Ultrasonic facial peeling is a pleasant and beneficial procedure for your skin

From this article you will learn:

  • What does ultrasonic peeling do?
  • What are the indications for ultrasonic facial peeling?
  • Are there any contraindications to undergoing an ultrasonic peeling procedure?
  • Does the procedure have any side effects?
  • Is it possible to perform ultrasonic peeling at home?

Today, the ultrasonic facial skin peeling procedure is almost the most popular in any self-respecting beauty center. And this is quite natural, because with its help you can cleanse your face without harming your skin. In addition to the necessary gentle effect of direct cleansing without the involvement of living cells and good tissues, ultrasonic peeling will help remove harmful substances from the skin (toxins), give the skin a rejuvenating effect, restore elasticity and normalize tone. In addition, this is undoubtedly the most beautiful caring procedure. But in the modern world it is very difficult to completely trust advertising information, and it is for those who doubt it that we will dispel the myths about ultrasonic peeling of facial skin.

What does ultrasonic facial peeling do?

Female beauty is a rather insidious thing, and it takes a lot of effort to preserve it. But the universal technology of ultrasonic facial skin peeling can help with this and, best of all, its effect is noticeable immediately.

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The peeling process is based on the vibration of ultrasonic waves, due to which surface cleansing occurs. Molecular bonds break, the upper elements of the skin loosen and, as a result, peel off. The skin transformation is noticeable immediately:

  • skin tone is evened out;
  • the skin is smoothed, irregularities are eliminated;
  • there is a rejuvenating effect due to the activation of collagen synthesis;
  • the epidermis is cleansed of impurities, toxins and other harmful substances;
  • due to exfoliation of the upper layer of the epidermis, softness returns to the skin of the face;
  • pores narrow;
  • the oxygen balance of the skin is restored.

During ultrasonic peeling of facial skin, the depth of exposure to waves reaches 15 mm. Due to this, the effectiveness of using cosmetics increases, which cannot be achieved with normal daily care. Tangible results can be seen in the fight against signs of skin aging. Ultrasonic peeling affects the tone of facial muscles, thereby helping to smooth out fine wrinkles and reduce the appearance of deep ones.

The result that you can achieve after carrying out such a procedure can be influenced by different factors. For example, in the case of using ultrasound to combat acne, its effectiveness will depend on the following factors:

  1. Mechanical – we are talking about the frequency of vibrations in cells. Their magnitude is 28,000,000 times per second. It is due to this parameter that facial skin cleansing with ultrasound is so high quality.
  2. Thermal – during the procedure, the temperature of the cellular tissue increases by 1-2 degrees. Due to heating, the rate of metabolic processes increases by approximately 15%.
  3. Physico-chemical – gives a special cell reaction that provokes an additional effective result.

An obvious advantage of ultrasonic facial peeling over mechanical cleansing is the lasting impact of the procedure. During the procedure, the epidermis is not damaged, which helps to avoid redness and swelling on the face. In addition to the above, there are several more positive qualities of ultrasonic peeling:

  • the procedure is painless;
  • cleaning is deep enough;
  • the quality is top notch.

Result of the procedure

Ultrasonic facial cleansing not only improves the appearance of the skin, but also makes it healthy. It is worth noting the main positive results:

  • particles of dirt, harmful microorganisms, toxins and cosmetic residues are completely removed from the pores;
  • Ultrasonic exposure helps to quickly heal injuries and scars, if any, wounds, burns, etc. are eliminated much faster by increasing the regeneration of skin cells;
  • the tone of the dermis increases due to improved blood circulation;
  • ultrasound promotes the production of collagen and elastin;
  • the functioning of the sebaceous glands returns to normal;
  • small blood vessels are strengthened;
  • puffiness of the face disappears, dark circles under the eyes are eliminated;
  • hyperpigmentation decreases or disappears altogether;
  • facial skin acquires a healthy, uniform color;
  • small wrinkles are smoothed out;
  • black spots, inflammation and redness are eliminated;
  • freckles and age spots become lighter, approaching the basic tone of the face;
  • keratinized skin particles are carefully removed.

