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An interesting personality and charming appearance - this is how Victoria Lopyreva can be described. This girl always pleases with her appearance on television. Victoria Lopyreva, whose biography is interesting to her fans, is not only a famous presenter of sports television programs. She is actively involved in charity work and was an ambassador for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Victoria Lopyreva took part in a beauty contest in 2003 and received the title “Miss Russia”.


Model Victoria Lopyreva, whose biography is described in detail in this article, was born in July 1983. Rostov-on-Don became her homeland. The star TV presenter spent her childhood in her hometown, where she graduated from school. Her parents were famous people in the city: her father was an artist, and her mother was a journalist.

Already in her childhood, Victoria Lopyreva, whose biography and personal life is always interesting to the public, grew up as a creative person. Victoria was not only interested in drawing and learning languages, but also attended piano lessons at a music school.

After finishing school, Vika entered the University of Economics in her hometown, choosing a specialty in “enterprise management.” In 2016, she received an honorary graduate medal, and her photo appeared on the university’s Honor Board. The biography of Victoria Lopyreva and the girl’s personal life will interest the public later, but for now she continues her studies at the Higher School of Economics in the course of sports management.

Biography of Victoria Lopyreva

Victoria Lopyreva is a native of Rostov-on-Don; on July 26, 1983, she was born into the family of Irina and Peter Lopyrev.

Vika with her mother

Irina Lopyreva is a journalist, and her father is a famous Rostov artist, who left the family after his wife cheated on him. Peter said in one of his interviews:

“The young lady went on a spree. She had such a festival that half the city knew. She did it with such pomp that the whole city was on ears. I have many friends in Rostov, and she made me so famous”...

Victoria Lopyreva had a hard time surviving the breakup of her family; her father barely communicated with her afterwards, but when his daughter from his second marriage, Emilia, was diagnosed with lymphoma, he turned to Victoria for help.

Victoria and Emilia

However, the future model had a wonderful stepfather, and in general she grew up in a creative atmosphere, drew well, studied at a music school, and her grandmothers - a teacher and theater artist - also took an active part in raising her granddaughter. Vika loved to skate and sincerely considered herself ugly:

“I hid my thin ankles in boots, under which I wore accordion socks, so that my legs did not visually appear so thin. But when I became an adult, of course, I thanked my parents more than once for such genetics.”

However, Irina Lopyreva had a different attitude towards her daughter’s appearance, secretly from Vika she sent her photographs to the Don Photo Model competition, and fifteen-year-old Victoria, to her surprise, learned that she had made it to the semi-finals.

Victoria Lopyreva

Moreover, she won, although she had no plans to go to the competition until recently and didn’t even put on the appropriate dress, not to mention makeup.

Success inspired the girl, but she did not believe that the world of show business could guarantee a reliable future. Victoria entered the Rostov State Economic University (specialty - enterprise management), but did not leave the modeling business and in 1999 began collaborating with the Rostov “Image Center”.

At one of the competitions

Victoria’s career took off: she became a finalist in the “Elite Model Look - 99” competition, then a laureate of “Super Model of the World - 2000”, won the competitions “Don Photo Model - 2000”, “Best Model of the South of Russia - 2001”, “ Face of the Year - 2001, "Furor of the Year - 2001", "Rostov Beauty - 2001", "Donbass Open - 2002", "Miss Russia - 2003". In 2003, Victoria moved to Moscow and even became the director of the Miss Russia competition (2005-2006). The photo of the blond beauty never leaves the covers of fashion magazines “Playboy”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Gala”, “Future TV”, “Beauty Without Borders”, “Maxim”, “OK!”, “HELLO!” and others.

On the cover of Playboy

Since 2006, Victoria Lopyreva has worked on TV, hosting the program “Question! Another question” together with Lev Novozhenov, “Football Night”, “Happiness! Video version”, “Fashion Ambulance”, “FashionChart”, “Love Actually”, “Football Kitchen” and others. Victoria led sports programs and became very interested in football, even becoming the ambassador of Rostov-on-Don at the 2018 World Cup.

