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Microcurrent skin therapy is a therapeutic physiotherapeutic cosmetic procedure, the essence of which is the effect of electrical impulses on all layers of soft tissue. Weak pulse currents stimulate regeneration and metabolic processes at the cellular level, improve microcirculation, increase local immunity, and promote renewal and rejuvenation of the skin. After a course of therapy, it is possible to get rid of many age-related and dermatological defects and restore the face to a healthy, radiant, attractive appearance.

At the International Hemostasis Clinic, each patient can evaluate the effect of the microcurrent therapy procedure after the first session. Our cosmetologists will individually draw up a therapeutic plan taking into account the individual needs of the skin and the desired effect. All manipulations are carried out using modern high-tech equipment, which guarantees high results and no side effects.

What is microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent facial therapy is prescribed to patients with dry, aging, aging skin. The procedure will help in the shortest possible time to get rid of wrinkles, acne, pigment and stagnant spots, as well as other age-related defects that cause aesthetic discomfort.

The essence of the technique is the therapeutic effect of electric current on all layers of soft tissue. The procedure is carried out using special equipment. Generating currents of ultra-low amplitude and low frequency. The soft, delicate effect of microcurrents at the intracellular level helps to accelerate blood and lymph microcirculation, as well as activate metabolic and regenerative processes. The results of such a beneficial effect are undeniable:

  • regeneration and restoration of soft tissues at the cellular level;
  • improving muscle tone and relaxing tense muscles;
  • activation of metabolic processes;
  • improvement of lymph outflow;
  • pronounced lifting effect;
  • deep nutrition and hydration of the dermis;
  • correction of unevenness, sagging;
  • normalization of the activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • narrowing the porosity of the skin;
  • stimulation of local immunity;
  • strengthening the walls of blood vessels, increasing elasticity and conductivity;
  • normalization of melanocyte production;
  • even out skin tone.

Indications for microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent therapy is carried out according to medical indications, so you first need to make an appointment with a cosmetologist who will conduct an initial examination and evaluate how advisable it is to resort to this procedure.

Indications for microcurrent facial therapy are:

  • dryness, sagging, decreased skin tightness and elasticity;
  • the appearance of extensive acne;
  • rosacea;
  • progression of dermatosis, atopic dermatitis;
  • mimic and pronounced age wrinkles;
  • unhealthy, dull complexion;
  • pigment and stagnant spots;
  • muscle hypertonicity;
  • damage to skin blood vessels;
  • puffiness, bags and dark circles under the eyes;
  • change in microrelief;
  • drooping oval face;
  • pronounced signs of photoaging.

It is recommended for patients over the age of 25 to resort to a rejuvenating procedure using microcurrents. It is during this period that the first, barely noticeable signs of age-related changes appear, which can be prevented by enrolling in a course of therapy consisting of 6 to 8 sessions.


Despite the fact that microcurrent therapy is considered a safe, painless treatment procedure, it still has its contraindications, which, if ignored, can lead to serious consequences. To exclude or confirm contraindications, the doctor gives a referral for laboratory and instrumental diagnostic examination, which will help identify hidden pathologies for which it is prohibited to resort to the technique.

Physiotherapeutic treatment with microcurrents is not prescribed to patients with the following diseases:

  • neoplasms of malignant and benign nature;
  • acute infectious and inflammatory processes;
  • diseases of the central nervous system;
  • chronic cardiovascular pathologies;
  • acute cardiac, renal failure;
  • diseases of the hematopoietic system;
  • varicose veins, thrombophlebitis;
  • history of stroke, heart attack;
  • severe mental disorders;
  • endocrine, hormonal disorders.

The technique is contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding clients, clients with a pacemaker and other metal implants, including piercings installed in the area of ​​intended impact.

How is the procedure performed?

Microcurrent therapy with microcurrents should be carried out in specialized beauty salons that have permission to provide this type of service. The cosmetologist performing the manipulations is obliged to provide the client with a certificate confirming his qualifications.

Before starting the procedure, make-up is removed and the skin is thoroughly cleaned of impurities. Next, the cosmetologist applies a conductive gel to the face, which enhances the healing effect of electrical impulses.

Therapy can be carried out in two ways:

  • Electrodes with galvanic or other tips. Before the session, the cosmetologist, taking into account the individual needs of the client’s skin, selects the optimal strength of the electrode. Then the skin is additionally treated with a special protective substance that prevents irritation. During the therapy, the specialist makes the necessary movements with the electrodes, treating problem areas. The duration of the procedure is 35 – 40 minutes.
  • Special gloves to which the electrode is connected. Microcurrent facial therapy with gloves is considered the most effective and useful procedure, providing a pronounced therapeutic and rejuvenating result. Before the manipulations, a warming mask is applied to the client’s face, and on top of it is a special film that enhances the effect of currents. After this, the cosmetologist performs a manual facial massage, wearing special gloves on his hands to which electrodes are connected. The second electrode is placed in the client's hands.

