What is a CO2 laser (carbon dioxide): operating principle, devices

Laser facial resurfacing (or fractional photothermolysis) is a hardware cosmetology procedure offered by specialists at Alla Khazova’s clinic. This is an effective method of rejuvenating and renewing the skin, allowing you to solve a whole range of aesthetic and age-related problems.

The facial cleansing procedure is performed with a modern fractional CO2 laser, which specifically targets problem areas, penetrating the superficial and deep layers of the dermis (up to 4 mm or more).

Fractional laser resurfacing of facial skin is safe and effective in correcting age spots, deep, medium and superficial wrinkles, stretch marks, post-acne, neoplasms and many other cosmetic problems.

CO2 laser rejuvenation “AcuPulse” - the result is obvious!

Today, aesthetic medicine experts call the fractional CO2 laser on the AcuPulse platform the most effective anti-aging set of measures that science has in its arsenal today.
The CO2 laser is all-round effective. It triggers natural processes in the body, initiating the production of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for tissue rejuvenation. This leads to complete renewal of the skin and obtaining a pronounced and lasting result.

Patients who have undergone the CO2 laser rejuvenation procedure can expect to smooth out wrinkles, eliminate the effect of enlarged pores, return the face to an even and fresh color, and increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Patients praise the laser for its powerful lifting effect and tightening of facial contours.

The popular technology is a procedure during which the inner layers of the patient’s skin are exposed to a carbon dioxide fractional laser. The principle of laser operation is as follows: a beam is formed, broken into small microbeams that penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. This ensures high safety of the procedure and rapid tissue healing.

CO2 laser rejuvenation is characterized by the following advantages:

  • obtaining a pronounced result;
  • recovery in 10-14 days;
  • high degree of safety (compliance with FDA certificates);
  • operative implementation of the procedure.

From 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 rubles

At this price, the market offers new premium Korean devices and used equipment from Candela and Lumenis.


The CO2 fractional laser FONS SVR is a premium class device with the operating parameters of the latest generation carbon dioxide cosmetology systems:

  • scanning, continuous, pulse and super-pulse operating modes;
  • Stacked-pulses technology, in which the depth of impact for each ablation point is set by software;
  • 3 modes and 8 scanning patterns;
  • Radio Frequency - radio frequency pumping of the active medium.


Tatiana Kuznetsova

The RF tube is made of metal, which extends its service life.

The following cosmetic and surgical procedures are performed at FONS SVR:

  • fractional rejuvenation using thermal ablation;
  • laser resurfacing;
  • elimination of scars, stretch marks, pigmentation;
  • aesthetic gynecology operations;
  • removal of skin tumors.

The equipment of the device includes 4 handpieces, including a nozzle for labiaplasty.

Manufacturer: Ruikd Limited and Co., South Korea.


The Eraser-C-RF device is a professional equipment and is intended primarily for medical clinics. Areas of its application:

  • aesthetic medicine and cosmetology;
  • dermatology and dermatosurgery;
  • dentistry;
  • ENT surgery;
  • gynecology;
  • urology;
  • proctology.

Attachments for cosmetology allow you to carry out procedures for fractional rejuvenation and skin smoothing, removal of scars, scars, neoplasms and age spots. The equipment operates in continuous, pulsed and super-pulse modes, with a duration of exposure from 0.1 to 10 ms.


Tatiana Kuznetsova

Eraser-C-RF has 4 scanning patterns: circle, triangle, rectangle and hexagon.

Manufacturer: Meditech, South Korea.

Who is the procedure indicated for?

Among the patients interested in CO2 laser rejuvenation using the AcuPulse device, there are mainly women over 37 years old, who have begun to noticeably show signs of aging. The technology is especially popular among both women and men who have problems in the area around the eyes. This method helps to almost completely remove microwrinkles and the notorious “crow’s feet” on these delicate areas of the skin.

AcuPulse is also in demand among women after pregnancy who want to get rid of unsightly stretch marks, as well as among people with unaesthetic scars, consequences of burns, injuries and surgical interventions.

