Burn fat without leaving a trace: top 7 effective anti-cellulite creams in 2022

Hello everyone, it's me again, Alice! Today I want to talk about creams for buttocks and thighs enlargement. Women are often unhappy with the shape of their figure. Any female with narrow hips would like to enlarge her buttocks and thighs, but what options exist to achieve this effect?

You can increase the volume of your hips and buttocks by various means: plastic surgery, injections, sports, certain foods, creams, sprays and tablets. Among the variety of options, women often choose creams. Which ones exist, how they work and whether there is any effect from the means for improving the figure can be found out by reading the article.

Popular creams for buttock and thigh enlargement

The modern cosmetics market offers many product options for firm butts and thighs. And, of course, among all of them, women have their favorites. What kind of butt creams do people with narrow hips prefer?

Manufacturers in the countries of China and Japan are most actively involved in the study of herbs and the production of such preparations. Some of their inventions are:

  1. HIP LIFT. It is a natural drug that does not cause side effects. The microelements contained in the cream actively influence the growth of the buttocks, and also give fullness to the hips;
  2. HIP UP CREAM. A herbal remedy that is absorbed very quickly into the skin, is easy to apply and does not harm a woman’s health. The big advantage is that the cream does not have any effect on hormonal levels.

The prices for these drugs will greatly please the female sex.
The availability of their purchase also does not go unnoticed. Important! Such preparations increase volumes by 1-2 centimeters, the effect is visible after 2 weeks of using the product.

Where it all began

Plastic surgeons have been working on this area for a long time. Buttock augmentation with your own fat is not a new and effective procedure. There are dangers in it, such as uneven distribution of fat, but all this can be solved with repeated correction. Implants are less popular: many complain that they stand out too much and are uncomfortable to sit on. But there are doctors who cope with these problems.

But the fact that cosmetologists took on the buttocks is already news. One of the first in the capital to try his hand at this craft was a plastic surgeon, candidate of medical sciences, cosmetologist, chief physician of the Gamidov Clinic Ainutdin Gamidov. My friend had her buttocks corrected by him and everyone was happy with the result, including me. “I started practicing this procedure a little over a year ago, and now I carry it out every day,” the doctor said in an interview in November 2022.

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In his opinion, it coincided that the peak of the trend occurred with the emergence of effective cosmetic products. “We used to inject hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin injections into the buttocks, but these all had short-term effects.” The new Sculptra products from the American pharmaceutical giant Galderma or the Korean drugs PowerFill and AestheFill have a completely different principle of action and a much more lasting result. “These are not fillers, they do not create volume on their own, but stimulate the growth of their own tissues. The injection solution contains polylactic acid, the same one that we produce during sports. It is this that stimulates the overactive production of collagen and the formation of new collagen fibers in the skin and muscles. As a result, all tissues are noticeably thickened and tightened, and along with them, muscles that have sagged with age are lifted. “We kind of shape the buttocks, creating a beautiful relief and volume.”

What are the features?

Why should you give preference to cream, what features are hidden in it?

  • Do not affect a woman’s hormonal levels;
  • Easy to use;
  • Available for purchase;
  • They have a pleasant smell and pleasant texture;
  • Gives the skin of the buttocks and thighs elasticity and firmness.

Buttock and thigh enlargement creams are becoming very popular among women. The use of such products does not pose any health risks.

Important! Creams of such directions can only harm the skin in the form of rashes, redness, itching or irritation. If you notice these symptoms, you should immediately stop using the contents of the tube and go along with the drug to the doctor.

Before applying cream to your thighs to enlarge them, you should still consult a doctor to rule out an allergic reaction.


  • minor age;
  • pathologies of the heart, blood vessels, liver, kidneys, thyroid gland;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • colds, infectious and viral diseases;
  • oncology;
  • benign and malignant tumors;
  • obesity;
  • diabetes;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • mental disorders;
  • tendency to form keloid scars;
  • unsatisfactory results of preoperative studies;
  • tissue damage in the gluteal muscle area.

We usually perform buttock augmentation surgery on patients over 25 years of age, when the body is fully developed. In rare cases, surgery can be performed earlier.

What is better cream, spray or gel for butt enlargement?

A woman who decides to enlarge her butt cosmetically will have a choice in the form of using the drug. And because their great diversity, then this issue deserves attention.

The cream and spray are on the same shelf in every sense: both in principle of action and in effectiveness. The only difference between them is the method of application. Women definitely give more positive votes in favor of the spray, because... It is more convenient to apply it to the surface of the skin, and there are also fewer side effects than with cream.

