Lunar calendar of operations and dangerous days in November 2022

Astrology, being a universal science, can interest everyone. Love horoscopes are suitable for unmarried young ladies, a lunar beauty calendar for women to more effectively clean their feathers, medical predictions for everyone who cares about their own health. Astrologers have long had information about the influence the Moon has on human life rhythms and energy. As a result of long-term scientific research, it turned out that the success of any medical procedure can be predicted by focusing on the position of the night star in the sky. Today, it is easy for anyone to find out when to have surgery according to the lunar calendar. The patient will either recover very quickly or face certain complications - it all depends on the lunar phase on which the day of surgery falls. We bring to your attention the lunar calendar of operations for 2022.

Operations according to the lunar calendar 2018

If you are worried about an upcoming surgical intervention, you can protect yourself from possible complications by looking at the corresponding lunar calendar. You should also know the general recommendations of astrologers regarding choosing the day for the operation:

  • if possible, operations should be postponed from the days of lunar eclipses to another time;
  • do not coincide the date of major surgical intervention with the period of the waxing moon or the full moon;
  • many astrologers are of the opinion that the operation will be successful when the Moon is in such astrological signs of the Zodiac as Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo;
  • the patient should not agree to an operation scheduled on his birthday.

Attention! In a situation where the patient has serious indications for surgical treatment and there is a justified need to perform an emergency operation, the final word remains with the doctor!

Even in the distant past, astrologers, through painstaking calculations and lengthy observations, established that the Moon, being in one or another astrological sign, has a noticeable energetic impact on certain groups of organs in the human body. Based on this information, a pattern soon emerged: depending on the position of the Moon, some dates are favorable for operations, while on some days it is better not to go under a surgical scalpel. Today, this information is used to compile lunar health calendars.

When turning to the lunar calendar for advice regarding your own health, you must understand that the results of the operation largely depend on the qualifications and experience of the surgeon, the characteristics of your body, the specifics of the surgical procedure, and not just on the location of the Moon. Selecting the most favorable day for the operation will give you confidence in your own abilities and will minimize all the negative consequences of the operation.

Surgery and the moon, relationship

The lunar calendar has long entered human life. According to his instructions, you can properly plant a vegetable garden, make repairs or change your appearance. The essence of this phenomenon is that the Moon influences human rhythms, as well as many physical natural processes on Earth.

Long-term scientific studies were conducted that confirmed the direct relationship between the position of the Moon and the likelihood of a positive outcome of the operation. In one position, biological rhythms do not fail, the operation will go smoothly, and the recovery process will not take much time. In another case, the processes inside the body may be slowed down, so the operation may have complications, it will take a long time to recover, or there may even be a threat to life.

To prevent this from happening, you need to first select the dates that will be successful for a particular type of surgical intervention.

You can also use the recommendations of astrologers:

  1. Do not choose a surgery date when there is a lunar eclipse.
  2. Refuse the procedure during the full moon or the staying moon.
  3. You can't plan major surgery on your birthday.

The last word always remains with the surgeon. If the patient needs immediate intervention, then surgery at this moment may be the only chance to save his life. Then the instructions of the lunar calendar can be ignored. But it’s good if the doctor takes into account the lunar recommendations in order to minimize the risks.