The procedure gives the most striking results in the presence of the following problems:

  • a large number of wrinkles (both deep mimic and fine mesh wrinkles);
  • acne, enlarged pores;
  • impaired skin pigmentation (caused by age-related reasons, and appeared as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun), actinic keratosis;
  • stretch marks, scars, scars, spider veins on any part of the body;
  • too deep nasolabial folds that bother the patient;
  • sagging skin, loss of tone, sagging tissue.

CO2 laser rejuvenation is an effective way to combat age-related skin changes. The technology can be used by persons aged 17 years or older. At the same time, doctors talk about the greatest effectiveness of laser rejuvenation for people who have passed the 40-year mark.

Basic steps of the procedure

1. Immediately before the procedure, the cosmetologist cleanses the skin and applies anesthesia.

2. The main stage of the procedure is the exposure of the patient’s problem areas to the CO2 laser. The average duration of the procedure is 30-40 minutes.

3. Upon completion of the procedure, a soothing ointment is applied to the skin.

Additional benefits of the procedure

CO2 laser rejuvenation has a prolonged anti-aging effect, which is due to the activation of collagen and elastin production. It is important to understand that the peculiarity of this procedure is that the first serious results of the activated skin renewal mechanism appear 2-3 weeks after exposure to the tissue. And over the next 6 months, skin renewal occurs with a cumulative effect!

Advantages and disadvantages

CO2 laser tubes have their advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are:

  • Increased cutting quality and impact accuracy.
  • High speed of material processing.
  • High performance.
  • Low vibration and noise levels.
  • Ability to process almost all materials.
  • Low energy costs.
  • Minimum possible defect rates.
  • Versatility and interchangeability of elements.
  • Compactness.

Laser engraving machine LaserSolid 690 Lite

  • Weight with packaging 120
  • Warranty 12 months on the machine, 3 months on the tube, mirrors and lenses
  • Dimensions with packaging 1100x1650x700 mm
  • Power supply AC110V/ 220V±10% / 50~60Hz
  • Dimensions, mm 1310x1000x560
  • Software Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop
  • Laser power 60 W
  • Weight, kg 110
  • Power consumption <450 W
  • Minimum sign size, mm 0.8x0.8
  • Working field 600×900x450
  • Resolution, DPI 1000
  • Engraving speed 350 mm/sec
  • Travel speed 600 mm/sec
  • Type of laser radiation CO2
  • Engraving accuracy <0.01mm
  • Price 223,901 rub.

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The disadvantages include:

  • Limited operating time of the laser tube.
  • Fragility of the structure.
  • The need for constant cooling of the device during operation.
  • The need to adjust laser power for different types of material.
  • Possible failures due to low frequency exposure.
  • Inability to work with metals.

Compatible with other procedures

CO2 laser skin rejuvenation using the AcuPulse device is considered quite universal and easily compatible with other cosmetic procedures. It can be performed in parallel with biorevitalization, mesotherapy, bioreparation and plasma lifting. During the first week after the procedure, it is better to hold off on any methods of influencing the treated tissues, waiting for their complete regeneration. At this time, such activities as visiting the sauna, spa salons, solariums, and exposure to the open sun are especially prohibited.

If you have an appointment for other anti-aging courses, you should additionally check with your doctor how effective they will be in combination with a fractional laser.

CO2 laser rejuvenation is especially recommended for patients who are planning upper and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). The purpose of surgical manipulation is to eliminate fatty hernias that form with age. The impact of the AcuPulse CO2 laser promotes better skin contraction after surgery, evens out wrinkles around the eyes, reduces the rehabilitation period after surgery and allows you to maintain the resulting rejuvenation effect longer.


For the “AcuPulse” laser rejuvenation procedure (ablative CO2 laser resurfacing), cosmetologists determine redness of the treated area, burning, severe swelling, high peeling of the skin - these manifestations disappear relatively quickly, but during healing, itching, tingling and a slight pain effect may appear. Such processes are considered normal and signal tissue regeneration.

