of your lips and cheeks.

Facial massages and skincare treatments.

Myofascial, buccal, Japanese, Spanish, French, hardware and many, many other types of massage, a huge variety of moisturizing, nourishing, lifting cosmetic procedures stand guard over the youth and beauty of the face. There is no need to study training systems, buy webinars, or perform daily manipulations of contraction, relaxation, “combing,” and stretching. You can simply trust a specialist. However, all these wonderful procedures are effective only in one case - you need to go to them.

Injection cosmetology (fillers, botulinum toxins, mesothreads) requires a highly qualified doctor and is not possible for home use. Among the undeniable advantages are the ability to hide something and embellish something, as well as low time costs.

Thus, there is a large selection of methods and means of preserving the youth of the face, its beauty and attractiveness. There is no panacea for this. What to prefer? “Pump” the muscles or relax, prick or massage? The answer is surprisingly simple. Do something! Your face needs attention. Give him as much attention as possible.

In fact, these methods are not antagonistic. They have one goal - to keep their face young for as long as possible. Each person has individual characteristics. Every person has age characteristics. As well as the characteristics of the habitat, nutrition and others. A competent cosmetologist can take them all into account and draw up a life plan for preserving youth. But the implementation of the plan depends entirely on you! Are you ready to do gymnastics and work out emotional tensions every day - face-building and revitonics will help you! If you notice that the situation is developing according to the fitness subscription scheme (there is a subscription, but there is no fitness), come to the cosmetology clinic more often. Specialists will do everything for you.

And be sure to remember that the main decoration of the face is a kind smile! Now add to her a proud posture, a graceful gait and sparkling eyes and get ready to receive compliments!


Massage and facial gymnastics by Carol Maggio is a safe procedure, but there are also contraindications for it:

  • the presence of plastic surgery, braces or any injections;
  • inflammation of the facial nerves;
  • high blood pressure;
  • the presence of injuries, suppuration or inflammation of the skin.

In these cases, gymnastics will not help, but will only worsen the situation.

Only regular exercise and dedication will allow you to maintain the tone of your facial muscles, slow down the changes that occur with age, and restore radiance and youth to your skin.

The secret of successful developments

Maggio developed an interest in faces at a young age. The girl looked at women on the street for a long time, noticing age-related imperfections.

The representatives of the fair sex with unnaturally marble, motionless faces attracted the greatest attention. Carol first noticed the unsuccessful results of plastic surgery that was beginning to become fashionable.

Young Carol Maggio became convinced of the need to become a cosmetologist. Subsequently, having acquired the necessary knowledge, she learned to “read” external signs, recognizing the lifestyle, emotions, and habits of numerous clients. Increasing professionalism through observations and studying the achievements of colleagues, experience came.

Maggio thought about the alternative to surgery for a long time. The final impetus for the development of an individual theory was the manifestations of old age. Carol felt noticeable changes after turning 35. She began to actively study the works of her colleagues. Maggio’s own practice was based on the principle of Benz (the founder of Facebook building). Using an experienced method, Carol changed and improved the technology, which later earned universal recognition.

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