10 best baby creams and creams for newborns - according to experts and reviews from mothers

Mom's worries about whether everything is ready for the baby to be born begin long before his birth.
Caps, cribs, aspirators, bathing accessories - the list of necessary things is very long and requires special attention, given the tender age of the little one and the sensitivity of his skin. No less carefully should you choose skin products, the need for which is beyond doubt. What cream is the safest for a baby, and what do you need to know about such products when choosing them?

Let's understand the issue!

Conventionally, they can be divided into the following groups:

  • Moisturizing. It would seem, well, why does a baby need a moisturizer? Needed! The skin of newborns is extremely thin, sensitive and delicate, and the functioning of the glands at such a young age has not yet been established. When swimming, the protective lipid film, which provides protection, is washed off. The result is dry skin and flaking. Thanks to the moisturizer, the protective barrier is restored. Typically, this product contains oils, a vitamin complex and glycerin.
  • Anti-inflammatory. The purpose of the product is to soothe the skin, relieve irritation, and help heal wounds and cracks. Mothers often use this cream under a diaper. The effect is achieved due to plant extracts in the product - chamomile and celandine, calendula, string, etc. The product may also contain panthenol for skin restoration and zinc oxide, which has antimicrobial properties.
  • Protective. Baby skin urgently needs protection from external factors - from wind, frost, etc. This protective cream has a denser structure, retains the protective effect for a long time, and forms a special film on the skin to prevent dry skin, cracks and other troubles.
  • Universal. These products perform several functions at once: nourish and moisturize, eliminate irritation and soothe, protect. The structure is usually light and absorption occurs instantly. As for the effect, it is not pronounced, due to the wide range of tasks performed.
  • Sun protection. An irreplaceable and must-have product for the summer. This cream contains special UV filters (it is important that the filters are safe for babies!) and protects the skin from the aggressive effects of the sun. Any cream with an SPF value of 20 or higher will help prevent sunburn. The ideal form of the product is lotion, stick or cream. This cream should not contain the Oxybenzone filter, which is dangerous to children's health , any dangerous preservatives, as well as vitamin A (its presence in sunscreen is dangerous to health).
  • Calming. These products are needed to soothe the baby’s inflamed or irritated skin, protect it from diaper rash and possible rashes. The composition usually contains components with antibacterial, soothing and wound-healing effects. For example, shea butter and panthenol, natural extracts, zinc oxide, etc.

The best baby powders, according to moms' reviews

Frost and wind protection creams

Mustela Cold Cream

It features a nourishing composition, the formula of which is designed specifically for dry and sensitive baby skin. The cream consists of 95% natural ingredients, due to which it is possible to get rid of the feeling of dryness literally within a few minutes. The product actively combats redness and flaking. Avocado oil is used as the main active element. The beneficial compounds it contains allow you to quickly restore barrier functions and intensively saturate the skin with useful substances. A complex of vegetable oils and ceramides restores softness to the skin, provides it with sufficient moisture, and is also characterized by a soothing effect. If you use the cream regularly, children's skin will become absolutely insensitive to low temperatures and even strong piercing winds. It will be possible to relieve the child from the feeling of discomfort and tightness.

The composition was tested with the participation of dermatologists and pediatricians; based on the test results, it became clear that the product is suitable for children literally from the moment of birth. The cream has excellent hypoallergenic characteristics. It also contains shea butter, which has soothing properties - the skin becomes softer and more radiant. There are practically no artificial substances contained here.


  • Despite the high content of fatty acids, it is quickly absorbed into the skin;
  • Insignificant consumption of cream;
  • Excellently protects children's and even adult skin from the negative effects of low temperatures;
  • The risk of an allergic reaction is reduced to zero.


  • It's quite expensive.

