Fusion mesotherapy - preparations for skin perfection

There are quite a lot of drugs used for mesotherapy both in the salon and at home. It is important to pay attention to the product used, since the effectiveness of the technique depends on it. Fusion mesotherapy is the option with which you can quickly achieve the desired result. However, pay attention to the precautions and restrictions prescribed for the equipment to avoid undesirable consequences.

Composition of Fusion meso cocktails

A line of fusion mesotherapy cocktails is produced by European manufacturers Oxynergy Paris Group. At the same time, they are supplied to almost 50 countries of the world, thanks to which many professional salons use drugs of this particular brand.

FUSION compositions include:

  • Mesotherapy cocktails for injection into problem areas of the face, head, body;
  • Professional cosmetics for skin care in the salon or at home;
  • Devices and devices for electroporation and mesotherapy.

However, keep in mind that you can order compositions and devices for fusion mesotherapy only through online stores.

The composition of fusion meso cocktails includes the following components:

  1. DMAE. The enzyme activates the renewal of epithelial cells, while increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  2. Phytic acid. Normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands and also helps eliminate pigmentation.
  3. Peptides. Promotes active renewal of epithelial cells.
  4. Glutathione. The substance creates an invisible protective film on the skin, which prevents the effects of ultraviolet radiation on it, as well as premature aging of tissues.
  5. Karcinin. Regenerates the active production of collagen and elastin fibers.
  6. Growth factors. They speed up tissue metabolism, help improve tissue immunity, and also have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  7. Vitamins and microelements.
  8. Plant extracts. Effectively affects stretch marks, loose and flaccid skin, quickly eliminating problems with its health.

Fusion brand meso-cocktails do not contain hyaluronic acid, which is why they are often used by girls with individual intolerance to the component.

F-PPC+ | Lipolytic cocktail with L-carnitine, Organic silicon and IGF

Detailed description

The improved formula of the familiar F-PPC+ drug opens up new opportunities for cosmetologists:

  • Sodium deoxycholate destroys the membranes of fat cells
  • Phosphatidylcholine acts as an emulsifier (breaker) of fats
  • L-carnitine promotes active fat burning in mitochondria
  • Insulin-like growth factor increases energy metabolism, inhibits the transformation of glucose into fats, promotes lipolysis
  • Organic silicon increases regeneration, restores the structure of the dermis after lipolysis

F-PPC+ is recommended for the elimination of local fat deposits in patients with normal or slightly overweight.



  • phosphatidylcholine,
  • sodium deoxycholate,
  • L-carnitine,
  • organic silicon,
  • IGF

Mesotherapy protocol:

Depth: 8 to 10 mm (adipose tissue)

Dose: 0.15 to 0.30 ml

Technique: point by point

Needle: 30G (0.3mm)

Depending on the thickness of the fat fold, the appropriate needle is selected for mesoliposuction (the solution is injected DEEPLY over the entire thickness of the fat fold into the subcutaneous fat):

Needles 30Gx13 mm - needle length 13 mm for weak and moderate fat folds

Needles 27Gx25 mm - needle length 25 mm for pronounced fat folds


The action of the lipolytic cocktail is aimed at combating local fat deposits. Has a pronounced lipolytic effect.

Many patients often turn to cosmetologists with one of the most common problems - local fat deposits. Incorrect, often excessive consumption of food, low-quality and harmful products, age-related changes lead to the accumulation of fat deposits under the skin and the formation of the so-called “orange peel” in different areas of the body (abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, upper shoulder girdle, riding breeches, area chin, etc.).

The least traumatic, compared to liposuction, for the patient, but quite an effective way to combat these problems, is a course of mesotherapy with the drug F-PPC. Its lipolytic cocktail is formulated in such a way that it allows you to combat local fat deposits as effectively as possible. Thanks to its ideally selected composition, it has a pronounced lipolytic effect.


Substance Content
Phosphatidylcholine 5%
Sodium deoxycholate 2,5%

Phosphatidylcholine is recommended for the treatment of local fat deposits, and real fat dissolution occurs. It is one of the essential phospholipids. It is a component of the cell membrane. Regulates ion exchange, biological oxidation, tissue respiration. Normalizes impaired lipid metabolism, promotes energy metabolism of cells, improves the activity of respiratory enzymes of cells.

