Eyebrow tattoo and eyebrow color (42 photos): optimal combinations of permanent makeup

With permanent eyebrow makeup, the master will make their arches into an ideal shape, suitable for a specific client, taking into account her desires and facial features. Also, the makeup artist knows very well how to choose the eyebrow color for tattooing correctly and most successfully. After all, the line he created will last 2-5 years.

The dye is introduced shallowly, so the design lasts for a couple of years.

The outline of the arcs is done with a special device that injects dye under the skin to a depth of only 1 mm. Before carrying out this procedure, you need to consult a cosmetologist so that you like the new color and shape of the eyebrow lines and are perfect.

How to choose a color

You can choose the most suitable tone yourself by experimenting with shadows, pencils, and tint gels. So, by drawing the eyebrow arches with your own hands, you can find the most advantageous color. Then the master will correctly reflect it in the tattoo for all 5 years.

An experienced cosmetologist knows that after a permanent procedure, the shade may change slightly over time. This means that for optimal results you should initially use a more saturated, dark tone.

Color and types of permanent

The hair method is preferable: the master applies the design with individual hairs.

The choice of shades depends on the method of applying such makeup.

  1. With the hair method, the shape, direction of growth of natural hair and its tone are taken into account . Suitable if the client’s color type is bright and prone to contrasts.
  2. The look of shading is more natural. They use it to correct a bad color after the hair technique of eyebrow tattooing.
  3. 3d effect: its technology is similar to hair technology, but the specialist uses several similar shades and highlights at once . This makes even eyebrows with naturally sparse hairs seem beautiful and quite thick. And the price of the procedure is slightly higher.

Tattoo paints

All methods are valuable precisely because of the unique combination of required tones.

When performing tattooing, only black, ash, gray and brown paints are used. And the variations from mixing them amount to over 500 shades. They provide the desired eyebrow tattoo color after tattooing, individually selected for each client.


  1. Paints are based on minerals or plant extracts.
  2. The latest generation of dyes contains much more plant components, since they provide the finest natural shades.
  3. The instructions confirm the presence of color stabilizers here so that the drawing does not turn blue over time.
  4. These plant pigments are not durable, and the rate of their destruction increases even more due to the acceleration of metabolic processes. The skin on your face renews itself faster than on your body.

The photo shows permanent tones for creating unique makeup.

Combination with natural tones

The shade of the eyebrow lines is selected to match the tone of the curls:

  • Brown eyebrows harmonize perfectly with the warm golden-brown tints of curls;
  • with a cold, ashen glow of curls - grayish outlines of the eyebrow lines;
  • Makeup artists advise girls with natural blond hair to make their eyebrows 1 tone darker, and for natural brunettes - lighter;
  • if the hairs are thin and sparse, then the dark color will emphasize this flaw: the arcs - threads look frankly unnatural;
  • dark eyebrows will emphasize wrinkles and disproportion of the face.

The coloring of the eyebrows should be in harmony with the shade of the skin, as well as the curls.

Hair color Suitable eyebrow tone Bad combination
Light brown Taupe shade Deep black eyebrows.
Brown hair from light to dark chestnut tint
  • Chocolate;
  • dark brown;
  • dark gray (depending on eye color).
Blue-black tone.
Blond Light brown Black or deep brown eyebrows.
  • Terracotta;
  • chestnut;
  • brown;
  • chocolate.
Gray tides.
Ash or with gray hair Add a gray tone. Red tones are unnatural if the eyes are not brown.
  • Cold black;
  • for dark skin - deep black;
  • with light - dark gray, dark brown shades.
Eyebrows with red.

