9 before/after examples that prove that you can enlarge your buttocks with the help of sports

There is very little time left until summer, the time of short skirts and light dresses. This forces girls to quickly get their bodies in order. Thousands of beauties have been spending hours in gyms. But not all of them will be able to pump up their buttocks. And it’s not a matter of insufficient desire; it’s just that the majority of women simply don’t know how to develop a butt.

Strong, voluminous buttocks change a woman's figure for the better. She looks more harmonious. The owner of a toned, voluminous butt is always in a great mood. After all, she knows that she is guaranteed the attention of men.

Only at first glance it seems that pumping up the buttocks is simple. In fact, to get the butt of your dreams you will have to stock up on knowledge and patience . Despite the fact that the gluteal muscles respond well to physical activity, at first they will not respond to your efforts.

Before we start pumping up our gluteal muscles, let's find out what will help us improve our butt and what determines its shape. The shape of the butt depends on the configuration of the pelvic bones and the places where the muscles attach to them. The shape and volume of the buttocks are also influenced by the volume of fat deposits and their location.

Let's say right away that no matter how much you want, you cannot change the shape of your pelvis. We will have to work with what nature has given. It will also not be possible to correct the places where muscles attach to bones and the main areas where fat deposits accumulate. However, we have the opportunity to regulate the volume of fat reserves. The buttocks begin to look much better after most of the fat is gone. But to achieve better results, we will need to increase the number of muscle fibers. Actually, we will focus on increasing the gluteal muscles.

The attractiveness of the butt is given by pumped up gluteal muscles. The more there are, the sexier the buttocks. Despite the fact that the female pelvis differs in shape from the male one , there is essentially no difference between male and female training. But the general approach to training, naturally, varies.

Let's figure out what it takes to make your buttocks rounder and firmer.

Let us warn you right away: there is simply no quick way to make your butt bigger (except for plastic surgery, of course) - it all comes down to hard work, proper nutrition and regular workouts in the gym.

Below we have collected for you nine motivational examples that prove that you can make your buttocks bigger and completely change your body without visiting a plastic surgeon's office.

Nicole Coco Austin

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Fitness guru 35 years old, 1.3 million subscribers. American fashion model and actress, part-time wife of rapper Ice-T. The native Californian is only 1 m 57 cm tall. By the way, she starred in 29 films, and also wrote scripts for some.

Nicole began her modeling career at the age of 14. She starred in advertisements for swimsuits and bikinis. In 1998, she became Miss Fitness in Mexico. Having started her modeling career, Nicole enlarged her breasts to size 39DD. In 2009, Nicole participated in Playboy parties for six months, and in 2011, she co-authored the book “Angel” with Laura Hayden.

In December, Nicole will give birth to a daughter, whom the couple plans to name Chanel.

“Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Compare yourself to yourself"


Madalyn Georgette, a qualified personal trainer with almost 800 thousand followers on Instagram, knows all about building muscle mass. The impressive photos of her butt transformation are proof of this.

“Too many people think the best way to get a bigger butt is with squats.
Although in fact, the most effective exercises are hip thrusts, glute bridges and a combination of leg abduction exercises using expanders and fitness bands,” the expert explained. see also

19 effective butt exercises that are approved by professionals

Caitlin Rice

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Canadian Caitlin Rice is 23 years old. She comes from the USA, from a military family, so she moved back and forth throughout her childhood. At age 16 in Atlanta, Georgia, she began her modeling career. At that time, she was eating terribly: due to the pressure, she almost completely stopped eating and was on the verge of an eating disorder.

She decided to quit modeling and start her own education. It's time for “a little cardio and a lot of partying,” as the girl herself calls it. She started eating normally again, but it wasn't very healthy. She gained 7 kg of weight and became, as they say, skinny fat. She had almost no muscles at all, but she had a small belly formed by alcohol and overeating. At that moment, she met her future boyfriend Braden and decided to change again. And since Braden was passionate about fitness, little by little Caitlin gave up partying. She began lifting weights and began educating herself about fitness. Soon the girl was seriously fascinated by lifting.