Restores the immune functions of lymphocytes and macrophages, normalizes protein and fat metabolism. Recent clinical trials conducted in Europe have shown that the effectiveness rate of phosphatidylcholine is 98%

Exposure to sodium deoxycholate causes the adipocyte membrane to rupture, releasing fatty acids by breaking the chemical bonds of these molecules. Sodium deoxycholate occurs naturally in bile and is a salt whose function is to break down lipids during the digestion of food.


  • Local fat deposits on the abdomen, upper shoulder girdle, arms, riding breeches, chin area
  • Cellulite
  • Common fat deposits resistant to other drugs

RESULT OF USING F-PPC: pronounced lipolytic effect.

If you combine physical activity with mesotherapy with F-PPC, the processes of lipolysis and glycogenolysis are enhanced due to the intracellular accumulation of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, resulting from the release of lipids and their conversion into ATP. When using the drug F-PPC in lipolytic mesotherapy, there is a rapid reduction in fat deposits, elimination of tissue swelling due to the normalization of blood and lymph flow and the removal of toxic metabolic products from the body.

When using an injection, the responsibility lies with the specialist performing the procedure. The manufacturer or seller cannot be held responsible for damage or side effects caused by a third party.
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Indications and effectiveness of meso cocktails

Fusion meso-cocktails are considered universal because they are suitable for solving a wide range of skin problems:

  • Flabbiness, dullness of the skin;
  • Pigmentation;
  • Fat deposits;
  • Uneven skin tone;
  • Wrinkles;
  • Acne and post-acne;
  • Scars;
  • Dull skin;
  • Enlarged pores.

If we talk about the use of drugs when working with the head, they will help eliminate dandruff, split ends, excessive hair loss, and prevent baldness.

Mesococktails have a high level of penetration, due to which they quickly deliver beneficial substances to epithelial cells, increasing their concentration with each session.

However, to achieve the desired result, you will in any case have to undergo a full course, consisting of 5-10 visits to cosmetology, which depends on the initial condition of the skin and the end point you want to reach.

Types of Fusion drugs

Before performing mesotherapy, it is important to pay attention to the choice of meso-cocktail, since the fusion line contains quite a lot of drugs used for facial treatment.

Let's look at them in more detail in the table.

F-ACNAnti-inflammatory effect. Eliminates acne and enlarged pores, neutralizes redness and irritation of tissues. 900 rub.
F-ANTI-OXHas a rejuvenating effect. Helps eliminate pigmentation, regardless of the cause of its occurrence, and also smoothes wrinkles and ridges on the skin, increasing its tone. 1300 rub.
F-BTXIn terms of effectiveness, the meso-cocktail is similar to Botox, since it also helps tighten the skin, increase its firmness and elasticity. Prevents the appearance of facial wrinkles. 1200 rub.
F-DMAEIncreasing skin tone, ensuring its firmness and elasticity, neutralizing signs of tissue photoaging.400 rub.
F-EYE CONTOURThe drug works with the eyelid area, helping to eliminate facial wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, relieve puffiness and lighten dark circles. The meso cocktail also normalizes the water balance of the skin in the sensitive area. 1500 rub.
F-HAMoisturizes the skin, helps restore the water balance of the treated area, filling in relief and wrinkles.3700 rub.
F-LIFT+ FACEMaximum lifting effect of the treatment area. The composition tightens the skin, makes it firm and elastic. 1600 rub.
F-RADIANCEDue to the high concentration of vitamin C in the meso cocktail, it helps lighten the skin, visually rejuvenate it, as well as eliminate pigmentation and inflammation.1300 rub.
F-XFC FACEA universal drug that allows you to fight both premature wrinkles on the facial skin and inflammation.1100 rub.
F-XFCThey are most often used to prevent premature skin aging by girls under 35 years of age.1200 rub.
F-VENOSTIMThey normalize the functioning of veins and blood vessels, eliminating rosacea and spider veins, which most often appear in the area of ​​the eyelids or lips.1400 rub.
F-PERFECT LIPSThe drug is used to increase the volume of the lips and transform their general condition. It has several shades with which you can give your lips a seductive, fresh look. 1500 rub.