Ambassador Victoria

She got married in 2013, but divorced two years later. In 2019, Victoria Lopyreva gave birth to a son, Marc-Lionel (the second part of the name is in honor of the football player Messi). Now she actively blogs and shares photos from the happy life of her mother and beloved wife.

Model career

As a teenager, Victoria Lopyreva, whose biography is well known to her fans, received offers from various modeling agencies to participate in modeling shows and photo shoots. Despite the fact that the girl had a bright appearance, and her parameters were ideal, the young beauty did not even think about connecting her life with the modeling business in the future, so she always refused all such offers.

And only in 2000, Victoria Lopyreva, whose biography and personal life are described in the article, decides to try her hand at the “Don Photo Model” competition. So, completely unexpectedly for herself, Victoria became the most beautiful girl in her hometown. And only later, when she became a student, she took part in many competitions, including “Rostov Beauty”, and “Face of the Year”, and “Furor of the Year”, etc.

Since 2003, when she won a beauty contest, the creative biography of Victoria Lopyreva (photos of her have since begun to actively appear in the press) began to progress successfully. Fame came to the girl. She began to be invited to many talk shows, and her photographs as a model could often be found in the most fashionable magazines.

But it is known that while participating in the beauty contest, Victoria was very worried, therefore, immediately after the contest ended and the victory was won, the girl, unexpectedly for herself, began to quickly gain weight. When her weight reached 72 kilograms, she decided to pull herself together and regain her model figure. Victoria went on a strict diet and began to spend a lot of time in the gym. As a result of this, she managed to lose eleven kilograms.

Television career

After winning the Rostov beauty contest, Victoria Lopyreva (personal life, children - these points will appear in her biography in due time) became the host of the Miss Europe contest. This work brought the girl enormous popularity and new lucrative contracts.

Soon she becomes the host of a television documentary about Moscow, which was filmed by order of French television. Victoria hosted a similar program for the American channel. And already in 2005, Victoria Lopyreva, whose biography is closely connected with the modeling business, becomes the director of the Miss Russia competition. After this there was also a program “Question! Another question” by Lev Novozhenov, in which she was the second presenter.

Childhood and youth

Our heroine was born into a Rostov creative family. Victoria Lopyreva's father was an artist whom many recognized in Rostov, and her mother was engaged in journalism and modeling. The older generation of the family was also prominent: the grandmother worked as a teacher and artist in the theater, while the grandfather was an engineer and military pilot.

In Vika’s childhood, there was a place for aesthetics, music and knowledge. She learned to play the piano, studied a foreign language, imitating her father, tried to draw, read a lot, and strived for perfection and beauty.

Sports TV presenter career

Starting in 2007, Victoria began hosting the “Football Night” program, which she left after a year and a half only to participate in the “The Last Hero” program. But already in 2009, viewers were able to see her as a presenter in the television program “Real Sports”.

In 2014, Victoria Lopyreva still does not think about children: a new page is opening in the girl’s biography - she completely moves away from the world of fashion and devotes herself to sports. The presenter is seriously interested in football, so many of her sports programs are dedicated to it. For a year in 2015, Victoria Lopyreva hosted the “Football Kitchen” program.

In the same year, together with sports commentator Georgy Cherdantsev, he hosted the “Games with Olympus” program. Having signed a contract with the management of Rostov-on-Don 2018, Victoria becomes the Rostov ambassador at the football championship.

History of appearance

Plastic transformations

Model comments

Lopyreva is always reluctant to answer questions on the topic of plastic surgery, but she does not deny the intervention of a plastic surgeon. Victoria was never satisfied with her appearance, although before plastic surgery she was very cute. She was able to change her shortcomings with the help of plastic surgery. Especially during the period when she relaxed and gained weight. The doctors worked on her chin, cheekbones, and nose. In general, Victoria's face changed noticeably, but the operations were successful. Let's take a closer look.