Choosing the shape of eyebrows for tattooing depending on the shape of the face

When choosing an eyebrow shape for tattooing, you should definitely take into account the shape of your face:

  • oval - any eyebrows will suit it: straight, arched, curved, houselike, downward. However, it is worth remembering that beautiful curved eyebrows have always been and will be in fashion for a long time. Their bending point should be noticeable, and the tail of the eyebrow should be elongated;
  • elongated - to “soften” the elongated shape, it is recommended to make straight, horizontal eyebrows. The arched ones will give the face a surprised expression, and the ascending ones will visually elongate it even more;
  • round - for owners of this type of face, it is best to create soft rising eyebrows, while the bend should be smooth. Arched with this shape will make the face look funny;
  • square - angular (houselike, but not downward) and curved eyebrows are suitable. They will lengthen it, diverting attention from a large jaw or chin. Straight and wide ones will visually expand the face even more, and this is unacceptable;
  • heart-shaped - oval and arched eyebrows are suitable. They will soften the contour of the chin. Those descending will give a sad expression to their face

To determine your face shape, stand in front of the mirror, remove your hair and bangs and try to visually outline the contour of your face along the hairline. Based on the geometric shape you get, you can draw a conclusion about the shape of your face.

Photo gallery: different types of faces

Rising eyebrows with a smooth curve will suit a round face.

For a square face, it is best to have slightly angular eyebrows.

For those with a heart-shaped face, arched and oval eyebrows with a soft curve are suitable.

Slightly arched eyebrows are ideal for oval faces

Straight (horizontal) eyebrows will soften an elongated face shape.

In general, the main rule to remember is: to soften angular, sharp facial features, you should choose a smoother eyebrow shape, which will visually expand the face. The descending form rarely suits anyone.

Regardless of how well new eyebrows suit your face, you should remember that you don’t need to radically deviate from your shape. Everything that is inherent in nature is in itself natural and harmonious and corresponds to your character.

Video: eyebrows according to face shape

Color Development

Experts clarify when the color will appear after eyebrow tattooing. They warn that at first the tone is more saturated than necessary, and only a week later the desired shade will appear. Then the pigment will appear without mixing with lymph and blood, and the primary crust will disappear.

After healing, this makeup becomes lighter: 30-50% of the original color is retained.

And secondary peeling, when the damaged epidermis is replaced by new cells, will end in another week. This is when the color appears after eyebrow tattooing.

Conditions for a successful tattoo

The highly qualified cosmetologist guarantees an error-free choice of shades and their correct application:

  1. If the final color is lighter than desired, the specialist will enhance it.
  2. It is problematic to correct a drawing that is too dark: it can only be slightly lightened by repeated shading.
  3. If the paint floats, a laser will help eliminate the flaws.

Advice! In the salon, it is worth studying photographs with samples when selecting the color and the result of hair treatment.

  1. Permanent makeup with brown pigment may turn reddish after a couple of years, and dark gray pigment may turn bluish.
  2. Restoring the color of the tattoo for color correction is possible during the first correction. The master will remove pigment defects due to the body's production of antibodies.
  3. With further corrections, you can enhance the tone saturation and pattern.

Care instructions

The durability of the effect by 50% will be ensured by competent subsequent care, so that the question does not arise as to why there is no color after eyebrow tattooing.

Note! In the first hours, liquid emerges from the wounds - ichor, and within a day it dries into a crust. The crust must fall off on its own within 5-6 days, otherwise the drawing will peel off with it.

The principles of basic care are:

  1. You need to wash and dry your face carefully. At the same time, the wound should not get wet, that is, a sauna, bathhouse, swimming pool are still prohibited.
  2. You should avoid tanning for another month so that the fragile pigment does not fade. On sunny days, it is worth using protective cream (SPF) and glasses.
  3. Until healing, you need to minimize the use of decorative cosmetics.

Pros and cons of tattooing techniques

Permanent makeup is a fairly profitable procedure that will save not only time, but also money on daily makeup. It also makes it possible to correct facial features, creating the desired contours. Properly done permanent makeup cannot rub off or run when exposed to water.

This procedure is the best option for those girls who have faded and sparse eyebrows, when a cosmetic pencil is no longer able to give the desired shape and thickness. The long-term effect of tattooing lasts from six months to 2-3 years. It depends, first of all, on the type of skin and the technique performed. This makeup allows you to hide cosmetic imperfections such as growth disorders, scars or any other skin defects.