Mustela Cold Cream

Weleda cream

An optimal product designed specifically for children's skin. Using this cream you can protect against inflammatory processes and prevent irritation. The balm is produced exclusively on a fat basis, so it quickly forms a natural protective barrier, preventing cold air from penetrating the skin, warming it even during severe frosts. At the same time, such a barrier does not interfere with skin breathing, has a calming effect, softens the skin and additionally moisturizes it. The cream will have a positive effect even on very sensitive skin and maintains the required level of moisture. Even adults can use it. The balm actively protects the skin from all negative environmental influences. There is no water in the composition, so even in conditions of severe bad weather, the child’s skin will be perfectly protected.

It is characterized by a gel texture - the cream is easy to apply, and it is absorbed very quickly. It will be very useful for children who have inflamed areas. With the help of this cream, children will be able to stay outdoors for a long time. Even exposed skin areas will be reliably protected from the harmful effects of low temperatures. The main active ingredient used here is lanolin, a natural fat obtained from sheep's wool. Can be applied to any area of ​​the body - face, ears, hands, lips. The cream does not cause allergic reactions and allows you to protect the skin for a very long time.


  • Completely natural composition of the cream;
  • Excellent protective effect;
  • It has a positive effect literally immediately after application, so apply it before going outside;
  • Insignificant consumption of funds.


  • No healing effect was found.

Weleda cream

Chicco Baby Moments

The product contains coconut oil, which has excellent nutritional and moisturizing properties. After applying the cream, a protective, airtight layer appears on the surface of the child’s skin, reliably protecting the child from adverse weather conditions. The cream is quite delicate, has a light and soft texture, the smell is weak but pleasant. The product is absorbed into the skin very quickly and leaves no greasy residue. The composition is of high quality, as it is produced only on the basis of harmless and natural ingredients. The formula does not contain alcohol, various artificial colors, preservatives or parabens.

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The cream was developed specifically taking into account the characteristics of children's skin, including integuments that are prone to allergic reactions. These are Italian-made products, and they are designed for use literally from birth. The packaging of this product is very convenient and economical. One tube contains 100 ml of the composition, so it will last for a very long time. The composition contains cocoa butter, which strengthens the natural barrier of children's skin, additionally forming a layer that reliably protects against harmful weather conditions. The texture is light, so the cream quickly spreads over the surface of the skin. It does not remove redness from frost, but the cheeks remain warm and do not freeze in the cold for several hours.


  • It has a pleasant smell and delicate texture;
  • Absolutely hypoallergenic composition;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • Contains no alcohol or artificial compounds;
  • Effectively protects against low temperatures.


  • Not found.

Chicco Baby Moments

The most harmful ingredients in children's cosmetics

  1. Surfactants. Namely - sodium lauryl sulfate/SLS) or no less often used in cosmetics sodium laureth sulfate (approx. - SLES). Children's cosmetics can contain only soft surfactants based on a natural basis.
  2. Mineral oils. That is, liquid paraffin and paraffin oil, a component of paraffinum liquidum, as well as petrolatum liquid and petroleum oil, or mineral oil. All these are harmful petrochemical derivatives. Choose products with a plant base.
  3. Animal fats. Products with this component are not recommended due to the fact that they clog pores.
  4. Parabens (note: propylparaben, methylparaben and butylparaben). There is evidence that these components are cancer-forming. Naturally, they are of no use in a child’s cosmetics.


Many creams for children can be called universal, since most products have a rich composition, including soothing, softening, anti-inflammatory, and wound-healing components. The list of universal creams can include:

  • Sudocrem is an excellent universal product designed to protect children's delicate skin, nourish and restore it. The composition includes lanolin and zinc oxide, which allows you to get rid of pathogenic microflora and soften the epidermis.
  • "Bepantol" - indicated for diaper rash and inflammatory processes among babies from birth. Includes vitamins, healthy oils and other components.
  • Baby cream with dog and cat - contains lavender oil, lanolin, vitamin A, menthol. Can be used for dryness, irritation, and to relieve itching due to allergies in children and adults.
  • "Mustela Stelatopia" - contains sunflower oil, petroleum jelly, wax, lipids. The product is used to moisturize and protect delicate baby skin from the first days of life, and copes well with itching, redness and other undesirable manifestations.

When choosing a cream, you should pay attention to its composition.