The rehabilitation period assumes that the patient should not stay in the sun, apply special products prescribed by a cosmetologist to the treated areas of skin for 8-10 days after the procedure, and take medications if they were prescribed. You should not go to the bathhouse, take hot baths or expose your skin to high temperatures.

It is worth keeping in mind that the duration of rehabilitation and the nature of the measures that need to be taken during this period are discussed individually with each patient and depend on the characteristics of his skin and state of health.

After CO2 laser rejuvenation, it is very important for the patient to follow the prescribed schedule of visits to assess the rehabilitation period by a cosmetologist.


Resorting to CO2 laser rejuvenation on the AcuPulse platform is not recommended for several categories of patients. Mostly, we are talking about people with specific diseases or a predisposition to side effects after any exposure to the skin.

It is not advisable to sign up for CO2 laser rejuvenation on the AcuPulse platform if you have:

  • acute infectious diseases or intensified chronic ones;
  • diabetes mellitus (especially in the decompensation phase);
  • epilepsy;
  • oncological formations;
  • psoriasis, all kinds of skin allergies;
  • diseases whose treatment is accompanied by taking medications with a photosensitizing effect;
  • persistent tendency of tissues to scar.

It is also worth postponing the procedure for some time for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Operating principle of each type

  1. The CO2 laser works by vibrating carbon dioxide molecules. The laser tube contains:
  • carbon dioxide (CO2) – 10-20%;
  • nitrogen (N2) – 10-20%;
  • hydrogen (H2) – up to 10%;
  • xenon (Xe) – up to 10%;
  • helium (He) – 40-60%.

The laser emits high power from 9.4 to 10.6 micrometers. First, nitrogen is brought into an active state, then energy is transferred between the molecules of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, as a result of which inversion occurs and a laser appears. The laser beams first heat the water contained in the skin tissue, then the anhydrous components are heated. As a result of exposure, an explosive splash of liquid occurs, which leads to the destruction of cells.

  1. An erbium laser works by generating radiation from erbium oxide. A thin beam of light energy is directed onto the skin, heating the tissue water, after which vaporization occurs and old cells are destroyed. The laser allows you to set the length and power of the beams. Penetrates to a depth of 4 to 14 micrometers.
  2. A diode laser works by directing an electrical current. A beam of light energy is directed onto the skin to a depth of 810 micrometers, then it works similarly to an erbium laser.

Karachausheva Aksana Georgievna

  • Dermatologist, cosmetologist.
  • Doctor of the highest qualification category for planning individual anti-age programs for facial and body rejuvenation.
  • Specializes in a combination of modern hardware and injection techniques for skin rejuvenation and treatment. Proficient in the technique of facial contouring and harmonization of appearance while preserving natural beauty and individuality, all methods of nourishing and cleansing the skin. Treats rosacea, rosacea, acne and skin hyperpigmentation.
  • He is fluent in the new concept of rejuvenation and non-surgical SMAS facial lifting using high-intensity focused ultrasound on the Ultraformer device.

Cost of CO2 laser rejuvenation “AcuPulse”

NameCost in rub.
Consultation with a cosmetologist (40 minutes)2 000
Consultation with a cosmetologist followed by a same-day procedure0
NameCost in rub.
Laser test in one mode2 000
Laser test in several modes3 000

Superficial CO2 laser peeling (LITE mode)

NameCost in rub.
Face25 000
Face, neck37 000
Face, neck, décolleté46 000
Forehead (including between the eyebrows)15 000
Upper eyelids10 000
Lower eyelids10 000
Lower eyelids and crow's feet16 000
Cheeks9 000
Nasolabial triangle9 000
Pouch (perioral area)7 800
Chin9 000
Neck12 000
Cleavage11 000
Hands23 000

Deep CO2 laser rejuvenation (DEEP mode)

NameCost in rub.
Face45 000
Forehead (including between the eyebrows)21 000
Upper eyelids14 000
Lower eyelids14 000
Lower eyelids and crow's feet20 000
Cheeks20 000
Nasolabial triangle15 000
Pouch (perioral area)14 000
Chin14 000