In the cosmetology market, ultrasonic facial cleansing is one of the most popular, which is where its cost comes from. In order not to spend extra money on visiting a cosmetology salon, it is possible to carry out the procedure at home, thanks to the latest developed devices. These compact devices help to carry out deep cleansing and moisturizing, which is so important for maintaining the health and beauty of facial skin.

Ultrasonic peeling of facial skin: indications and contraindications

To determine the feasibility of ultrasonic facial skin peeling, a consultation with a cosmetologist is necessary. Only a specialist can accurately determine whether you need to resort to such a procedure or not. Here it is better not to rely on subjective opinion, because every woman sees flaws in herself, which, in the end, turn out to be significant only for her. The use of such a procedure without visible indications is strictly not recommended.

There are a number of indications for the use of ultrasonic facial peeling:

  • skin type with high oil content;
  • acne, not inflammatory in nature;
  • enlarged and “dirty” pores;
  • fine wrinkles;
  • “porous” surface of the epidermis;
  • weakened muscle tone;
  • the appearance of pigment spots;
  • gray skin color.

Only if you have problems from the above list, ultrasonic peeling of facial skin can give the expected result and will not cause any undesirable consequences. In any other case, it is better for you to seek advice from a qualified specialist who can select the salon procedure necessary to solve your particular problem.

In addition, there are a number of contraindications that prevent the use of ultrasonic facial peeling. It is worth noting that there are many prohibitions on carrying out such a procedure, because ultrasound exposure is not a fully studied phenomenon. To date, there are no scientifically proven studies that would exclude the harmful effects of this procedure on human health. Accordingly, it is better to carefully study the list of indications, the presence of which prohibits peeling:

  • pustular rashes;
  • any skin irritation;
  • newly sewn “golden” threads;
  • recent chemical peeling (deep or medium). At least 3 months must have passed since the last procedure;
  • presence of a pacemaker, intrauterine device;
  • state of exacerbation of any disease
  • problems with the nervous system, mental disorder, epilepsy;
  • trigeminal neuralgia, facial paralysis;
  • infectious diseases;
  • inferiority of the endocrine system;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • oncological diseases;
  • hypertension;
  • complexities of the cardiovascular system;
  • sinusitis, sinusitis;
  • the presence of severe skin diseases (chronic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.) requiring long-term treatment;
  • the presence of stones in the kidneys, gall bladder;
  • rosacea;
  • pregnancy and/or lactation period.

If any of these diagnoses (indications) are detected, ultrasonic facial peeling cannot be done . Do not neglect the recommendations to prohibit the procedure, as undesirable consequences can be quite serious.

If, after studying the list of contraindications, you did not find your ailment there and the specialist, after examining you, recommended ultrasonic peeling to solve the problems that arose, you can only look forward to the result of the treatment.

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Recommendations for skin care after the session

Since the pores remain open for some time after the procedure, it is very important to prevent them from clogging and drying out the skin. Recent Posts Is it possible to give a mirror as a gift: how to protect yourself from bad omens It became known about the influence of cell phone towers on human health Is it possible to eat bananas bought in Russia?

Recent Posts Is it possible to give a mirror as a gift: how to protect yourself from bad omens It became known about the influence of cell phone towers on human health Is it possible to eat bananas bought in Russia?

  • For 8–15 hours after cleansing, you should not use decorative cosmetics, or dye your hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • During the day you cannot visit the swimming pool, bathhouse, sauna, beach or solarium.
  • 1–2 times a day, you should wipe the skin with ice cubes from herbal decoctions (chamomile, celandine, mint, etc.), and then moisturize generously with cosmetic creams or lotions.
  • 2 times a week you need to apply restorative masks to your face with seaweed, cosmetic clay, sea buckthorn oil, yeast, egg white, lemon juice or raw potatoes.
  • To moisturize the skin from the inside, it is also recommended to increase your fluid intake.