The disadvantages of permanent makeup include:

  • The inability to independently remove the applied pigment, which is washed off using a special laser.
  • Sometimes eyebrow tattooing can add several years to your age.
  • Often an unnatural look, as the makeup takes on a purple-blue hue over time. A way out of the situation may be correction using decorative cosmetic materials.

The right choice of a specialist will allow you to avoid most of the disadvantages of the procedure and get the most natural and beautiful eyebrow shape.


Eyebrows set the expression on the face and determine further makeup. Therefore, you should trust a qualified specialist when choosing the color of your future eyebrow outlines. You can pre-select their shade at home, experimentally, using cosmetic pencils.

Professionals select eyebrow color based on hair color, with well-defined eyebrows always darker than curls. For fans of natural beauty, makeup artists recommend different criteria: for blondes, eyebrows are 1 tone darker, and for brunettes, eyebrows are 1 tone lighter than natural curls. This matches the individual color type as closely as possible.

The video in this article will help you decide on a color scheme, and ask any questions you have in the comments.

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The main contraindications for permanent makeup procedures include prohibitions that are indirectly related to medical diagnoses.

Tattooing is prohibited in the following cases:

  • acute oncological, autoimmune or inflammatory diseases, including AIDS;
  • benign formations in the area of ​​permanent makeup - papillomas, moles, lipomas and others;
  • various dermatological diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • herpes;

  • diabetes mellitus and hepatitis;
  • acute somatic diseases;
  • decreased blood clotting.

In order to reduce the risk of complications, it is necessary to first discuss with the tattoo artist the feasibility of the procedure. It is important to indicate all diseases or pathological processes. It is not advisable to tattoo eyebrows in the summer, since high temperatures and dust in the air can lead to skin irritation. All this will significantly complicate healing, often leading to various complications.

Also, the procedure should not be carried out during critical days, which is explained by the increased sensitivity of the skin. The most favorable time is 5-7 days after menstruation.

Can it be done during pregnancy?

Since hormonal levels and the general state of the immune system change significantly during periods of lactation and pregnancy, permanent makeup can lead to dangerous complications.

Possible consequences include poorly applied makeup, a high chance of infection and the formation of keloid-type scars. All this can harm not only the woman, but also the unborn child. It is especially dangerous to tattoo eyebrows during the first 3 months of pregnancy, when the uterus is toned or there is a threat of miscarriage. In any case, before applying makeup, it is best to consult with your gynecologist.

Age restrictions

Since the teenage body is not yet fully formed, eyebrow correction should only be done upon reaching adulthood. If you really want, you can resort to an alternative method of dyeing with henna or applying permanent paint.

A well-known example of why tattooing should not be performed on minors is the former model Harley Kai, who was 17 years old at the time of the procedure. A few days after permanent makeup, her eyelids were so swollen that she could not open her eyes. The negative consequences of such poor-quality application are severe swelling and scarring.

Tamara (shpilki.net)

Amina Posted 03/16/2017
Amina, it’s not always about the paint. A lot depends on the technique of tattooing. the result will be influenced by: depth, speed, time of pigment implantation and the characteristics of your body - age characteristics, thickness and structure of the skin are also of great importance (the thinner and drier the skin, the longer the result lasts). The pigment can be washed out due to the use of specific cosmetics - acid peelings, for example, as well as under the influence of one’s own immune system. As for the paint itself, Li Pigments (Lasting Impression Inc) USA pigments have proven themselves well. Pay attention to European and American manufacturers. They are an order of magnitude more expensive, but unlike the Asian region, these countries have strict quality control and very strict legislation regarding substances injected into humans.



Eyebrow care after permanent makeup

In order for the effect of permanent makeup to be the desired one, you need to know about the basic rules of care - an important component that will help recreate the desired result.

Basic recommendations:

  • For several days after the procedure, it is forbidden to wash your face with water or various products. Eyebrows can be cleaned with cotton swabs soaked in chlorhexidine, and the face with micellar water.
  • Dry your eyebrows by carefully applying a clean cloth, steamed towel, or napkin.
  • For the first weeks after the procedure, do not use decorative cosmetics for eyebrows.
  • Do not visit the sauna, bathhouse or solarium for 2-3 weeks.
  • According to the advice of the master, you can use various products with regenerating properties, which are applied directly to the eyebrows.