Types of microcurrent therapy

To correct cosmetic and dermatological defects of the facial skin, the following types of microcurrent therapy are used:

  • Disincrustation. Prescribed to patients with problematic, oily dermis prone to inflammation and rashes. The procedure helps to cleanse contaminated pores, soften and remove sebaceous plugs, normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands, and destroy pathogenic microflora.
  • Lymphatic drainage. The main goal of the technique is to normalize the water and oxygen balance of the skin, improve metabolism, accelerate the elimination of toxins and waste, eliminate swelling on the face, get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  • Reprogramming of facial muscles. The therapy effectively trains the facial muscles, promoting their relaxation or, conversely, tension. After a course of procedures, facial wrinkles disappear completely or become less noticeable, and the oval of the face is tightened.
  • Lifting. The technique is aimed at strengthening and toning the skin, providing a pronounced lifting effect, and combating the first signs of age-related changes. After just a few sessions, the microrelief and color are evened out, the double chin and jowls disappear.
  • Ionic mesotherapy. The procedure helps to get rid of wrinkles, swelling, bags under the eyes, age spots, congestive spots, and other age-related defects in the shortest possible time. After a course of therapy, regeneration processes are activated, metabolism improves, and local immunity increases.

Photos before and after myostimulation of facial muscles

You can notice how the skin becomes significantly more elastic and tightened. Swelling, as well as bruises under the eyes, disappear due to the direct effects of electrical impulses, which relieve inflammation and swelling of the face. It should be noted that there is a decrease in the severity of wrinkles - they tighten as if after a lift.

Recommendations for microcurrent treatment

A physiotherapeutic treatment procedure using microcurrents is suitable for patients of any age, however, before resorting to the technique, it is necessary to exclude contraindications.

No special preparation is required before manipulation. Initially, you need to visit a cosmetologist who will identify skin defects, determine what type of microcurrent therapy is appropriate to use in a particular case, and then prescribe the duration of the course.

During the course, it is advisable for the patient to drink at least 1.5 - 2 liters of fluid per day, avoid salty, spicy, fatty foods, and abstain from caffeine-containing and alcoholic beverages. To consolidate the results, 1 - 1.5 months after completing the course, it is advisable to repeat the procedure by attending 1 - 2 sessions.

To achieve the most positive effect, it is necessary to undergo a full course of therapy, the duration of which depends on the patient’s age and the condition of the skin:

  • Young girls aged 25 - 30 years. The technique is prescribed to prevent age-related changes. However, the course does not last long and includes up to 5 sessions.
  • Women aged 35 – 40 years. To eliminate the first signs of skin aging, it is recommended to take a course consisting of 5 – 6 sessions, which are carried out once a week.
  • Ladies aged 45 - 50 years. The course is extended to 8 – 12 sessions, with a break between them of about 3 days.
  • Women after 50 years. Here, the duration of therapy is determined by the cosmetologist personally, taking into account the needs of the skin and the desired effect. The interval between sessions is 1 – 2 days.

Benefits of Microcurrent Therapy

The effect of microcurrent therapy can be assessed after the first visit to a cosmetologist. But the advantages of the procedure are not limited to this. Its main advantages:

  • painlessness and safety;
  • wide range of uses;
  • good tolerance;
  • almost complete absence of side effects;
  • the opportunity to significantly improve and rejuvenate the skin without resorting to plastic surgery;
  • complex impact and treatment of all layers of the epidermis.

Another significant advantage is that the technique goes well with a number of other cosmetic procedures aimed at healing and rejuvenating facial skin. Microcurrent therapy is perfectly complemented by:

  • alginate masks;
  • ELOS rejuvenation and other hardware procedures;
  • peelings, scrubbing, masks, etc.

Disadvantages of microcurrent therapy

The disadvantages of the procedure include:

  • a large list of contraindications;
  • relative high cost;
  • the need to complete a full course, which may include 5–12 sessions.

Possible side effects and complications

Undesirable effects include slight redness and itching in places where the electrodes touched the skin. This complication most often develops in people with a low pain threshold or individual intolerance to electrical currents. During the session, the client may experience flashes in the eyes. They are absolutely harmless and do not affect the visual system in any way.

In the first few hours after the manipulation, the patient may be bothered by a slight tingling of the areas exposed to microcurrent, as well as an unpleasant metallic taste in the mouth. These symptoms disappear on their own and do not require special treatment.

Reviews from doctors

Ekaterina: I am a cosmetologist and have been performing myostimulation procedures in a cosmetology clinic for several years now, and I can say with confidence that if you want to purchase a myostimulator for independent use at home, then consult with a specialist before purchasing to avoid health problems.

Arina, cosmetologist: Many patients ask me if it is possible to replace the special gel for the procedure with something else, for example water. I always answer yes, but the result can be very different. Thus, if you want to get a good effect without pain and irritation, then use a high-quality specialized gel.

Anna: I am a dermatologist, and I recommend purchasing only high-quality certified devices for home use, since products that do not have the appropriate certification are dangerous to use and can lead to many disorders and diseases.

Cost of microcurrent therapy

The price for one session depends on the type of procedure and can range from 1,200 to 1,500 rubles. To get a detailed consultation or make an appointment with a specialist, contact us by phone or fill out the online form on the website. As soon as our administrators see your request, they will immediately call you back and answer all your questions.

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