She began to really enjoy doing fitness. She began to promote her new lifestyle through Instagram, and other, major bloggers noticed her. She began to think about a career in fitness. At the same time, she studied political economy at the University of Dallas. After graduating from university, she and Braden (now husband) moved to Canada.

After that, she began to seriously engage in fitness consulting, giving her advice - now for money, in her online school.

And she also has a great butt.

“I’m so excited to watch my body change!”


Teresa Hanson (@teresaahanson), a health coach, shared her impressive 52-day transformation on her Instagram account, while noting that gaining muscle mass is just part of her fitness journey.

“Honestly, this is so much more to me than just changing my body,” she captioned her photo. “I started with little things: paying more attention to myself, preparing meals to make the days less stressful, and, of course, paying closer attention to how my students achieve serious success.”

Michelle Levine

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Michal Levin was born in Venezuela. Michelle once weighed 43 kg and hated her body, then she weighed 67 kg and hated her body, but then she became seriously interested in sports and became famous (now her weight is 54 kg). She worked as a model, so like it or not she had to stay in good shape. She loved it, and it led to real fanaticism. Now, instead of fashion publications, fitness and sports magazines suddenly began to turn to her. Like many Latinas, Michelle initially only worked on her legs, and only recently began doing biceps curls and crunches.

Then a friend suggested she compete in a bikini competition. The girl became famous (and her amazing butt became especially famous). Michelle is working on her ideal figure - for her it is symmetry, muscles, a thin waist and a round butt. She doesn't fight for six-pack abs. For Michelle, performances are like beauty pageants. She learns to move beautifully and non-vulgarly, to look feminine and attractive.

Michelle recently moved to the USA and is preparing for professional performances at the IFBB (bikini category).

Proper nutrition is, of course, a defining area for Michelle. Here is her completely unfeminine menu for 1 day:

Meal One: Oatmeal with Protein Meal Two: Pork with Swedish Crackers Meal Three: Chicken Breasts with Brown Rice Meal Four: Pork Chops with Salad Five: Beef with Asparagus and Spinach Meal Six: Salmon with Broccoli Meal Seven food: casein protein

Now everyone can do like Michelle. Here, for example, is her training program:

Monday: Back/Biceps:

Wide grip pull-ups 4*12 Medium grip pull-ups 4*10 Cable row 4*12 T-bar row 4*12 biceps curl with dumbbells 6*12 biceps curl with EZ bar 4*12 biceps curl with straight handle 4*12

Tuesday: hamstrings, calves:

leg curls on a lying machine 4*12 leg curls on a sitting machine 4*12 deadlift 4*10-15 lower leg in a sitting machine 8*20 standing lower leg in a Smith machine 6*20

Wednesday: triceps, shoulders:

standing arm extension with a dumbbell for triceps 6*12 French bench press with an EZ bar 4*12 overhead cable extension 4*12 military press 4*10 seated dumbbell press 3*10 standing barbell row with an EZ bar to the chin 4 *12 dumbbell swings to the sides while standing 4*10

Thursday: rest

Friday: legs:

lunges 4*12 bending with a barbell on the shoulders 6*20 bench press with one leg 4*15 (each leg) classic squats 4*12

Saturday: press:

raising the knees from a hanging position 4*12 crunches 4*20 crunches on the machine 4*12 crunches on the ball 4*20

Sunday: rest.

Michelle herself loves sprints (they strengthen the buttocks and burn fat), lunges (well, of course) and swinging dumbbells with your arms to the sides.

Michelle has her own YouTube channel. There are many of her workouts posted there - but here is the most famous one, for the buttocks:

Michelle has a favorite quote from Ronnie Coleman: “Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but no one wants to lift fucking weights.” Michelle's ideal person is Larissa Reis. Michelle starts each day with cardio and ends with strength training.

"Believe in yourself - because you can be your own worst enemy"

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