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The benefits and harms of chemical peeling for the face


Currently, there are a huge number of different cosmetic procedures and, as you can understand, they are all aimed at improving appearance, but not all of them are safe.

Oddly enough, a person is ready to go to great lengths just to look good, and some are not afraid of even dubious methods.

One of the quite popular procedures is chemical peeling of the face, with which you can not only improve the condition of the skin, but also get rid of cosmetic defects.

As the name implies, the procedure uses appropriate chemicals, due to which the skin’s epidermis begins to renew itself more actively and “breathe,” making the skin more vibrant and attractive. However, do not forget that the procedure is performed with chemicals, which not only must be of high quality, but also used exclusively by a qualified specialist in their field, otherwise, instead of beauty, you can get a terrifying number of problems with both health and appearance.

This cleaning procedure is divided into three types depending on the level of cleaning:

  • superficial - it affects only the upper (horny) layer of the skin, without penetrating deeper;
  • median - penetrates deeper into the skin, almost to the membrane, but does not harm it. It is considered much more effective than superficial;
  • deep is the most traumatic cleansing for the skin and is carried out only under anesthesia, since it is a surgical intervention.

Benefits of chemical facial cleansing

  • The condition of the skin becomes much more noticeable, moreover, it brightens significantly.
  • Most existing wrinkles, even age-related ones, are noticeably reduced.
  • If the skin is problematic, then this peeling will help correct the situation and significantly reduce the amount of inflammation and other defects.
  • The skin is well and evenly saturated with both moisture and nutrients.
  • With the help of a chemical peel , you can lighten or completely get rid of freckles or age spots.
  • It will help eliminate or make less noticeable scars that are not too deep.

Harm from chemical facial cleansing

Due to the fact that the upper layers of the skin are destroyed, it becomes much more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, and this can lead to both abnormal pigmentation and burns.

  • Since the procedure uses chemicals, there is a high possibility of a negative skin reaction. Itching, allergies , burns, etc. may occur.
  • After the procedure, swelling often appears and although it goes away after some time, the appearance leaves much to be desired.
  • If a person often suffers from herpes, the situation can worsen significantly.
  • After the procedure, discomfort and a negative appearance (swelling, redness) will persist for some time.

Although this cleaning method is effective, it severely damages the skin and should not be used unless seriously necessary, as it can negatively affect the condition of the skin as a whole.

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Preparation for TCA peeling and post-procedure care rules

Before performing the procedure, you must use moisturizers for two weeks. After the procedure, it is necessary to comply with sanitary and hygienic standards and from the next day after the procedure, you should wash the skin with a mild detergent. A special protective cream should be applied twice a day. Under no circumstances should you carry out any other cleansing procedures, and you should not rub or scratch the skin, as this can cause scarring and/or irritation. In case of complications (for example, herpes, edema, bacterial infection), you must consult a cosmetologist and follow his recommendations. At least one month after the TCA chemical peel, the patient is allowed to sunbathe and also use a solarium. Makeup can be applied after the exfoliation process is completed, at which time you can return to the previous use of skin care products. The healing process is completed approximately 14 days after the procedure.

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