Lunar calendar of operations for January 2018

  • January 3 and the period from January 13 to 16 inclusive is a suitable time for surgical correction of pathologies of the kidneys, bladder and lower extremities in the hip area. It is advisable to refrain from surgery on January 2 and 7;
  • January 9 – 14, 31 – operable days for veins on the upper thigh. January 17 – 21 are not suitable for such manipulations;
  • the lungs, stomach, liver and gall bladder are under the protection of the Moon from January 5 to January 18. And on January 17, 28 – 31, interference in the vital functions of these organs can lead to serious complications;
  • January 17 – 19 is an unfavorable period for working on the knee area and the skin in general. January 9 – 12 and 31 are more suitable for this;
  • the head and neck area will recover well and quickly if the operation is performed on January 9–16 and 31. Conversely, the regeneration process will slow down significantly if you lie on the operating table on January 17, 20 - 26;
  • The shoulder girdle area and upper limbs can be operated on without complications on January 9–18 and 31. There will most likely be negative consequences if the operation takes place on January 25 – 30;
  • January 10 – 16 is a potentially favorable period for surgical intervention in the digestive tract. It is better to refrain from surgery on January 17 and 31;
  • January 15, 16 and 31 are days for surgical treatment of the genital organs. Energy on January 17 is not conducive to holding such events;
  • January 9 – 16 are the safest days for heart surgery. The most dangerous days are January 17, 29 – 31.

January 2022

In January, it is worth paying more attention to the condition of the musculoskeletal system. Sudden reactions to changes in weather are possible. The month is characterized by an increased risk of injury, so you should be careful. In no case should you ignore issues that relate to the genitourinary system; complications are possible after operations in the past.

  • January 2, 2022, full moon in Cancer, increases the risk of injury and worsens well-being. You should not resort to surgery, as there are likely to be serious problems with blood clotting. An extremely bad time for dental operations;
  • January 31, 2022, lunar eclipse, possible problems with water metabolism in the body, the likelihood of difficulties in movement. Such consequences will be felt for several more days, so it is not advisable to overload physically
  • Surgeries on the heart, liver or lungs will be most effective during the waxing moon from January 18 to 30
  • Plastic surgery or corrective forms will be extremely unsuccessful during the last quarter of the Moon from January 9 to 13

Lunar calendar of operations for February 2018

  • January 9 – 15 are the most favorable days for surgical intervention in the kidneys, urinary system and blood vessels in the upper thighs. On February 18, it is better not to take any decisive action in treatment;
  • the veins of the upper thigh will quickly recover if they are operated on in the first ten days of the month, but on February 16 and 17 it is worth postponing surgical treatment;
  • pathologies of the chest, lungs, stomach, liver and gall bladder are amenable to surgical correction during the first two weeks of February. But on February 15, 23 - 28, the operation must be postponed;
  • During the first week of the month, postoperative sutures on the knees are quickly tightened, and the entire skin in general is well regenerated. February 18 is absolutely not suitable for surgical treatment;
  • February 1 - 15 is the best time to resolve all issues related to diseases of the head and neck area, while in the period from February 18 to 22 you should not carry out any serious manipulations;
  • The shoulder girdle and arms can be safely operated on February 1–15. After surgery performed on February 18 and 20–26, the recovery process may be delayed;
  • all organs of the digestive system will tolerate surgical treatment well on February 8–15, which cannot be said about the dates 18, 27 and 28;
  • On February 1 – 3, 11 – 15, you can pay attention to the prompt correction of problems relating to the genital organs. February 18 is absolutely not suitable for this;
  • Heart operations will be successful on February 1–5, 10–15. Complications may occur on February 18 and 25.

February 2022

An extremely good time for any operations. Even those related to shape correction. According to the astrological calendar, this month is extremely successful for any manipulation, and wounds will heal quite quickly and without complications. The second half of the month may be quite difficult due to the impact of the solar eclipse. Cleansing procedures will be extremely beneficial for both internal organs and skin. This is a good time to fight parasites.