  • Protect your eyebrows from direct sunlight with hats or sunglasses.

After 4-5 weeks, you can carry out the necessary correction, which will update the eyebrow shade and, if necessary, eliminate imperfections during permanent makeup.


Posted on 03/26/2017
It is extremely important to choose the right eyebrow color. Thus, blondes are advised to forget about tattooing in black inks; the ideal solution is a tone similar to natural, but more rich and expressive. Light brown and gray shades are suitable. By the way, an expressive feature looks ideal only on oriental women; with light skin, brunettes are recommended to choose cool shades - dark brown, but chocolate is suitable for brown-haired and red-haired women.



Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup

Types of permanent eyebrow makeup are characterized by the need for timely correction. The technique allows you to reintroduce the desired pigment under the skin, which allows you to correct imperfections during tattooing or update the shape and color. Experts in the field of cosmetology claim that correction is an extremely effective technique that should only be carried out by an experienced specialist.

In addition to correction, this is an excellent chance to avoid those cases in which the client does not like the brightness or intensity of the introduced pigment. The initial correction is recommended to be carried out 1-1.5 months after applying permanent makeup, repeated after 1.5-2 years. To ensure that the effect always pleases and corresponds to the desired one, you should visit the same master. If you don’t like the correction, you should change the specialist.

Tamara (shpilki.net)

Svetlana Posted 07/09/2017
Hello. During correction, the shape can be slightly corrected - not ideal, even with the skillful hands of a craftsman with a good eye, but, unfortunately, it will not be possible to correct the color to brown. There are not many options: accept it and correct it manually (with a pencil), cover up the blue-gray tone with black pigment (additionally modifying the shape) or remove it all with a laser and redo it again. In the second and third cases, I recommend finding an experienced specialist with at least 5 years of experience, medical education and working with professional pigments of European or American quality. If you choose laser technology, pay attention to the level of the salon - it should have a status no lower than a “cosmetology clinic” (with licenses, documents, etc.). If there is no such place/specialist in your city, it makes sense to consider neighboring cities (and sometimes regions).


Text \ Photo Ekaterina Posted 02/01/2016



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    How long does pigment last on eyebrows?

    Permanent makeup is characterized by maintaining the effect for 1 to 2 years. In some cases, including proper care, a period of 3-5 years can be achieved.

    The main factors that influence the duration of tattooing:

    • the type of pigment applied and the depth of its introduction;
    • proper care after the procedure;
    • presence of correction.

    If you have a professional technician with high-quality equipment, you can significantly extend the overall effect of permanent makeup.

    Removing permanent eyebrow makeup

    Despite the fact that tattoo removal is not a particularly pleasant procedure, in some cases it is necessary. Removing permanent makeup is a last resort, in which the client may be dissatisfied with the work performed, as well as in case his decision changes.

    It is prohibited to remove makeup yourself; this should only be done in a professional salon, using one of the following methods:

    • Laser removal. It is the most effective technique, although quite expensive. The technique is painful and requires 5 to 7 visits to a specialist. The essence of removal is to erase the pigment using a directed laser beam. Despite all the advantages, in some cases the laser can cause increased hair growth.

    • Removal using a remover . It is an invasive technique in which a special agent is injected under the upper layers of the skin, which burns the pigment. The technique is also painful and often does not require additional repetitions.
    • Elimination by staining. It is the same as permanent makeup, but in this case a pigment is introduced onto the eyebrows, the color of which matches the native shade. The number of trips indirectly depends on the characteristics of the skin and the condition of the eyebrows.

    The most effective technique is laser removal. The technique allows both to completely cut out the pigment and to lighten it - it all depends on the final goal and the assigned sessions.

    Despite the fact that permanent makeup is a relatively modern technique, it is gaining increasing popularity. You should remember the basic care recommendations, know how to choose the right professional, have an idea of ​​the main contraindications that can ruin not only your eyebrows, but also your general well-being.

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