Facebuilding: five exercises for facial gymnastics at home

Issues discussed in the material:

  • Do you need to pump up your facial muscles?
  • What exercises will help tighten the oval of the face?
  • How to do exercises without causing harm
  • What mistakes do most beginners make?
  • What myths about facial gymnastics should you not trust?

Naturalness and naturalness are the real trends of our time. Silicone, Botox and other “artificial” beauty procedures are being replaced by gentle, but no less effective ways to prolong beauty and youth. That is why natural rejuvenation methods are now popular: various massage techniques, the use of natural and organic cosmetics, and tightening facial exercises. We will dwell on the last technique in more detail, since there are many conflicting opinions and myths about face fitness.

Why train your facial muscles?

Most people are mistaken in thinking that aging is a consequence of aging and sagging skin. However, this is not quite true. Ptosis is an external manifestation, the result of physiological processes occurring in the body. Fortunately, you can stop these changes on your own, including with the help of tightening exercises for the face.

It is also quite common, but erroneous, to believe that beauty is impossible without cosmetology. That is, in order to remain young and attractive, you need to periodically visit a cosmetologist, give injections, introduce various serums and preparations. It seems that this is indeed the case. But in practice things are a little different. If you regularly take injections for at least 5 years, your face will age much faster.

For example, Botox injections are perceived by the body as a foreign body. That is why all physiological processes in areas with botulinum toxin proceed differently: the trophism of blood vessels that deliver blood, nutrients and oxygen to the tissues is disrupted. As a result, the skin becomes rough and the complexion deteriorates. Muscles also weaken, tissue fibrosis occurs, which leads to sagging skin. It turns out that injections do not help prolong the youth of the face. And if you come to the cosmetologist once, you will get a subscription service. And over time, the cosmetologist’s chair will be replaced by a plastic surgeon’s table.

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That is why many girls have become interested in natural ways to prolong youth. The first and most obvious method is gymnastics, tightening the facial muscles. It was developed by German plastic surgeon Reinhold Benz more than 60 years ago. This technique remains relevant to this day. Face fitness is becoming a topic of discussion in many magazines and TV shows. And, of course, this direction is overgrown with numerous myths and diverse opinions. Some believe that pull-up exercises work wonders, others argue that they are useless or even dangerous.

It is worth saying that Facebook building can really cause harm. And if you plan to pump up your facial muscles as well as your body muscles, be prepared for unpleasant consequences. The thing is that the structure of skeletal and facial muscles is significantly different. The former are fixed between the bones, while the latter are attached to the bone at one end, and woven into the other end either into the skin or into neighboring muscles.

Unlike skeletal muscles, the muscles of the face are closely interconnected. Some of them are in hypotonicity, while others, on the contrary, are hypertonic. And when performing tightening exercises for the face, not only weakened, but also spasmodic muscles can be involved in the process. This causes tense muscles to tighten even more, creating an imbalance in the muscular system.

Muscle spasms prevent normal blood circulation, causing the skin to not receive enough nutrition. Lymph flow is also disrupted, making it difficult to remove waste and toxins. Hypertonic muscles contract even more intensely, and the skin in this area begins to sag. Also, spasmed muscles contribute to the deformation of the facial bones, which already decrease over the years due to the leaching of calcium from the body. All this together leads to the formation of edema, ptosis and wrinkles.

Of course, in this situation you can use the services of a plastic surgeon or cosmetologist. However, these measures will only bring a temporary effect. To preserve facial beauty for a long time, it is necessary to fight the cause, not the effect. It is muscle hypertonicity that leads to wrinkles and sagging. First of all, you need to relax the spasming muscles, and not pump the weakened ones. Therefore, it is necessary to combine facial tightening exercises with massages. Then the rejuvenating effect will not keep you waiting.

And, of course, do not forget about the restrictions. The technique is contraindicated in case of neuritis of the facial nerve, during an exacerbation of acne or rosacea, during colds, as well as in the presence of oncology. Those who have recently had filler or Botox injections, or have had plastic surgery or facial injuries should refrain from doing face lifting exercises.

Facebuilding is a modern safe way of facial correction

People first started talking about Facebook building in the mid-30s of the last century; the trend has many followers, among whom the most famous is Carol Maggio. It was on the basis of her set of exercises for facial correction that Anastasia Burdyug developed her “SuperFACE” course and became a leading Russian instructor in face and neck correction.

Today, Anastasia Bugdyug’s online courses have moved from the site anysports.tv to the new site anyclass.tv. The new platform has a whole range of different courses that help people. This is an updated gymnastics for Anastasia’s face:

  • SUPER Face 2.0;
  • SUPER Face PRO;
  • SUPER Day;
  • Secrets of SUPER Faces.