  • Starting from February 16, you can carry out any operations, including reconstructive procedures. Those carried out on the vocal cords, throat and neck will be successful.
  • On February 15, 2022, on the day of the solar eclipse, it is not recommended to perform any surgical interventions. There may be problems with the restoration of the body, as well as a sharp decrease in immunity; a long recovery period will be required
  • It is better to postpone operations on the thyroid gland until the last days of February.
  • Despite the fact that this month will be successful, astrologers do not recommend performing any operations on the musculoskeletal system

Lunar calendar of operations for March 2018

  • You can safely agree to surgery in the area of ​​the hips, bladder and kidneys on March 9 - 16 and definitely wait some time, just so that the procedure does not fall on March 2, 17 and 28 - 31;
  • During surgery on the upper thighs and veins in this area, no unforeseen complications will arise on March 1 - 9. It is dangerous to go under the surgeon’s knife on March 17, 28 – 31;
  • The patient will easily undergo surgery on the lungs, stomach, liver, gall bladder and chest in the period from March 3 to 16, which cannot be said about such dates in March as 2, 17, 22 - 27, 31;
  • On March 1, 3 – 7, 15, you can schedule surgeries on the skeletal and skin areas of the knees. March 2 and 17 are not suitable for this purpose;
  • surgical intervention in the head and neck area will be very effective on March 1–8, 30 and 31, but on March 17–21 it is better not to lie down on the operating table;
  • March 1 - 18 are the safest days for performing operations on the shoulder girdle and arms, while March 17, 20 - 25, 31 are completely unsuitable for this;
  • surgical treatment of the digestive tract organs is quite appropriate on March 8–18, and March 17, 28–31 are better devoted to diagnostic procedures;
  • surgical intervention in the genital area will be successful on March 10–16. Major operations cannot be scheduled for March 2 and 31;
  • On March 10–16, there are guarantees that the patient will undergo heart surgery safely. Complications may occur on March 17, 30 and 31.

Lunar calendar of operations for April 2018

  • On April 4–15, you can trust surgeons to treat the hips, kidneys and urinary system organs, and it is better not to do this on April 16, 25 and 30;
  • The vascular system of the upper legs will tolerate surgery well on April 1–4, 14 and 15. It is better to refrain from surgery on April 16 and 30;
  • diseases of the chest, lungs, stomach, liver and gall bladder respond well to surgical treatment on April 1–15. It is better to reschedule the operation scheduled for March 16, 18 – 24 and 30 to another date;
  • the knee joints and the area around the knees, the skeleton and the skin will recover well after the operation if it takes place on April 1 - 3 and 11 - 15. It is better to devote April 16 and 30 to more pleasant things;
  • the head and neck area can be safely entrusted to specialists on April 1–10, but on April 16, 17 and 30 you should refrain from surgery;
  • April 1–15 can be devoted to surgical treatment of the shoulder girdle and upper extremities. You should not go under a scalpel on April 17 – 21, 30;
  • The digestive system can be subjected to surgical treatment from April 2 to April 15. It is better not to perform any operations on April 16, 22 – 28 and 30;
  • April 6 – 15 are favorable days for operations on the genital organs. Not the best time for surgery is April 16 and 27 - 30;
  • Heart operations will take place successfully on April 6–15 and with complications on April 16, 27–30.

Moon phase operations

Below we will consider when it is worth visiting a surgeon, and when any medical manipulation is prohibited:

Decreasing. This is one of the best times for surgery, the consequences will be minimal, and the recovery period will be quick and without complications. It is allowed to get rid of warts, papillomas, moles, calluses, nevi.

Growing. It is better to postpone all planned operations until better times; the healing process of sutures may be delayed.

Full moon, new moon. Avoid visiting the surgical ward as there is a high risk of bleeding.