Products that include natural plant components, medicinal herbs, and natural oils are considered universal. They will not only be useful, but also safe for your baby.

ECO labeling: looking for the safest cream!

  1. ECOCERT (French quality standard). In products with this label you will not find any silicones, acids, or petrochemical products. Brands with this marking are Green Mama, SODASAN.
  2. BDIH (German standard). Prohibition on the use of harmful chemicals, GMOs, dyes. Brands: Logona, Weleda.
  3. Extremely stringent requirements for product quality . Brands: Natura Siberica.
  4. COSMOS (approx. COSMetic Organic Standard) is a common European standard. Brands: Natura Siberica, Little Siberica.
  5. NATRUE (European standard) with 3 levels of certification. Brands: Weleda.

Benefits and harms for adult skin

Let us consider in more detail what beneficial properties baby cream has for adult skin, as well as what harm it can cause.

The benefits of baby cream are due to its:

  • cost-effectiveness - if you compare the cost of children's cosmetics and adult ones, then the first is, of course, much more profitable;
  • hypoallergenic - the baby cream does not contain fragrances, dyes or other harmful chemicals that cause allergic reactions in particularly sensitive people;
  • varying degrees of fat content - owners of any skin type will be able to choose the most suitable products for themselves;
  • versatility - you can use baby cream for both the face and body;
  • protective properties - in winter, baby cream will protect the skin from chapping, and in summer it will prevent sunburn. You can find out about Physiogel face cream by following the link.

But there were some negatives, too, for example, some of the harmful properties of baby cream include:

  • in some cases, baby cream will only hide serious skin pathologies and distract from solving them;
  • children's cosmetics are made taking into account increased metabolism, as well as gas exchange in babies;
  • the skin of adults does not “breathe” as much as that of children, therefore, as a result of regular use of such products, it can greatly impede metabolism;
  • baby cream, when applied to the skin of an adult, begins to form a thin film, which, however, blocks the access of life-giving moisture to overdried skin, as a result of which the dry skin dries out even more;
  • Those with oily skin should avoid using baby cosmetics to protect themselves from clogging pores and accumulating sebum.

Selection rules - what to remember when buying baby cream?

  • Best before date. Please check these numbers on the packaging carefully. In addition to the fact that the period should not expire at the time of purchase of the cream, it should be as short as possible! The longer the shelf life of a product, the more “chemicals” it contains.
  • Natural ingredients (vitamins A and B are recommended, as well as vitamins C and E; extracts of calendula, chamomile and other natural plants; panthenol and allantoin; zinc oxide; vegetable oils; glycerin and natural lanolin.
  • List of components on the package. Remember that the closer the component is to the top of the list, the higher its percentage in the cream. Accordingly, the components that are at the very end of the list are the least (in percentage terms) in the composition. For example, “cream with chamomile”, in which chamomile extract is at the end of the list, can be left in the store - there is practically no chamomile there.
  • Neutral pH.
  • Purpose of the remedy. If your child has very dry skin, then a product with a drying effect is clearly not suitable for him.
  • Individual intolerance. This should also be taken into account (read the ingredients carefully!).
  • Smell and consistency. Strong fragrances are undesirable in children's products.
  • Age. Please pay close attention to this limitation. Do not use cream labeled “3+” on baby’s skin.
  • Where can I buy? Only in pharmacies and special children's stores, where all rules for storing such products are observed.

And, of course, do not forget to test each product on yourself. The cream test can be carried out on any sensitive area of ​​the skin.

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From 6 months to 4 years

At this age, a child’s skin is no longer as vulnerable as that of a newborn, so liquid detergent can be replaced with solid baby soap if desired. And you should wash your hair every 7-10 days with a special baby shampoo.

When your child's first teeth appear, you will need to immediately begin their hygiene. Buy a special children's toothpaste marked “0+”. Toothpaste for young children does not contain fluoride and consists almost entirely of natural ingredients: chamomile extract, seaweed, licorice. Thus, it is absolutely safe if swallowed. If your baby is actively teething, apply the paste with a special silicone brush, which gently massages the gums and relieves itching.

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