Ice will not only help keep your skin clean and prevent it from aging

Is ultrasonic facial peeling possible at home?

Just a few years ago, it was impossible to even think about carrying out ultrasonic facial peeling at home, but the world does not stand still, and you can easily afford to carry out this salon procedure on your own. To do this, you need to choose the right device for home use. Despite the fact that you do not need to have any additional skills to carry out a cleaning session at home, you should not forget about the simple rules of peeling. Firstly, be sure to use conductive compounds for the procedure (scrubbers). Secondly, carefully read the instructions for your device before starting the session.

Ultrasonic peeling device

When choosing a device for ultrasonic facial peeling at home, you need to look not only at the price, but also at the technical parameters of the equipment. The market for manufacturers of devices for such peeling is very saturated.

We offer you a list of the most popular models:

  • LW-006 (made in Russia);
  • SilverFox F808 (device for professional use);
  • Gezatone (hand cleaning);
  • WS 7050 (made in China, Welss brand);
  • MI-380 (Pore Cleaner Company);
  • AllRest (made in China).

Ultrasonic peeling gel

The choice of conductor gel plays an important role in achieving your goals. When selecting it, you must take into account your type of epidermis and the functionality of the gel. The correct selection of a guide will help you even out your complexion, eliminate wrinkles, fight acne and inflammatory processes, achieve a lifting effect, etc.

The price of the gel is affected by the composition and brand under which it is produced. The product is very economical to use. The presence of hyaluronic acid and medicinal herbs in the preparation will help achieve the best result.

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#4 How to choose a device for ultrasonic facial cleansing

Are you planning to launch an ultrasonic cleaning service in your own beauty salon? Great idea! The first step is to choose a quality device.

The choice of ultrasonic cleaning devices is large. First, we advise you to think about who will come to you for procedures, and what additional services clients will want to receive.

This is important, since many ultrasound devices are equipped with additional massagers, cleaners and other options. Such a device will cost more, but you can earn more on it.

The second stage is to decide on the country of manufacture and brand. The quality of the service directly depends on the manufacturer of the device. In addition, customers often understand brands and go for a cooler device.

Understanding competitors + Portrait of the target audience = Successful business.

What are the stages of ultrasonic facial peeling in a beauty salon?

When performing peeling, the equipment reproduces ultrasonic waves, which have a rejuvenating and toning effect on your skin. Despite the fact that the process of carrying out the procedure varies depending on the specific specialist, the task at hand and the apparatus the master uses, there is a certain procedure for carrying out cleaning.

  • Preparation.

First, the makeup is washed off and impurities are removed. For this, lotion is usually used. Then, if necessary, deep impurities are removed using a scrub or other product necessary for your skin type. After all this, the water balance is restored. Here a gel or special water is used. An important point is that ultrasound behaves correctly only in an aqueous environment.

  • Cleaning.

The specialist slowly makes massage movements with a spatula of a device for ultrasonic peeling of facial skin. As a rule, the client does not experience any special sensations. In rare cases, you may notice vibration of the device when treating the forehead or cheekbones (areas in close proximity to the bone). Typically, the peel is limited to the areas around the eyes and mouth to prevent pain.

  • Completion.

At the end of the session, the specialist performs a small massage to relieve stress and enhance the effect of the procedure. Then apply the necessary cosmetics selected specifically for your skin - a moisturizing mask, cream.

The duration of ultrasonic facial peeling is approximately 30 minutes. Despite the fact that the effect of cleansing will appear the very next day, it is recommended to repeat the therapy session after 2 weeks. At this time, supportive care for your skin is especially important.

  • Recovery.

The recovery process significantly affects the effect you can achieve after the procedure. Skin care during this period is very important. During this time, it is better for you to stop using makeup, do not additionally cleanse your skin with cosmetics, do not overheat your face during this period (no tanning or high temperatures), and refrain from taking medications during recovery.

Pay attention to the specialist’s post-procedure instructions, and nothing will spoil your pleasure received from the effect of ultrasonic facial peeling. Taking proper care of your skin and following proper recovery practices will protect you from unwanted side effects.