From the very beginning of her career, Victoria was unhappy with her fleshy nose. Thanks to rhinoplasty, she made it smooth and neat. This was the first operation. The star adjusted the bridge of her nose to make it straight. In addition, Victoria had difficulty breathing due to a deviated septum, but now the problem has been solved.


Then the cheekbones were corrected and Bish's lumps were removed. Thus, the cheekbones became clear and the cheeks became sunken. Using fillers, the cheekbones received volume. Some experts are convinced that the girl got implants.

The oval of the face was corrected using bio-reinforcement and mesothreads. They allow the skin to be elastic and not sag. Although today there are other techniques in the form of liposuction and endolift.

The chin was again worked on using fillers to make it longer. Thanks to mammoplasty, Victoria received larger breasts.


Lopyreva is already over 30, but there are no age-related changes on her face, no double chin, no aging skin. So, we can assume that she had a lower face lift.

If you look closely at the nasolabial folds, no changes are observed. Most likely they are corrected using the same fillers.

In addition, the star regularly visits cosmetologists, who use fillers with hyaluronic acid to correct Vika’s lips. And mesotherapy allows her to get rid of wrinkles, even small ones.


The changes also affected the teeth. They became radiant thanks to veneers. This coating gives strength and beauty to teeth and distinguishes them from enamel.

The press constantly collects photographs so that they can compare the results before and after plastic surgery. It can be noted that Victoria became noticeably prettier after plastic surgery and did not turn into a doll, as often happens.

Personal life

There are a lot of rumors and gossip surrounding Victoria’s personal life. But, in fact, the girl had quite a few love stories. Although the star herself often says that she was always afraid to get married and even ran away from her gentlemen.

When she took part in the “The Last Hero” project, truck driver Andrei Reznik . He was the most modest and hard-working participant. The two of them often spent time together, and everyone noticed that the TV presenter was not indifferent to Andrei. But, as soon as the show ended, Victoria denied all the rumors and stated that she had a boyfriend, so thoughts about Andrei Reznik did not enter her mind.

It is worth remembering the affair with Alexander Ovechkin , when Victoria, blinded by passion, flew to him from Moscow to Washington. The romance was whirlwind and paparazzi followed them at every turn. This was partly the reason for the separation.

Then she spent several years with vocalist Vlad Topalov , known from the group Smach. Their love was bright and very entertaining. Vlad dedicated his favorite song and shot a video with it, gave expensive gifts, but the relationship did not work out. In 2012, there was a conflict between them. At one of the parties, because of Topalov’s jealousy, Lopyreva threw several glasses at him.

There were rumors that Vika was having an affair with actor Vyacheslav Manucharov .

And in 2012, at a friend’s party, she met Fedor Smolov , a player of the Krasnodar football team, and things came to a wedding, although Vika always considered footballers not to be serious people. They got engaged in 2013 in the Maldives, which means that their marriage does not have legal force in Russia. They lived together for a short time, until 2015, and divorced. The reason for the separation was Fedor’s immaturity and wrong view of family and profession. There were no children, although Victoria really wanted this, but she was met with lack of understanding from her ex-husband.

In 2022, changes appeared in Lopyreva’s life again. The whole country was discussing her novel and upcoming wedding with Nikolai Baskov . Their life was not boring. They then diverged, then converged, and it came to canceling the wedding. Most are sure that Baskov and Lopyreva promoted themselves in this way.

A television

At the Miss Europe competition, Lopyreva was not a model, but a presenter. After this, her popularity soared even more and brought several lucrative contracts. Firstly, Vika began broadcasting a documentary program about Moscow from French television. Secondly, I received a similar job from the American Travel Channel.

Later she became the director of the won beauty contest, and in 2006 she mastered the role of TV presenter of music and sports programs on Russian channels.

In 2007, Victoria began hosting the Football Night program and lasted six months.