Preparations from the fusion line are not routinely sold in regular cosmetic stores, so you need to order them online – through the manufacturer’s official website.

How to lose weight with lipolytic

How effective is the fusion f ppc lipolytic cocktail? Specialists will urgently study the structural features of a woman’s body so that your expectations are met. Remember that losing weight and correcting your figure is not a momentary process, but persistent, long-term work that requires additional stress and nutritional correction.

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Unfortunately, it is the representatives of the weaker half of the population who suffer from excess weight more often. Let's consider this issue in more detail. Nature dictates that the female body prepares to bear a baby immediately after the girl has completed puberty, established a regular menstrual cycle, and developed mammary glands. Almost 86% of women note an increase in extra pounds, the appearance of stretch marks, and fat deposits during this period.

Why is this happening?

  • Due to poor lifestyle choices or insufficient medical control, girls may experience hormonal imbalances during puberty. In some cases, the consequences of such an imbalance are limited to the appearance of skin rashes, and sometimes significant weight gain is observed.
  • When the menstrual cycle is established, the body undergoes major changes. The body, ready for fertilization, begins to store fat deposits and prepares for future motherhood.
  • In girls, the volume of the hips increases first.
  • The body accumulates fat in the abdominal area and sides. This is a normal, completely natural physiological process that provides future offspring with protection from external factors during pregnancy.
  • Stretch marks may appear in the hips, buttocks, and chest areas. This happens due to sudden changes in weight when the skin does not have time to meet the given parameters. It is worth noting that this process is also influenced by hereditary factors, as well as a deficiency of collagen fibers in the female body.
  • As a result, the figure becomes more feminine. However, it is worth paying increased attention to nutrition and sports during this period, when the gained kilograms are “fresh” and can go away in just a month, and your figure parameters will become more attractive.

A woman's body is most susceptible to the most minor changes. It is the physiological and individual characteristics of the figure that predetermine its type, structure and main parameters.

Experts say that it is impossible to have ideal shape if you do not follow the basics of proper nutrition and do not include sports activities in your daily life. If we talk about men, then extra pounds are unusual for them.

Weight fluctuations can also occur due to hormonal imbalances. For example, men who suffer from the addiction of drinking beer every day may experience a “rounding” of the abdomen, which is not typical for the stronger sex. Such changes occur due to the fact that with frequent consumption of beer in the body, the level of testosterone decreases and the amount of the female hormone estrogen increases. This is what leads to an enlargement of the abdomen and mammary glands.

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Instructions for administering the drug

The drug is sold in small ampoules, each of which is enough for exactly one treatment of the entire face, neck and sometimes décolleté.

You cannot use ampoules in an open state, so calculate in advance how much composition you will need for the procedure.

Using a syringe with a thin cosmetic needle, the drug is injected into the sensitive skin of the face. At the same time, it must be administered as slowly and smoothly as possible to avoid aggressive damage to the internal microflora of the dermis.

However, meso-cocktails can also be used together with a mesoscooter. Then the composition is first applied to the skin of the face, and then the mesoscooter begins to move over it, creating many small punctures on the skin, through which beneficial substances penetrate into the dermis.

About the drug

Fusion f ppc is a lipolytic meso-cocktail that acts at the cellular level. It is injected under the patient's skin on problem areas of the skin. After some time, you can see positive results.

Lipolytic f ppc is truly a universal remedy that allows you not only to lose weight, but also to prevent further accumulation of fat deposits. The effect is consolidated by an additional course of injections, which allows you to maintain good shape for about a year, without requiring a strict diet or hard training in the gym.

The lipolytic cocktail f ppc is an antihyperglycemic drug. By analogy with the effect of fat burners, this medication has a blocking effect on the sudden increase in fat deposits due to the predominance of complex carbohydrates in the body. It is worth noting that the medicine does not have the ability to regulate glycemic levels.

