Palomar devices (Palomar) – laser rejuvenation, treatment and hair removal

The effectiveness of laser-based cosmetic procedures is largely determined by the device on which they are performed. A series of American devices called Palomar meets all modern requirements, has received excellent reviews from cosmetologists, as well as their patients, and has proven itself in a positive way in its work. Three devices are produced under the popular brand, each of which has certain specific features, which we are about to talk about.

Operating principle of the devices

Regardless of the type of device used, the principle of operation of light radiation is always the same. So, during hair removal, a laser pulse is absorbed by the pigment melanin, then converted into heat, which destroys the cells, as well as the very structure of the hair, which is in the growth phase. All lasers from the American company Palomar operate using a similar algorithm.

In rejuvenation and elimination of cosmetic defects, the action of the laser is based on the following principle: tissue heating - increased fibroblast synthesis - production of elastin, collagen - renewal of skin structure. In addition, light pulses create microcracks on the surface of the skin, the healing of which requires activation of the regenerative properties of the body.

Palomar Icon - increased power

The principles of operation of the Palomar Icon device are versatility and painless effects. It consists of a central block (processor, cooling system, auxiliary elements) and attachments designed to perform specific operations. The competitive advantage of Palomar Icon is the power of up to 350 J in just one pulse. Thanks to such energy, all manipulations are performed in a short time. At the same time, the laser does not provoke any unpleasant sensations; the built-in cooling system provides the necessary comfort during the procedure.

Palomar Icon device

Palomar Icon comes with seven special attachments. Each sensor has its own purpose, operating principle and technical characteristics. So, they distinguish:

  • MaxY / Ys . Eliminates light and fine vellus hairs, and the color of the skin does not matter. The laser wavelength ranges from 525 to 1200 nm.
  • MaxR / Rs . Universal attachment with wavelength from 650 - 1200 nm. Intended for removing dark hair on dark and light skin.
  • Non-ablative fractional laser 1540 . It got its name from the wavelength of 1540 nm. Reduces wrinkles and ptosis, used in the treatment of scars and stretch marks on any part of the body.
  • MaxIR . Wavelength from 850 to 1350. Purpose: deep thermal lifting. Indications for the procedure are cellulite, ptosis, stretch marks, ptosis, age-related folds.
  • Erbium fractional laser 2940 (named by wavelength). Used for skin polishing in the fight against wrinkles, removes tumors, stretch marks and scars.
  • Laser 1064 (plus). Purpose – venous stars and meshes. Can be used for hair removal if procedures are performed on tanned skin.
  • Max G _ Wavelength within a radius of 500 to 1200 nm. Treats rosacea, removes hemangiomas, spider veins, and port-wine stains.

The action of the Palomar laser, its features and advantages

The Palomar laser meets all the main criteria when choosing laser skin rejuvenation: effectiveness, safety and painlessness of the procedure. For the first time, the use of the Palomar laser was tested in the USA in 2001, and then spread throughout the world. The effect of the Palomar laser is that the skin is exposed to pulses of different lengths (short and long) and their combination. With the help of a short pulse, an ablation effect is obtained, that is, tissue rejection, while a long pulse promotes protein coagulation.

The permeability of the laser into the skin is only a few millimeters, and the fractional laser acts not on the deep layers of the skin (dermis), but only on the upper layers, which makes the procedure applicable for both cosmetic and aesthetic purposes.

During the procedure, the skin is exposed to laser microbeams with a high efficiency and density level, which trigger the process of enhanced production of substances such as elastin and collagen in the epidermis. This procedure is painless and does not require anesthesia or anesthesia at all.

The procedure takes about 35 minutes. Do not be alarmed that after the procedure the skin becomes red and swelling appears; in just a few days these signs will pass and you will be pleased with the overall tone of your face.

A full Palomar laser rejuvenation course consists of two to four sessions, which are carried out once a month. It is during this period that the skin produces the necessary amount of collagen and the result becomes more noticeable. However, for those who have deep wrinkles or scars, the duration of the session can stretch to six to eight procedures.

Palomar Starlux 500 - a universal solution

Palomar Starlux 500 is a practical and simple device for hair removal, blood vessels, skin pigmentation, acne treatment, and rejuvenation. Epilation is carried out with two attachments MaxY/Ys (for thin and light hair) and MaxR/Rs (for dark hair). Their settings can be adjusted, thanks to which the specialist selects optimal and comfortable conditions for each client. Also in great demand are attachments 1064 Lux (vein removal), LuxV (acne treatment), Lux G/Max G (pigmentation removal).

Palomar Starlux 500 device

Palomar Vectus - new technologies

In 2012, Palomar presented Palomar Vectus with a fundamentally new way of working. All manipulations are carried out using a diode laser, and cooling of the skin is carried out using a contact sapphire crystal. The advantages of the device include:

  • high power level;
  • significant speed of operation;
  • versatility;
  • effective cooling and pain relief.

Palomar Vectus device

The device can be used to work with any skin type and any hair type, using only one attachment. The operating principle of Palomar Vectus involves the following steps:

  • Taking into account the individual parameters of the skin or hairs (melanin index, thickness, density, etc.) and recording them in the device processor.
  • Processing the information received, determining and setting individual indicators.
  • Carrying out processing.

The device remembers all entered settings for each patient, simplifying the specialist’s work.

Palomar Vectus is an excellent device for eliminating poor-quality pigmentation, hair removal, and treating pseudofolliculitis.


Marina is 42 years old.