In 2008, you can meet her as a model in the men's magazine Playboy.

2009 - she is the host of the Real Sports program and participates in the jury in the project Property of the Republic.

Lopyreva almost left the fashion world in 2014, when she connected her life with sports programs. She became seriously interested in football - she organizes charity events for children, attracting professional athletes. In the summer, the girl was awarded a medal for international work with youth.

Then her list was replenished with the programs “Football Kitchen” and “Games with Olympus”. Victoria has been partial to football since the mid-2000s. Her passion began from the time she was invited as a co-host of the TV show “Football Night”. In 2015, she became the ambassador of Rostov-on-Don at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Now the girl actively promotes a healthy lifestyle and spreads the word by her example.

Gorgeous appearance of Lopyreva

The famous TV presenter and fashion model Victoria Lopyreva tries to lead a healthy lifestyle, which is why she promotes it, as well as playing sports. To inspire others, she tries to show this by her own example. But still, fans believe that Victoria has such a chic appearance not only because of a proper, athletic and healthy lifestyle.

Photos of the famous ex-model constantly appear in the press, which are usually published in the section of what the stars looked like before and after plastic surgery. Many journalists believe that Victoria many times turned to the services of plastic surgeons, correcting not only her nose, but also her lips, and even her cheekbones. But the result still turned out to be magnificent, since, even despite the intervention of plastic surgeons, the face of fashion model Lopyreva became more correct and at the same time did not lose its originality and zest.

When photographs of Victoria in a swimsuit on the beach were published, information immediately appeared that the girl had undergone mammoplasty. Despite all this information, fans still support the TV presenter, because they understand that she has to earn her living with her beautiful appearance, so the decision to turn to the services of plastic medicine was justified and balanced.

In the spring of 2022, Victoria Lopyreva was invited to the Miss Russia 2017 beauty contest, where she was to host the award ceremony. But with her attractive appearance she was able to outshine all the participants in this competition. She no longer corresponded to the model parameters, but she became much more seductive. With a height of 177 cm, her weight was sixty-four kilograms.

In the same 2022, the famous TV presenter Lopyreva becomes an honorary FIFA ambassador for preparations for the FIFA World Cup. And at the opening of the 2022 World Cup, it was Victoria who carried the ball onto the field.

Principles of the Lopyreva diet

The diet, according to the model, should be low-calorie. She adheres to a 5-a-day diet, in which she eats in small portions. The volume of food eaten at one time should not exceed 200-300 g. Victoria Lopyreva’s diet requires compliance with the following rules:

  • lack of hunger - otherwise the body will experience discomfort and accumulate fat;
  • healthy diet - the diet should include lean cereals, meat, fruits and salads without sauces or oil;
  • mandatory dinner - you need to reduce the size of portions, but you can eat meat or fish with steamed vegetables;
  • variety of dishes - you need to try something new, and not focus on certain foods, for example, buckwheat or apples;
  • the presence of protein in the diet – it is necessary for building muscles, maintaining hormonal and enzymatic balance in the body;
  • compliance with the drinking norm - 2 liters of clean water per day, which help remove waste and toxins;
  • playing sports is necessary to maintain the relief and slim figure.

Scandals in the life of a model

Victoria Lopyreva is considered an odious person, around whom conflicts occur that interest the public and the press. From time to time, fresh scandalous news about Victoria Lopyreva appears in the media.

So, in 2011, a huge scandal broke out with Yana Rudkovskaya because of Ramzan Kadyrov. Star blondes, as soon as the head of Chechnya started a page on Twitter, immediately greeted him, but Kadyrov only added Rudkovskaya to his list of friends. After this, a verbal skirmish began between the charming girls. The scandal was of such a large scale that those who tried to support at least one of the girls necessarily came into conflict with the support of the other side. But it soon became clear that the Twitter page was fake.