Lunar calendar of operations for May 2018

  • The hip area, kidneys and bladder can be safely treated on May 1 – 14, 30 and 31. May 15, 22 – 28, 29 are best left for therapeutic activities;
  • the surgeon can easily work with veins on May 1 - 3, 11 - 14 and 30, and May 15 and 29 are not the most suitable days for this;
  • The energy of days 1 – 14, 30, 31 May is favorable for surgical manipulations of the chest, lungs, stomach cavity, liver and gall bladder. If you schedule surgery for May 15–21 or 29, complications cannot be avoided;
  • surgery on the knees, skeleton or skin will be successful on May 8–14, but on May 15 and 29 it will certainly be accompanied by difficulties;
  • operations on the head and neck will take place safely on May 1 - 8, 30, 31, which cannot be said about the dates of May 15 and 29;
  • May 1 – 12, 30, 31 are safe days for surgery in the shoulder girdle and arms. And on May 15 – 19 and 29, the Moon promises trouble;
  • digestive tract organs can be operated on May 1 – 4, 3 and 31. May 15, 20 – 25 and 29 are not suitable for surgical treatment;
  • May 4 – 14, 31 are potentially safe days for operations in the genital area, and complications may develop after operations performed on May 15, 24 and 29;
  • Heart diseases will respond well to surgical treatment on May 4–14 and 31. Troubles may arise on May 15, 24 – 29.

October 2022

There may be some changes in how you feel. The extremely strong influence of the Moon and Mars during this period can cause severe headaches in the first half of the month, menstrual irregularities in women and hormonal disorders. It is also worth considering that in October there may be instability in the emotional background, as well as frequent feelings of weakness, bordering on a constant lack of energy. During this period, it is extremely important to determine the source of any disease and prescribe the correct treatment. Under no circumstances should you delay solving problems; this could lead to serious consequences in the future.

  • From October 10 to October 23 is a good time to treat diseases using non-surgical methods. There is a high probability of a successful outcome of this treatment method. If operations are necessary, this period will be the most favorable for such actions. There is no need to worry about a successful outcome; the recovery process will be stable and quite effective if supported by medications
  • October 24, 2022, full moon, transplants of any organs, as well as surgical interventions on the heart, are strictly prohibited
  • During the period from October 19 to October 27, operations in the area of ​​the kidneys and bladder will be quite successful. Also a good time for surgery to stabilize the functioning of the uterus or its appendages

Lunar calendar of operations for June 2018

  • In order for surgery on the kidneys, bladder and hip area to be successful, it should be scheduled for the period from June 1 to 12, 29 and 30. On June 13, 18 – 24, it is better for the patient to refrain from such a responsible step;
  • Without any doubt, you can agree to surgery on the upper thighs and veins on June 8–12. On June 13, 27, 28, you need to be prepared for negative, but not critical consequences after surgery;
  • You can safely agree to surgical treatment of the chest, lungs, stomach, liver and gall bladder on June 1 – 11, 29 and 30. Operations are contraindicated on June 12 – 17, 28;
  • knee joints, skeleton and skin, if possible, should be subjected to surgical intervention on June 5–12. After the operation performed on June 13, 25 - 28, scars and cicatrices may remain;
  • for surgery on the head and neck area in June, it is worth choosing dates such as 1 – 4, 12, 29 and 30, but you do not need to go to the operating table on June 13 and 28;
  • The shoulder girdle area and arms will quickly recover if they are operated on June 1 - 9, 29 and 30. A long recovery awaits the patient after the operation, scheduled for June 13, 15 and 28;
  • the organs of the digestive tract will work in unison with the surgeon’s hand on June 1–12, 29 and 30, but will negatively perceive surgical intervention on June 13, 16–21 and 28;
  • surgical treatment of the genital organs will be successful on June 3, 4, 13 - 17, 25, and June 1 - 11, 28 and 29 promise unpleasant troubles;
  • Heart surgery is best done on June 1–5, 16, 27–30. Problems may occur on June 14, 19 and 24.