As practice has shown, most often this f ppc lipolytic is prescribed for fat deposits on the abdomen, waist, and sides. To achieve the best results, the drug is prescribed as part of a complex of fat-burning agents. Acarbose is an amylase inhibitor, which represents an entire enzyme group involved in the breakdown of complex carbohydrate molecules. Everyone knows that the human body has the ability to metabolize exclusively monosaccharides, which is facilitated by acarbose. The process of digestion begins in the oral cavity and culminates in the intestines.

When the drug penetrates the intestines, the breakdown of complex carbohydrates begins to be blocked, which is what makes it impossible to fully absorb carbohydrates that enter the internal environment of the body along with food. F PPC does not function locally; all the activity of the active components occurs in the fatty layers. It is important to highlight that the lipolytic does not penetrate the blood plasma and has absolutely no effect on the activity of internal organs and metabolic systems.

In general, the lipolytic cocktail f ppc is an oligosaccharide, a fermentation product of actinoplane. Its main functions are as follows:

  • Fat breakdown;
  • Ensuring complete blocking of pancreatic enzymes, glucosidase;
  • Inhibition of the absorption processes of complex carbohydrates;
  • Elimination of excess glucose, gentle elimination;
  • Normalization of glycemia.

It is worth knowing: the product significantly slows down the absorption process, which is why it must be taken after meals.

How is the procedure done in clinics?

Mesotherapy in the salon always begins with cleansing the skin of cosmetics and impurities, and then treating it with a disinfectant solution of Chlorhexidine.

The procedure itself usually takes about 20 minutes:

  1. The cosmetologist unpacks the ampoule and draws a certain amount of meso-cocktail into the syringe.
  2. The skin in the injection area is stretched and a needle is inserted into it to a depth of 10-15 mm.
  3. Gradually, with a slow movement of the hand, the cosmetologist injects the drug into the dermis and then removes the syringe.
  4. In this way, another 5-7 punctures are created on the girl’s face.
  5. At the end of the session, the skin is re-treated with a disinfectant solution.
  6. A soothing lotion is applied.

The procedure does not cause severe pain to the girl, so no anesthetic is used before it. In addition, it may negatively affect the effectiveness of the technique.

Photos before and after

In the photo you can clearly see the effectiveness of the procedure and how quickly it was able to transform the condition of the girl’s skin, regardless of her age.

However, keep in mind that to achieve this result you will have to undergo a course of sessions, since mesotherapy has a cumulative effect, due to which it is considered one of the safest procedures for skin rejuvenation.

Recommendations for skin care after mesotherapy

Since fusion mesotherapy is often performed by injection and involves the creation of many punctures in the skin, after it is carried out it is important to pay attention to tissue restoration.

To do this, cosmetologists standardly prescribe the following restrictions:

  • For 4 hours, refrain from washing and applying any cosmetics to your skin;
  • Stop smoking, drinking alcohol and energy drinks for 6 hours;
  • For three days, avoid visiting the bathhouse, sauna, or taking hot baths;
  • Stop taking blood thinning medications and do not sunbathe while undergoing mesotherapy.

You must follow the prescribed restrictions after each session, regardless of where you performed the procedure - in the salon or at home.

There are usually no side effects during the skin recovery period, but a slight tissue reaction to mechanical stress may occur. It manifests itself in the form of local redness and increased sensitivity of the treated area. This reaction subsides within 1-2 days, without causing discomfort to the girl.


Lipolytic injections reduce the volume of local fat deposits in patients with normal body weight or slight excess weight.

In medicine, lipolytic cocktails are used to correct body contours, which have all the necessary certificates of conformity and registration certificates from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

  • F-PPC (Spain) is a lipolytic cocktail for reducing fat deposits on the abdomen, back, arms and legs. The course of treatment is 3-8 procedures every 7-14 days.
  • F-Muscle-Fit (Spain) – used on the inner surface of the arms, thighs, abdomen, buttocks, reduces stretch marks, the appearance of cellulite, tones the skin, makes the silhouette clearer. The course of treatment is 3-8 procedures every 7-14 days.
  • MPH-lipolytic cocktail Martinex (Russia) – activates lymph flow, relieves tissue swelling, removes toxins from the body, actively breaks down fat cells and reduces loose fat deposits in problem areas of the body. The course of treatment is 10-12 procedures every 7-10 days.