There are also other marathons in different directions:

  • Health;
  • Physical training (including dancing);
  • Beauty;
  • Psychology.

In the photo: Anastasia Burdyug and Carol Maggio

Pull-up gymnastics for the face

Correct and regular performance of gymnastics that tightens the facial muscles helps to relax and normalize the tone of the facial muscles. At the same time, the balance of the muscular system is restored, blood circulation and lymph outflow are increased. As a result, the skin becomes full and evenly distributed over the muscles.

Before starting classes, it is worth remembering that everything in our body is interconnected. A spasm of one muscle invariably affects the condition of others. That is why work with the face must begin with correction of posture and the upper parts of the spine. No less useful are various massages that stimulate lymph flow. Only an integrated approach to tightening gymnastics will improve the condition of the face and neck at home.

The given gymnastics is not the only technique, because there are many techniques.

In any case, it is necessary to perform the exercises correctly.

1. Head massage.

Using gentle pressure and touching your scalp with your fingertips, massage it from the hairline to the back of your head. Repeat the massage several times. Next, you need to gently pull your hair. This stimulates blood circulation, helps relax the head muscles, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of facial muscles. Additionally, you can massage the highest part of the head, located between the crown and the back of the head. It is also called the coronal point.

2. Circular movements of the tongue.

Close your lips and place the tip of your tongue on the oral mucosa. Make circular movements with your tongue, massaging your lips and cheeks from the inside. 10 movements in each direction are enough.

3. Tension of the face from the center to the back of the head.

Over the years, the skin tightens and sinks towards the center, so it is necessary to return the tissue to its original place. Moreover, it is important not only to perform a tightening exercise in gymnastics, but also to imagine how your appearance improves.

Place your index fingers in the depression behind your earlobes and make light pulsating movements towards the coronal point. Next, move your index and middle fingers into the hole above the upper edge of your ear and continue pulsing. It is necessary to make from 60 to 100 movements.

4. Relaxation of the muscles of the lower part of the face.

Place the heels of your palms on the bottom of your cheekbone. The fingers should be closed and positioned so that the little finger touches the outer edge of the eye, the middle finger is in the temple area, and the thumbs are at the earlobe. It is necessary to make 30 light, neat movements, moving from the center to the periphery.

You can create additional resistance by slightly pulling your lips forward. Repeat the pulsations in this position. Next, you need to slightly raise your palms so that your fingertips are higher and continue the pulsating movements.

5. Elimination of spasm from the nasolabial area and center of the face.

When performing tightening exercises, it is important to work the muscles, and not just the skin. Start with the lower masseter muscles, gradually moving to the cheeks and the central part of the masseter muscles. Next, you need to work the upper part of the masticatory muscles in the cheekbones and under the eyes.

Grab a small area of ​​skin with your fingers and form a vertical fold. Move it from the center to the periphery, slightly stretching the muscles. Additional resistance can be created by pulling your lips forward.

6. Exercise to tighten the face and temporal area.

Place the base of your palms in the depression of the temporal region near the outer part of the eyebrow. Spread your fingers as far apart as possible, clasping your head with them. Press and stretch the muscle towards the back of your head. Hold at the top point for 30 seconds, then relax and continue the exercise.

Pull-up exercises for the central and lower parts of the face are performed in the same way, with the palms moving to the center and bottom of the face, respectively. This exercise lifts the outer area of ​​the eyebrows, improves the shape of the eyes, and prevents drooping eyelids and the appearance of crow's feet.

7. Relaxing the forehead and raising the frontalis muscle.

Place one palm on your forehead, place the other on the back of your head. For 30-60 seconds, direct the vibration from one hand to the other. Next, move them towards each other and connect at the coronal point.

After this, place your elbows on the table and place the base of your palms on your forehead. The fingertips are located in the scalp. Make gentle pulsating movements from the base of your palm to your fingertips. To achieve the tightening effect of gymnastics, three repetitions on each side are enough. After this, move upward, stretching and lifting the forehead muscle.

8. Double chin removal.

Place your elbows on the table so that the base of your palms is under your chin. Turn your head in different directions. Repeat 10 times.

9. Relieving spasm of the mental muscle.

Grab the tip of your chin so that your thumbs are under it and your index fingers are under your lower lip. Apply pressure to this area, gently stretching the muscles. To enhance the tightening effect of gymnastics, slightly raise your head. This will create additional resistance. Next, place your index fingers under your nose and place your thumbs on the jaw arch. Use your thumbs to stretch the muscles along your jaw.