Lunar calendar of operations for July 2018

  • the hip area, kidneys and bladder can be operated on without negative consequences on July 1 – 12, 29 and 31. You should not schedule surgery for July 13, 15 – 21 and 28;
  • access to the upper thigh and veins is open on July 5–12, but on July 13, 25–28 these areas cannot be touched;
  • The patient will undergo operations on the chest, lungs, stomach, liver and gall bladder satisfactorily on July 1–8, 29–31. However, it is worth waiting a little on July 13, 14 and 28;
  • the knee area, skeleton and skin can be operated on July 2 – 12, 30 and 31. Not the best time for surgery - July 13, 22 - 28;
  • positive energy from July 1 – 12, 29 will contribute to the success of surgery on the head and neck area. On July 13 and 28 it is worth doing less risky things;
  • The shoulder girdle and upper limbs will recover after surgery very quickly if you schedule the event for July 1 - 6, 29 - 30. The recovery process will be long if surgery occurs on July 13 and 28;
  • the gastrointestinal tract system will perceive the operation favorably on July 1–12, 29, 31. It is advisable to refuse surgical treatment on July 13 – 18, 28;
  • For surgery on the genital area, it is best to choose July 1–12, 29–31. July 13, 17 – 24, 28 you should refuse the services of a surgeon, otherwise another operation may be necessary;
  • Heart surgery on July 1 - 12, 29 - 31 will bring health to the patient. Surgical intervention on July 13, 17 – 24, 28, on the contrary, will only complicate the patient’s condition.

Lunar calendar of operations for August 2018

  • You can trust the surgeon without any doubt on August 1 - 10, 27 - 31, when it comes to the kidneys, bladder and hip area. However, on August 12 - 17, 26, it is worth refusing the operation if possible;
  • You can work with veins on August 1 – 10, 28 – 31. Complications can significantly undermine the patient’s health if surgery is scheduled for August 11, 21 – 26;
  • The chest, lungs, stomach, liver and gall bladder are best operated on August 1 - 5, 27 - 31. Completely inappropriate days for this are August 13, 14 and 28;
  • knees, skeleton and skin will quickly return to normal if the operation takes place on August 1 - 10, 27 - 31. Surgery will be less successful on August 11, 18 – 26;
  • You should contact a surgeon for help regarding the health of your head and neck on August 6–10, but it is advisable to refuse surgery on August 11 and 26;
  • the patient will tolerate surgery well on the shoulder girdle and upper extremities on August 1, 2, 10, 27 - 30, but will encounter complications if he lies on the operating table on August 11 and 26;
  • On August 1 - 9, 27 - 31, surgery on the digestive tract will be more than successful. But on August 11 – 15 and 26, difficulties are possible during the operation itself;
  • the genital area can undoubtedly be operated on August 1 - 10, 27 - 31, while August 11, 14 - 20, 26 should be devoted to various therapeutic measures;
  • Heart operations will go well on August 1 - 10, 27 - 31 and will not bring success on August 1, 14 - 20, 26.

July 2022

There is a high risk of contracting infections at this time. There is also a high probability of viral diseases. Despite the warm season, some people will have a decline in immunity, which will make it much more difficult to fight diseases. It is not recommended to suddenly change the treatment procedure or resort to radical measures. Astrologers advise performing operations only when there are indications for it. It is advisable to monitor the state of the nervous system more closely.

  • From July 14 to July 26 is the ideal time to perform operations regarding the gastrointestinal tract. It is also a fairly favorable period for dental procedures. However, it is worth excluding any operations that are performed on the extremities: removal of warts, benign tumors. Long recovery period possible
  • July 27, new moon, it is advisable to refuse any type of surgical intervention. The only exceptions may be simple cosmetic procedures.
  • July 6, 13 are extremely unfavorable days for operations. At this time, it is better to address issues of restoring organ functions