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Benefits of Ultrasound

The procedure is very popular among the fair sex. During the session, the woman does not feel any discomfort or pain. Compared to other cosmetic procedures, ultrasonic cleaning offers certain advantages:

  1. Gentle on the skin.
  2. Complete cleansing of pores.
  3. Removal of the stratum corneum of the skin.
  4. During the procedure, not only facial cleansing is carried out. Ultrasonic waves perform micromassage. A woman’s skin becomes young, fresh, and the metabolic process in cells accelerates.
  5. Opening of clogged sebaceous glands. After the procedure they become less noticeable.

Facial treatment with ultrasonic waves is suitable for any skin type. There is absolutely no danger of injury. The skin is softened and moisturized, swelling decreases. Experts recommend using a cream or mask after the procedure. This way, the active components of the cosmetic product will penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis due to the removal of dead skin.

Side effects of ultrasonic facial peeling

However, side effects after ultrasonic facial peeling are rare, but they do occur. Subject to the previously described rules, we are usually talking about the individual characteristics of the client. But don’t forget about the human factor, because it’s difficult to guarantee anything when a person is working. The most common side effects include swelling in the area affected by the device, redness, painful peeling of the epidermis (sometimes with the appearance of blood), increased dryness or oiliness of the skin, pain in the area of ​​the procedure.

The described complications often scare clients away from this type of peeling, but here you should pay attention to the frequency of side effects. As a rule, these are isolated cases, and in order to protect yourself from possible risks, you just need to very carefully choose the location of the procedure and the specialist who will work with you.

It would be a pity, because of my prejudices, to refuse the most effective procedure to date for deep cleansing and restoring a healthy appearance to the skin. Who doesn't want to get a glowing face quickly, without pain or damage to the skin, while spending a reasonable amount of money. Therefore, carefully analyze all the information received and make the right choice.

Opinion of cosmetologists

Experts recommend ultrasonic cleaning as regular care, but not for solving serious problems:

Duration of ultrasonic facial peeling course

On average, 5 to 10 sessions are needed to achieve optimal results for the skin. But only a qualified specialist can give you an accurate forecast after analyzing your particular case. If the duration and intensity of treatment is correctly selected, you will be delighted with the achieved effect. Please note that an incorrectly selected course of procedures will, at best, not bring the desired result, and at worst, it will harm your skin. Therefore, please pay attention to the information below:

  • 1 procedure performed every 4 weeks is considered absolutely safe;
  • for prevention, it is recommended to carry out 1 procedure every 2 or 3 months;
  • After completing the full course of procedures, peeling can be repeated no earlier than a year later.

Keep in mind. There is one more recommendation that you should pay attention to before starting the procedures. Experts have identified the most favorable time for ultrasonic facial skin peeling – winter, the very beginning of spring. It is at this time that exposure to ultraviolet rays on the skin is minimized.

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Stages of implementation

The procedure is carried out in several stages.


This is the phase of preparing the face for exposure to ultrasound. During peeling, 20-50% of the stratum corneum of the epidermis is removed. First, the specialist applies a thin layer of a special gel, distributing it over the surface with an electrode or ultrasonic probe. In the process, small steam bubbles appear, which burst when interacting with the skin.

Sound vibrations, interacting with water molecules, form microcavities, so-called cavitation bubbles (see cavitation). At the same time, the follicles are cleansed and surface pigmentation disappears.

Then the cosmetologist applies a solution of fruit acids (see enzyme peeling). Its concentration can be different (10-50%). Lactic acid is considered the most gentle peeling agent. After peeling, the skin is cleansed, refreshed, and becomes more elastic.

Exposure to ultrasound

Direct ultrasonic cleaning lasts on average 10 minutes. The cosmetologist runs a special scraper along the surface of the face, to which ultrasound is applied. During its action, the contents of the pores are pushed to the surface. The process is absolutely painless.