10. Raising the corners of the lips.

Place your index fingers at the corners of your mouth. Place the larger ones on the jaw arch, at the attachment point of the depressor anguli oris muscle. Bring your fingers closer to each other, lightly pressing on the muscle. Repeat the exercise on each side in turn.

11. Relaxation of the masticatory muscles.

One of the reasons for the formation of “bulldog cheeks” or jowls is the hypertonicity of the masticatory muscle located in the lower jaw. Tightening exercises will help prevent facial sagging. Before starting this exercise, apply oil or rich cream to your skin.

Using the fingers of one hand, fix the triangular muscle of the mouth. Place the index finger of the other hand in the center of the chin, place the thumb in the corner of the jaw under the earlobe. While pressing, move your index finger smoothly along the jaw, gently stroking the muscle. Repeat the exercise on the other half.

12. Massage of the lower face.

Make the most dissatisfied face possible so that the corners of your mouth go down and the muscles between your lips and chin tense. We massage this area in a circular motion for 30 seconds, after which we relax. Using this technique, you can relieve spasm from the lower part of the face. However, after the first massage sessions, the treated area may hurt, do not be afraid of this.

13. “Scream” exercise, which tightens and preserves the youth of the face.

Perhaps this is one of the most enjoyable gymnastics exercises, because to perform it you do not need to sit with a straight back. You can do it immediately after waking up, without leaving the warm and cozy bed. However, the exercise effectively copes with hypertonicity of the masticatory muscles and prevents age-related upward lifting of the jaw. Thanks to this, the balance of facial muscles is restored, age-related changes in the eyes are smoothed out, and the volume and elasticity of the cheeks is restored.

Variations of this tightening exercise vary depending on the type of facial aging. For the first type, which develops “bulldog” cheeks with age, gymnastics must be performed as follows. Lower your lower jaw as much as possible and extend your lips forward, as if pronouncing the letter “O”. Due to the spasm, pain may occur in the area of ​​the junction of the upper and lower jaw. Place your palms in this area and, using light pressure, massage it. Start from the edge at the outer corner of the eye, gradually going down vertically. Repeat several times. Do the exercise with your eyes wide open.

With the second type of aging, it is necessary to perform this exercise a little differently to achieve a tightening effect. This type of aging is accompanied by a lifting of the chin. Place the heels of your palms on your chin so that your fingertips touch the outer edge of your eye. Try to press your hands tightly against your lower jaw. Gently pull it forward and upward, increasing the existing deformity. Hold for 30 seconds. After this, smoothly relax your lower jaw and press it as hard as possible, holding in this position for 5–10 seconds.

There is another version of this exercise from tightening gymnastics for the face. It is suitable for all types of aging. The exercise is performed with your mouth closed. Place your palms on your cheeks in the direction from the corner of the jaw to the inner corner of the eye, gently touching the masseter muscle. Try to apply it gently and not press too hard on your face. Do this for a few minutes.

Preparing for classes: trainer's advice

To get the maximum effect from gymnastics, Anastasia has developed a list of recommendations, the purpose of which is to help in performing the elements of face-building correctly.

  1. Before starting classes, you need to clean your face of makeup. There is no need to apply massage oil to the face, since the fingers will slip and will not be able to fix at a certain point;
  2. Massage movements should be painless and light; in order to avoid injury to the skin, jewelry should be removed from the hands;
  3. After classes, you need to wash your face with water at room temperature. Apply nourishing moisturizer. Exercises should be done daily - morning and evening. It is recommended to work with a mirror in the first days and analyze each movement, comparing it with that presented in the video lesson;
  4. The effectiveness of facial gymnastics from Anastasia will significantly increase if you also use other facial rejuvenation techniques: lifting, peeling, etc. Burdyug advises doing gymnastic exercises by slowly counting from 10 to 50. 13 exercises should take at least 8 minutes.

These nuances are easy to remember, however, they help you organize your time and purposefully achieve a good effect.

Myths about face lifting exercises

There are many myths about face fitness. The most common of them are the following:

  • Fast and 100% result.

Of course, face lifting exercises are different from regular fitness. But here, too, regular classes are necessary. Agree, you will not achieve an ideal figure if you go to the gym once every six months. Alas, it’s also not possible to restore youth to your face in a couple of sessions. Only systematic exercise, massage and proper care will help get rid of wrinkles, swelling and the first signs of aging. This will take at least 3-6 months, depending on the initial condition of the skin.

  • The more you train, the better.