Local fat deposits or “fat traps” are a concentrated accumulation of fat cells in certain areas of the body, caused by eating disorders, lack of physical activity, and hormonal changes.


  • accumulation of fat on the abdomen, a “swimming” waist
  • fatty bumps on the buttocks
  • "breeches" effect on the hips
  • side bolsters on the back
  • fat deposits above the elbows, above the knees, on the calves

Lipolytic injections of different parts of the body can be used in patients over 20 years of age. Before the procedure, a consultation with a cosmetologist is necessary.


— lipolytics increase the level of phosphatidylcholine, a liver enzyme responsible for fat metabolism. If this enzyme is not enough, metabolism slows down. Under the influence of lipolytics, fat cells are actively broken down, fat breakdown products are removed from the body, fat deposits and folds are reduced - lipolytics inhibit the absorption of complex carbohydrates from the blood into tissues and remove excess glucose from the body, due to which fat traps stop developing - the drugs trigger cell regeneration, restoration the structure of the dermis, the “orange peel” disappears, the skin tone improves, the skin becomes smooth and looks healthy.


A cosmetologist treats the skin with a disinfectant solution. Then he makes markings on the skin, which guide him on how to administer the drug for maximum effectiveness. Using a syringe with a thin needle, the cosmetologist performs several microinjections, pricking the problem area to a depth of 10-13 mm. At the end of the procedure, injection areas are treated with an antiseptic.

The injection lasts up to 10 minutes. Traces of injections are invisible after 12-24 hours. Immediately after the procedure, slight tingling, redness and pain are possible, which disappear within 24 hours. The appearance of small bruises (individual reaction) is acceptable, which resolve within 3-5 days.

The procedure is carried out at any time of the year.

Duration of 1 session – 20-30 minutes.

The course of injections is 3-12 procedures every 7-14 days. The number of sessions and frequency are determined by the cosmetologist individually for each patient, depending on the drug used, body volume, results after each session, the presence of other weight loss methods - massages, sports, diet.

A repeated course of injections can be prescribed if necessary, if the patient’s weight increases (by 5-10 kg).


- drink 200-300 ml of water immediately after the session to start lymphatic drainage - 2 weeks after the session it is very important to maintain sufficient drinking regime - 2-3 liters per day, based on weight - do not apply cosmetics to the injection areas for 24 hours - for 4 -5th day it is recommended to undergo a session of manual lymphatic drainage massage to enhance the effect of the procedure (split fat cells will be removed faster through the lymph/blood flow system, swelling will go away) - exclude alcohol for 7 days, visit the pool, bathhouse, sauna - do not sunbathe for a week sun and solarium.


  • Vacuum roller massage on the VORTEX device activates lymphatic drainage and metabolic processes in subcutaneous fat tissue, stimulates the outflow of stagnant tissue fluid and eliminates swelling, improves the condition of the epidermis and reduces the appearance of cellulite. It is recommended to carry out a course of 10-15 procedures between lipolytic sessions to enhance the mutual effect.
  • manual anti-cellulite massage “breaks” fat deposits and fibrous fibers in the subcutaneous fat, enhancing lipolysis processes, evens out the skin structure, models the contours of the body, and will avoid sagging tissues when volumes are reduced. You can conduct 2-4 sessions 3-4 days after lipolytics, or do a course of 10-12 sessions between lipolytic injections
  • manual lymphatic drainage massage. On 2-3 days after each lipolytic procedure, it is recommended to do 1-2 massage sessions of the whole body to restore healthy lymph flow, improve blood microcirculation and tissue metabolism, accelerate the process of breaking down fat cells and removing decay elements
  • wrapping 1-2 times a week will improve the aesthetic appearance of the skin - moisturize, add elasticity, even out texture and color
  • radio wave lifting will tighten and smooth the skin after reducing body volume, effective in a course of 10-15 sessions
  • Pressotherapy will enhance the effect of lymphatic drainage, eliminate excess swelling, effectively carry out 2-3 sessions between injections.
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