There may be a slight tingling sensation. Microcurrent therapy normalizes the condition of the epidermis by applying moderate electric current. An ultrasonic probe gently strokes the surface, which ensures cellular regeneration and healing.

Everything you wanted to know about ultrasonic facial peeling, but were afraid to ask

  • How painful is ultrasonic peeling?

If ultrasonic peeling is performed correctly, the patient does not experience pain. Usually, the session is not accompanied by absolutely no sensations for the client.

  • Is the ultrasonic peeling procedure safe for health?

If an ultrasonic peeling session is carried out correctly, the procedure does not carry any risks. It is absolutely safe for the client. And on the contrary, due to the special influence of waves on the epidermis, it has a positive effect on the face (the skin is cleansed, the cover is renewed, etc.)

  • What can this procedure be combined with?

The list of measures to care and protect the epidermis that can be carried out with ultrasound is very extensive. Often this procedure, on the contrary, increases the effectiveness of many procedures. But do not forget that after ultrasonic peeling, chemical peeling is strictly prohibited. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules for restoring skin after cleansing.

  • What recommendations are given after the procedure?

It is worth noting once again that a properly performed ultrasonic facial skin peeling procedure does not harm the patient in any way. On the contrary, all scientific developments confirm that a procedure carried out correctly, in accordance with all standards, brings only positive changes. From this we can conclude that no additional rehabilitation measures are required.

  • At what age can you do ultrasonic facial peeling?

Ultrasonic peeling has no age restrictions. The procedure is effective for any age of the epidermis. A representative of any age group will be able to solve their skin problems with the help of this type of cosmetic intervention. And ultrasonic waves are equally effective on any age group.

  • Is it possible to do ultrasound without medical education?

If we are talking about holding events at home, then, of course, it is possible. But in salon practice, as a rule, ultrasonic peeling is carried out by an employee with a special education (dermatologist or cosmetologist).

  • Is it possible to cleanse during pregnancy, if the period is still short?

Pregnancy is included in the list of contraindications for this procedure. However, some experts allow ultrasonic cleaning to be carried out during this period. But here you need to sensibly assess what is more important in this particular case: to help the mother or not to harm the child.

  • How long does the result of an ultrasonic peeling procedure last?

There are no exact time limits for maintaining the peeling effect. But nothing lasts forever. If you use the service once, the result will please you for 3 or more weeks. After a full course of sessions, your skin will be able to please you with its condition for up to 1 year. But here everything is individual. The fundamental factor, for example, should be considered the type of epidermis. If you have a tendency to excessively secrete sebaceous secretions, the duration of the procedure may be reduced.

  • How far in advance should you start doing ultrasonic peeling if we are talking about an important event: a wedding, graduation, etc.?

It would be most successful in this case to carry out the procedure no later than 2 months before the event. The full course of ultrasonic cleaning is usually 1.5-2 months.

  • How long after peeling can I apply makeup?

There are no restrictions on the use of decorative cosmetics. You can start using your regular products on the day of your procedure.

  • How long does one peeling procedure last?

The direct impact of ultrasonic waves on the facial skin lasts 5-20 minutes. But the procedure also consists of a preparatory process, soothing procedures, and facial skin care measures. Due to this, the time of one session increases to 30 minutes; often the event can last about 2 hours. All this is calculated individually, depending on the characteristics of each specific client.

  • Is it possible to visit a solarium after peeling?

Strictly not recommended. Avoid any heat exposure to the skin for at least a week. Be it tanning (solarium and direct exposure to the sun) or warming up the skin (baths, saunas).

  • Is this procedure suitable for sensitive skin?

Ultrasonic peeling is suitable for absolutely any skin type. This is a fairly gentle treatment that will help you forget about the problems of the epidermis, even in the case of sensitive skin.

  • Does this type of peeling dry out the skin?

If the procedure is carried out correctly, no side effects should be observed. The skin, on the contrary, becomes healthier and fresher.