For a very long time I was embarrassed by the visible signs of aging. Unfortunately, my skin is not ideal, so wrinkles began to appear at a fairly early age. I tried everything I could to fight them: masks, creams, etc. Nothing worked, but I really wanted to stay young and beautiful longer. And so the children gave me a birthday present: a full course of laser rejuvenation using the drug Palomar. Having tried a bunch of methods, I was skeptical, but still decided to take this course. As a result, after the first procedure I noticed a significant improvement in my skin, wrinkles began to gradually smooth out, and the “crow’s feet” around the eyes disappeared along with age-related pigmentation. For a long time I couldn’t believe that a laser could change my skin and my self-esteem so much. By the way, the procedure turned out to be completely painless, which made me very happy. I would like to give advice to everyone who is thinking about this procedure: do not be afraid of anything and do it boldly. Yes, the first few days your face will be a little red, but then the result will not be long in coming, and you will notice that you look several decades younger. In general, I was convinced once again that there is nothing better than professional cosmetic procedures. I was very pleased with the procedure and recommend it to everyone.

Alla is 29 years old.

All my life I have had complexes due to excessive facial hair. I’ve tried everything: from depilatory creams to sugaring and getting rid of hair with wax. The cream did not help for long and soon an unpleasant “hedgehog” appeared, and I simply could not bear the pain of sugaring and waxing. Therefore, having learned about my problem, a colleague advised me to undergo a session of getting rid of unwanted hair using the Palomar device. Despite the fact that the full session cost me a pretty penny, I still decided to undergo the procedure in the hope that I would get rid of this hair. And she made the right decision, killing two birds with one stone. Firstly, I got rid of unwanted hair. And secondly, the general condition of the skin improved: I noticed that small wrinkles around the eyes disappeared, the skin became elastic, acquired an even tone and smoothed out. More than six months have already passed since I did the final procedure, and the effect still lasts. In general, my delight knows no bounds and I recommend the procedure using this device to everyone. Of course, the procedure is not cheap, but believe me, the effect is worth it.

Victoria is 34 years old.

I performed facial rejuvenation procedures using the Palomar Vectus device (an innovation on the cosmetology market). I was pleased with the result, because thanks to this quick and painless procedure I was able to cope with the first visible signs of aging, restoring youth and velvety to my skin. Plus, after this procedure I did not have any complications or consequences that negatively affected my health.

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Hair removal using Palomar devices

You can achieve the desired results with the Palomar Vectus device in 4 - 5 sessions, where other devices create a positive effect in 7 - 8 procedures. Other devices from Palomar have similar properties. Before treating problem areas, basic initial preparation is necessary:

  • Refrain from sunbathing (two weeks before).
  • Refrain from aggressive cosmetic procedures (2 weeks in advance).

In case of epilation, it is necessary to additionally shave all the hair in the problem area (1-2 days before).

Manipulations in a specialist’s office are carried out relatively quickly; it will take from 1 to 2.5 hours, depending on the type of procedure. In addition, the time is affected by the type of problem, the size of the complex area and its location.

If necessary, any patient may request the use of a local anesthetic cream. In particular, such a protective measure is necessary during hair removal; in all other cases, laser treatment causes minor discomfort.

Rehabilitation and side effects

The use of any laser may cause a temporary local reaction in the body, especially with a device as powerful as the Palomar Icon. It should be noted that all devices, without exception, provoke certain side effects. They appear in:

  • change in skin color;
  • swelling;
  • increased dryness;
  • increased sensitivity;
  • increased pigmentation;
  • itching or pain;
  • formation of blisters or burns.

To reduce the risk of side effects, it is recommended to follow basic recommendations:

  • Do not visit saunas, baths and swimming pools.
  • Avoid solariums, sunbathing, and exposure to the sun.
  • Do not use alcohol solutions to treat leather.
  • Reduce physical exposure to areas exposed to laser radiation.

Possible complications after the procedure

The Palomar laser device has gained its unprecedented popularity and positive reviews precisely due to its safety and minimal risk of various complications. If you carefully read the list of contraindications for this procedure, without having any of the above, and consultation with a specialist gives the go-ahead for this procedure, then the risk of complications is minimized.

The only complication that this laser procedure entails is redness and swelling of the skin. However, this is a natural reaction of the body and in just a few days, swelling and redness will disappear, significantly transforming your skin.


Carrying out procedures using Palomar equipment is possible in the absence of contraindications. And this:

  • oncological diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • skin diseases in an acute stage;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • the presence of open wounds, burns and other injuries in the problem area;
  • pregnancy and subsequent lactation period;
  • the presence of moles and other benign formations on the problem area of ​​the face or body;
  • individual intolerance to light radiation.

Results of procedures

The first visible results begin to appear after the first session of the procedure on days 5-7. When the rehabilitation period is over, you will be able to notice significant improvements in your skin, namely:

  • No “mesh of wrinkles” in the eye area
  • Evens out the overall tone of the face and smoothes out acne scars
  • Smoothing nasolabial folds and forehead wrinkles
  • Elimination of scars and scars
  • Getting rid of expression lines and smoothing the skin
  • Getting rid of pigmentation and visible spots after pregnancy (melasma)
  • Gives skin firmness and elasticity
  • Getting rid of spider veins from capillaries
  • Getting rid of stretch marks.

Experts recommend resorting to rejuvenation and careful skin care after the age of 25, since it is after this milestone that the skin begins to undergo age-related changes. Accordingly, the sooner you can provide her with proper care, the fewer procedures will be needed to maintain her youth and beauty.


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