Gel for firming the buttocks is not so popular. This is explained by the fact that it is not particularly convenient to apply to the butt; the viscous composition takes a long time to dry and leaves the skin feeling not very clean. And because Since such products are used twice a day, morning use causes greater discomfort for the whole day.

A woman definitely decides for herself what to choose.

Cost of gluteoplasty

The procedure for enlarging the gluteal region at the Medial clinic costs 150,000 rubles. This amount includes:

  • Consumables;
  • anesthesia support;
  • the operation itself;
  • hospital stay.

The indicated price does not include:

  • preoperative tests;
  • buttock implants.

Lipofilling of the buttocks costs from 80,000 rubles.
To determine the price of surgery in your case, you need to consult a surgeon. The multidisciplinary medical center has been providing buttock augmentation services since 2002. Our surgeons Anzhelika Vladimirovna Nikolaeva-Fedorova and Levan Leonidovich Valiev perform gluteoplasty. You can make an appointment for a consultation by phone.

Where to buy original creams?

No consumer of any market product is ever safe from scammers who sell counterfeits of original products. Unscrupulous people began to produce fake butt enlargement products. Where to buy the drug to eliminate counterfeiting as much as possible?

  1. Pharmacies;
  2. If the cream is foreign, then it is definitely in the country of origin;
  3. Official representatives of the company of interest;
  4. Official websites on the Internet.

Many people believe that the higher the price, the better and higher quality the product. When buying a drug to enlarge your hips and buttocks, you don’t need to focus on the price, because... it is low for these drugs.

Important! When purchasing a cream, pay attention to the expiration date to exclude skin allergies.

It is not advisable to purchase funds from dubious kiosks or even from people selling them at home. It is better to protect your body from contact with such products.

Possible complications

If the operation is performed by an experienced doctor in a modern operating room, and if the patient follows all the surgeon’s recommendations, then no complications will arise. If the surgical protocol is violated, low-quality implants are used and the doctor’s instructions are not followed, complications may arise such as:

  • displacement of the implant/s;
  • development of the inflammatory process;
  • seam divergence;
  • suppuration;
  • deformation of the buttock area;
  • implant rupture;
  • formation of kelod scars at incision sites;
  • the appearance of excess connective tissue.

The result of the operation depends equally on both the doctor and the patient. A responsible approach to choosing a clinic and to your health is a guarantee of lasting aesthetic results.

Doctor's recommendations

Medical opinion largely does not consider it necessary to rely only on cream if you want to enlarge your hips and butt. An increase in volume by 1-2 centimeters can not only disappoint a woman, but also go completely unnoticed.

Doctors recommend taking part in sports along with this cream. Be sure to eat foods that keep your figure toned. Then the female contours below the waist will not only be attractive, but also, with constant maintenance of such a rhythm of life, will retain an impressive effect much longer than the result from using one cream.


  • congenital asymmetry of the gluteal muscles;
  • deformation of the buttocks due to injuries;
  • change in shape due to sudden weight loss;
  • age-related tissue sagging;
  • muscle atrophy;
  • individual characteristics;
  • lack of results from training;
  • dissatisfaction with the appearance of the buttocks.

Gluteoplasty is purely aesthetic in nature. It is not performed for medical reasons, but to improve the shape and volume of the buttocks.

Customer Reviews

Women who have tried this or that cream that enlarges the butt, according to reviews, are divided into two flanks.

The first part (the smallest) are confident that thanks to the cream, their butt has become not only firm and elastic, but also toned, accompanying all this with an increase in volume. The good news is that there are no restrictions on the use of the product, and if you constantly carry out such procedures at home, the effect remains stunning.

Most women did not see any effect from using the cream. These women are sure that it is impossible to achieve results with the help of cosmetics. Wasted money, wasted anticipation of the effectiveness of the drug - all this remains in the memory.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that any cosmetic product affects each body individually, so paying attention to the reviews of others is not entirely logical.

Creams to enlarge the buttocks and thighs are firmly on store shelves and are successful in sales. For women who do not want to exercise, are not used to wearing shapewear and do not want to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon, butt cream is one of the salvations that gets rid of narrow hips and flat buttocks.

The best anti-cellulite cream - FAN rating

There are many premium and expensive anti-cellulite products on the market. But a good cream does not have to cost several thousand rubles. This selection of inexpensive formulations was made based on numerous customer reviews. And among them there is not a single one whose price would bite.