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For me personally, ultrasonic facial cleansing is a necessary and almost irreplaceable procedure. Moreover, I advise many of my clients to purchase a portable device and do it regularly at home on their own. This will keep your skin in good condition at all times. Its undoubted advantages are:

  • safety and painlessness;
  • ability to work on thin and sensitive skin;
  • absence of allergic reactions;
  • no preliminary preparation required;
  • can be performed at any time of the year;
  • there is no redness or irritation;
  • the skin does not dry out;
  • no contact with chemicals;
  • the protective hydrolipidic layer is not damaged.

In fact, a very delicate atraumatic exfoliation and removal of keratinized epidermal scales occurs mechanically.

Where is the best place to do ultrasonic facial peeling?

It is obvious that we are ready to trust our face only to qualified specialists. This will serve as a guarantee of quality and safety. It is these specialists, true masters of their craft, who work at the Veronika Herba City Beauty and Health Center. We've been making people beautiful since 1998. Veronika Herba includes two premium beauty centers. Providing clients with the highest level of service, we have combined two lines of services: medical, aesthetic cosmetology and image services in the hairdressing salon, manicure and pedicure, decorative makeup and artistic tattooing.

In our work it is extremely important for us:

Your Safety - all products used by our specialists are certified. When carrying out procedures, we use disposable materials and medical products. The safety concept is supported by 1-TOUCH.

Quality – elevated to a cult. This is the only way we can provide guaranteed effective services and exceed any of your expectations.

Your trust - we accompany you on the path to beauty, thereby earning the trust of the most doubtful. We work tirelessly to meet you halfway, confirming our words with deeds. This is the only way we can exceed your expectations.

Openness – our reputation, won over the years, speaks for itself. You respect us for who we really are. We are wrong and we do not hide it. After all, mistakes are the bridge between experience and wisdom.

Leadership – you cannot be a leader if no one follows you. We remember this and never give up our positions.

Innovation - We never stop striving for excellence.

Integrity – at the level of employees, products and services, financial reporting and, most importantly, assurance at the management level.

Service – any salon gets the clients it deserves. Therefore, we pay great attention to the presentation of our product. This helps make our relationship with you long-term, based on emotional connections.

Design - we remember the aesthetics and functionality of the service and product, we do not try to stand out from others, we are truly different.

provides a wide range of services, which are designed for both women and men. We are ready to take care of you and offer you, in the pleasant, relaxing atmosphere of our center, to plunge into the world of beauty and care for your health.

The following areas are available to your attention:

  • Various programs for rejuvenating the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.
  • Range of body care programs.
  • Various programs and methods of weight loss.
  • Hardware cosmetology.
  • Anti-cellulite programs.
  • Pressotherapy.
  • Dermatocosmetology (removal of scars, stretch marks, spider veins, acne, etc.).

You don't have to spend a lot of time performing complex and unpleasant procedures at home. It is much easier to seek help from real professionals - the Veronika Herba beauty and health center, equipped with effective and modern equipment. There are two such centers in Moscow – near Timiryazevskaya metro station and Otradnoye metro station.

#6 How to save on equipment for ultrasonic facial cleansing

Reasonable savings have never hurt anyone. But when it comes to choosing medical devices, you need to save very carefully. You should not compromise with your conscience and buy low-quality equipment for the sake of cheapness.

Several ways to save on purchasing an ultrasound machine

Whichever option you choose, be prepared to check the offer thoroughly. Nobody likes to make mistakes, and the best way to avoid such mistakes is to check all the details before purchasing.

Is it possible to purchase a household ultrasound machine?

Yes, you can use such a device. Remember that this will only benefit small salons. If you decide to purchase such an ultrasound, do not inflate the prices for the procedure. Your clients understand everything perfectly. They will be willing to pay the optimal amount for a simple but high-quality service.

Nobody wants to pay a lot for an inexpensive solution. Even if, thanks to good advertising, you sell such a service at a high price, you most likely won’t get a second visit. Clients who do not return to a beauty salon are an unaffordable luxury. Especially for a new entrepreneur.

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