*Attention! The neck, décolleté and hands areas are treated in the “LITE” mode

Combined CO2 laser rejuvenation ("TOTAL" mode)

NameCost in rub.
Face71 000
Forehead (including between the eyebrows)30 000
Upper eyelids20 000
Lower eyelids20 000
Lower eyelids and crow's feet26 000
Cheeks33 000
Nasolabial triangle21 000
Pouch (perioral area)20 000
Chin19 000

*Attention! The neck, décolleté and hands areas are treated in the “LITE” mode

Skin treatment: post-acne scars

NameCost in rub.
Whole face (1 session)34 000
Whole face (Course of 3 sessions*)30 600
Forehead (1 session)8 000
Forehead (Course of 3 sessions*)7 200
Cheeks and Temporal region (1 session)17 500
Cheeks and Temporal region (Course of 3 sessions*)15 750

* - 10% discount applies to services with a one-time payment for 3 sessions

Skin treatment: scars after breast lift (mastopexy)

NameCost in rub.
Scars after areolar breast lift (scar around the areola) (1 session)8 900
Scars after areolar breast lift (scar around the areola) (Course of 3 sessions*)8 010
Scars after a vertical breast lift (scar around the areola + vertical scar) (1 session)14 000
Scars after a vertical breast lift (scar around the areola + vertical scar) (Course of 3 sessions*)12 600
Scars after a T-shaped breast lift (scar around the areola + vertical scar + scar under the breast) (1 session)17 000
Scars after a T-shaped breast lift (scar around the areola + vertical scar + scar under the breast) (Course of 3 sessions*)15 300

* - 10% discount applies to services with a one-time payment for 3 sessions

Skin treatment: atrophic, hypertrophic scars

Correction volumeCost in rub. per 1 cm2 of treated surface
Scar correction procedure5 000
Up to 25 cm2 (1 session)150
Up to 25 cm2 (Course of 3 sessions*)135
26 – 50 cm2 (1 session)130
26 – 50 cm2 (Course of 3 sessions*)117
51 – 75 cm2 (1 session)110
51 – 75 cm2 (Course of 3 sessions*)99
76 – 100 cm2 (1 session)90
76 – 100 cm2 (Course of 3 sessions*)81
101 – 150 cm2 (1 session)80
101 – 150 cm2 (Course of 3 sessions*)72

* - 10% discount applies to services with a one-time payment for 3 sessions

Up to 1,000,000 rubles

Fractional carbon dioxide lasers in the price segment up to 1 million rubles are inferior to top models in functionality and procedural results. As a rule, these devices do not operate in super-pulse mode.

TOP Laser CO2-1A

The TOP Laser CO2-1A device is designed for fractional rejuvenation using thermal ablation, non-ablative lifting, intimate plastic surgery and removal of scars and stretch marks. The procedure takes 20-30 minutes, whereas with top-end equipment the session takes 5-10 minutes. Each manipulation: scanning, therapy, surgery requires changing the nozzle.


Tatiana Kuznetsova

The duration of exposure is 0.1-1 s, i.e. TOP Laser CO2-1A does not operate in super-pulse mode.

Advantages of the device:

  • supports vaginal rejuvenation function;
  • there is a built-in smoke evacuator;
  • operating modes are configured via the touch screen;
  • The device is registered with Roszdravnadzor.

Manufacturer: TOP Laser, Hong Kong.

CO2 - FG-500B

This fractional carbon dioxide laser, despite its budget price, has a super-pulsation mode with an exposure duration of 0.1-10 ms. The device operates on the principle of excitation of a gaseous medium by direct electric current.


Tatiana Kuznetsova

More expensive models of carbon dioxide lasers use radio frequency pumping.

FG 500-B supports the functions of smoothing wrinkles, healing skin, lifting, removing pigmentation, scars and scars. Scanning takes place in 3 modes and according to 8 patterns, which is typical for modern models of CO2 lasers.

The device is available in 2 versions:

  • compact, with an air cooling system;
  • stationary, with air + water cooling.

Manufacturer: Beijing ADSS Development Co.,Ltd., China.

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