Another high-profile scandal occurred in the fall of 2014, when the star TV presenter was about to fly from the Russian capital to Yekaterinburg. Victoria was kicked off the flight because she refused to turn off her mobile phone while the plane was moving towards the runway. For such behavior and the delay of the flight, she was going to not only sue the star TV presenter, but also add her name to the “black list” of passengers. This scandal was widely covered in the press.

Victoria Lopyreva today

Not all friends and fans shared Victoria’s joy regarding the birth of a child. Many criticized the girl for allegedly becoming Bulatov’s separation from his wife. In particular, Olga Buzova and Andrei Malakhov condemned her action.

Igor himself was also condemned. He was accused of betrayal of his wife and called a scoundrel for leaving the family for Lopyreva.

In December 2022, Lopyreva and Bulatov officially legalized their relationship, becoming husband and wife. It is worth noting that only close friends and relatives were present at their wedding.

Personal life

The personal life of star TV presenter and fashion model Victoria Lopyreva is quite eventful. She is credited with a large number of novels. So, among her chosen ones were not only the famous singer Vlad Topalov, hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, but also businessman Rustam Tariko, who was also a sponsor of some beauty contests. Only all these relationships did not go far and did not have a logical conclusion.

Of course, some of Victoria's novels were also quite scandalous. It is known that in 2012, at one of the parties where her fiancé, the famous singer Vlad Topalov, became jealous of Victoria, a big conflict began, which immediately attracted the attention of the press and public. Victoria could not restrain herself and, in a fit of those feelings and emotions that washed over her, Victoria threw several glasses at Topalov.

And already in 2012, the star TV presenter met the famous football player Fedor Smolov, who played for such teams as Ural, Anzhi, Dynamo and others. And just six months later, Fyodor and Victoria entered into a legal marriage. The wedding ceremony took place in the Maldives in December 2013. But in Russia their marriage was never officially formalized; accordingly, they continued to live in a civil marriage.

However, after a year and a half, the star TV presenter announced her separation from Fedor Smolov. Victoria Lopyreva was not left alone for long, and already in 2022 her affair with the famous singer Nikolai Baskov was widely discussed. They even announced their wedding, but something constantly interfered with them, and they postponed the solemn event. And soon a separation followed, which caused many rumors and speculation that their relationship was, after all, a PR campaign for celebrities.

In May of the same year, there were rumors about a new novel by Victoria Lopyreva. She attended the anniversary concert of Philip Kirkorov and took joint photographs with him. And soon comments appeared that Lopyreva and Kirkorov looked perfect together. But Victoria denied any hints of an affair, saying that she and Philip only have warm, friendly relations.

Happy event

At the beginning of winter 2022, it became known that star TV presenter Lopyreva was pregnant. On her Instagram page, she constantly posted photographs in which she was captured at different stages of pregnancy, even the day before giving birth. When she was asked questions about who the child’s father was, each time Victoria tried to avoid answering or answered that the child’s father was a completely non-public person.

Journalists and the public tried to determine for themselves who the father of the unborn child was. In such guesses, paternity was most often attributed to the entrepreneur God Nisanov, as well as to the politician Vitaly Mutko and the owner Samvel Karapetyan.

But soon new photographs appeared on Instagram, which depicted First Vice-President Igor Bulatov and Victoria Lopyreva, whose biography is bright and rich. These photos together were taken on vacation in Miami. It soon became clear that Victoria had stolen her husband from Tata Karapetyan, with whom they had been friends for a long time. Tata Karapetyan, having learned from the media about her husband’s infidelity, filed for divorce and went on vacation with her two children to Miami.

So far there has been no official divorce, but the couple are currently living separately. Many fans of Victoria Lopyreva, as well as stars of Russian show business, for example Andrei Malakhov and others, condemned the girl for such an act.

At the beginning of February 2022, the famous TV presenter Lopyreva became a mother. This joyful event took place at the Miami clinic. And soon she posted a touching post dedicated to her son on her Instagram page.

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