"Vitex" - "Bath, sauna, massage"

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The anti-cellulite cream “Bath, Massage, Sauna” contains a whole complex of substances that have a warming and lymphatic drainage effect. Vitex cellulite cream contains caffeine and pepper extract, as well as essential oils of rosemary, mint, and lemon. Its texture is oily, so it is recommended to use it as a massage oil. Rubs in well, no sticky layer remains after massage. The product can also be used for wraps: apply under the film for 20 minutes, and then thoroughly rub in the residue.

In reviews, users note that the cream noticeably warms and even bakes, but sensitive skin reacts to it normally. Works great under film. If you apply it before training, the effect appears within a couple of weeks. You should not keep the composition longer than the time recommended by the manufacturer: red spots may remain on the body. Among the shortcomings, an unpleasant odor is noted, but it can be tolerated given the effectiveness of the cream and its more than budget cost.

Average price: 149 rubles.

Bielita - “Marine Collagen, “Hot Formula”

market.yandex.ru / Prt Scr

There is a “Hot formula” mark on the packaging, but customers often do not pay attention to it and only after application they discover how this cream burns. Some people tolerate its effect stoically, because a good anti-cellulite product cannot but be felt. Others wait 20 minutes and rush to wash it off, but if you do this with hot water, the furnace will be even bigger. But everyone agrees that Belita anti-cellulite cream works: it moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and most importantly, it tightens it and makes cellulite tubercles much less noticeable.

The manufacturer has added many caring components to the composition. Among them are algae extract and collagen for tissue elasticity, sea salt to improve drainage. The bottle is small - only 200 ml. If you use the product daily, it lasts for a maximum of a week. But you can buy another tube without worrying, because the cosmetics are quite affordable.

Average price: 238 rubles.

Floresan - “Massage anti-cellulite drainage”

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The first thing that catches your eye is the huge jar in which Floresan cellulite cream comes. Its volume is 1 liter, which means that you can use it for a long time: a month, two, and maybe enough for a second course.

It contains a whole complex of substances with lymphatic drainage effect. Extracts of red pepper and mustard seeds heat up, caffeine accelerates metabolic processes, essential oils support the effect, and the cream smells pleasant - the aroma is light, citrusy.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer positions it as a massage product, it can also be used for self-massage, but it is better on damp, scrubbed skin and regularly. Then the effect will be noticeable.

According to reviews, the product tightens the skin well and nourishes it. The results appear gradually with regular use. Does not bake, has a slight warming effect, so it is comfortable when applied. But if cellulite is very noticeable, you should not expect miracles: cream alone will not be able to cope with the problem.

Average price: 559 rubles.

Eveline – Cosmetics Slim Extreme 4D

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Marketers did a good job on the packaging of the product. Eveline anti-cellulite cream is positioned as a highly concentrated serum with a mesotherapy effect, after using which the volume should decrease by 3 cm. For this purpose, the composition uses caffeine and hyaluronic acid, which increases the elasticity of tissues and evens out their relief. Caffeine has a fat-burning effect, and the product itself leaves a slight chill after application, making it very comfortable to use.

Reviews of Eveline cellulite cream do not talk about its magical weight loss properties. But as an assistant in the fight against unpleasant skin texture, it works quite well. After it, the skin becomes smoother and tighter. It smells pleasant, absorbs quite slowly: there is enough time for self-massage.

Average price: 286 rubles.

Fitness Model – “Anti-cellulite laser”

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Among its analogues, Fitness anti-cellulite cream has a noticeably natural composition. It is based on infusions of green tea and rosehip, cocoa and shea butter, and organic acids. The manufacturer notes the focus of the product on correcting noticeable manifestations of cellulite, which can be achieved thanks to the deep penetration of the components into fat cells.

Of course, promises to remove the “orange peel” only by daily rubbing the composition into the thighs are nothing more than an advertising ploy. But, according to users, the product works well in combination. With massage, gym and diet you can achieve success.

The smell is pleasant, the texture is delicate, it is absorbed, despite the abundance of oils in the composition, quickly and without film. It does not create a burning sensation - only pleasant warmth, and stretch marks and lumpy skin gradually become less pronounced.

Average price: 155 rubles.

Novosvit - “Anti-cellulite “warming”

market.yandex.ru / Prt Scr

The product from a domestic brand is intended for wraps. Novosvit cellulite cream contains oils and plant extracts that have a warming effect, stimulate blood flow and lymph movement. The consistency of the product is gel, the color is pleasant. When applied, you feel freshness, but then there is a warm effect.

According to user reviews, it is best to use the product after a bath and scrubbing problem areas. You should go over the body with a hard washcloth, and then apply the composition under the film. Regular use significantly improves the condition of the skin and evens out its texture. The budget cost of the product is especially pleasant: you can spend it actively, without saving.

Average price: 285 rubles.

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