This myth is closely related to the previous one. Yes, face lifting exercises require regularity, just like regular fitness. But there are noticeable differences between these workouts. As you remember, facial muscles are flatter than skeletal muscles. The method of attaching them also differs. At one end they are fixed to the bones, and at the other end they are woven into the skin or neighboring muscles.

It turns out that the condition of one muscle significantly affects another. Spasmed muscles shorten, pulling nearby muscles and skin towards themselves - this is how wrinkles and creases form. You can cause harm if you regularly exercise a hypertonic muscle. First of all, you need to relax the muscles with a massage, and then perform tightening exercises for the face.

There are opposite situations, when the muscles are so weakened that the face simply “floats” down under the influence of gravity. In this case, it makes no sense to bring the muscles into hypotonia; they need to be pumped up.

Remember that an adequate and conscious approach is required when it comes to facial care. It is important to alternate tightening exercises with massage, selecting the optimal techniques for each zone.

  • Face fitness is difficult and long.

What's the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to training? Of course, tiring and exhausting exercises on simulators, which can last more than one hour. But don’t worry, face lifting exercises don’t require much time. Just 10-15 minutes a day is enough.

If you decide to maintain your beauty naturally, be prepared for daily work. Only regularity and an integrated approach will help stop facial aging. Pull-up gymnastics, unlike beauty injections, does not bring instant results. However, the effectiveness of injections in the long term is a very controversial issue.

A visit to a cosmetologist will help temporarily hide the consequences, but will not remove the very cause of aging. Even with the busiest schedule, you can find 10-15 minutes for tightening exercises. Then you won’t have to go to a cosmetologist every six months and buy new creams with an “innovative anti-aging effect.”

  • If you stop exercising, your facial condition will remain the same or become much worse.

The first result of face lifting exercises will be noticeable almost immediately. You shouldn't expect drastic changes, but you will see the effect of training. Of course, every woman needs to solve her own problems, for example, improve the oval of the face, increase the shape of the eyes or make the lips more voluminous. If the exercises are performed correctly, the result will not be long in coming.

However, this is not the only benefit of pull-up exercises. During exercise or massage, blood circulation is normalized, skin trophism is improved, and the removal of waste and toxins is enhanced. As a result, the complexion is evened out, the number of pimples and inflammations is reduced, the oval is tightened, puffiness, signs of fatigue and fine wrinkles go away. These changes will be noticeable two weeks after the start of classes.

If you stop training, then after 2-3 months everything will return to its original state. It may seem that your appearance has changed for the worse, but this is a psychological trick, nothing more. Of course, if you know how beautiful you can look, it greatly plays into the contrast. That is why, having achieved the first tangible results, you will not want to give up facial gymnastics. To maintain the tightening effect, 3-4 sessions per week will be enough.

  • “After 40 it’s too late, but before 25 it’s too early.”

Facial gymnastics, like love, is suitable for all ages. No matter how old you are, proper exercise will definitely benefit you both at 20 and at 50. Muscles have no age and are easy to train due to their small size.

Some girls turn to pull-up gymnastics at a very young age. Due to personal anatomical features and overly active facial expressions, the first wrinkles may appear at the age of 18. It is important to notice the problem in time and start working with it. In addition, regular exercise stimulates blood circulation and lymph outflow. This improves complexion and reduces the number of pimples and inflammations.

The benefits of tightening exercises in older age do not require proof. Therefore, you can start working on your face at any time. The main thing is to perform the exercises correctly and alternate them with massage.


The main goal of the training course is facial rejuvenation, although in reality there are no age restrictions. For example, it can be used by girls who want to get rid of the first wrinkles. As the trainer herself notes, more than 50 facial muscles are involved in the gymnastics complex, and if performed regularly, the following results can be achieved:

  1. “Improve” complexion thanks to increased blood circulation;
  2. Smooth out wrinkles, the skin becomes well-groomed, elastic and looks younger;
  3. Align the contour, make the pattern of lips and cheekbones more distinct;
  4. “Hide” swelling, get rid of bags and circles under the eyes.

But don't expect instant changes, it takes time and hard work every day. So, on days 10-14, the complexion changes noticeably, it takes on a healthy appearance. To get rid of circles and bags under the eyes, it takes at least a month and a half. It will take at least six months to develop a double chin and facial contour. True, everything is individual. And even though you need to work hard to make changes, it’s still better than going to a plastic surgeon.

When performed daily, facial gymnastics by Anastasia Burdyug can significantly slow down the aging of the body. After all, exercise affects not only the muscles, but also the lymph flow and blood flow of the face.

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