Lunar calendar of operations for September 2018

  • for the area of ​​the hips, kidneys and bladder, surgical intervention will be fruitful in the first week of the month, and dates such as September 13, 18 - 24 are best not used for treatment;
  • It is best to operate veins on September 1–8, 26–30. If possible, all important operations should be postponed from September 9, 17 – 25 to more favorable days;
  • On September 1 - 8, 26 - 28, you can go for surgery on the chest, lungs, stomach, liver and gall bladder without fear. 11 and 26 will not contribute to the success of the procedure;
  • September 1 – 8, 26 – 30 the skeleton, skin and knee area will easily accept surgical correction and will react to it extremely hard on September 9, 15 – 21, 25;
  • operations on the head and neck will be successful on September 4 – 8, 29 and 30. Not the best days for surgical treatment September 9, 22 – 25;
  • On September 1 - 5, 26 - 30, the condition of the digestive tract can be restored surgically. If you undergo surgery on the gastrointestinal tract on September 9–11 and 25, complications cannot be avoided;
  • The genital area is best operated on September 1–8, 26–30. Dangerous days for surgery – September 9 – 16, 25;
  • Heart operations will give positive results on September 1–8, 26–30 and unsatisfactory results on September 9–16, 25.

Lunar calendar of operations for October 2018

  • On October 1 - 5, 25 - 31, you can undergo surgical treatment of the upper thighs, kidneys and urinary system. If you agree to the operation on September 9, 10, 11, complications are possible;
  • The hip area and veins are best operated on September 1–8, 25–31. September 14 – 21 and 24 are good for diagnostics, but not for operations;
  • the chest area, lungs, stomach, liver and gall bladder, operated on October 6, 7, 8 and 25, will quickly recover, which cannot be said about the consequences of surgery on October 9, 26 and 31;
  • diseases of the knee area, skeleton and skin will respond well to surgical treatment on October 1 - 8, 25 - 31. The operation scheduled for October 9, 15 – 21 and 25 will only worsen the patient’s condition;
  • with operable diseases of the head and neck area, you can trust the surgeon on October 1 - 8, 26 - 31. You should not do this on October 9, 19 – 24;
  • the shoulder girdle and pathologies of the upper extremities are safest to operate on October 4–8 and 31, and on October 9 and 25 it is worth postponing the operation;
  • the organs of the digestive system are quickly rehabilitated after the operation performed on October 1 - 3, 25 - 30. After the operation on October 9 and 24, the patient will take a long time to recover;
  • October 1 – 7, 25 – 31 are suitable days for operations on the genital organs. It is worth holding off on surgical intervention on October 13 and 24;
  • operations on the heart muscle will be successful on October 1–7, 25–31 and with some non-critical complications on October 9–13 and 24.

Lunar calendar of operations for November 2018

  • It is safest to operate on the hips, kidneys and bladder on November 1, 24 – 28. It is better to spend the 7th and 25th of the month at home;
  • access to the upper thighs and veins is open to the surgeon on November 1 - 6, 24 - 30. If possible, you should not agree to an operation on November 7, 11 – 17 and 23;
  • the chest, lungs, stomach, liver and gall bladder can be subjected to surgery on November 1 - 8, 25 - 30 and it is better not to do this on November 7 - 15 and 23;
  • the patient will easily undergo surgery on the knees, skeleton and skin on November 1 - 8, 25 - 30. On November 7 – 15 and 23, surgical intervention will be fraught with some difficulties;
  • November 1 – 8, 24 – 30 you can operate on the head and neck area and it is better not to go under a scalpel on November 16 – 23;
  • An operation performed on April 1 - 6, 27 - 30 will help to completely get rid of the disease of the shoulder girdle and arms. Surgical treatment on November 7, 21 and 23 will not significantly change the patient’s condition;
  • the digestive system will respond satisfactorily to surgery on November 8, 24 – 28. On November 7 and 23, the consequences of the operation promise to be severe;
  • surgical intervention in the genital area is permissible on November 1 - 3, 24 - 30. November 7 – 10, 23 are best devoted to therapeutic procedures;
  • Heart operations will be successful on November 1 - 3, 24 - 30, and on November 7 - 10, 23, surgical treatment of the myocardium will have unforeseen consequences.

Operations in November 2022

The most successful days for operations: 3, 5, 6 (before 11:20)

Valid days for operations: 2 (after 09:00), 24, 26, 27 (before 10:20 or after 11:30), 28

Plastic surgery, beauty injections: no

Extremely unlucky days for operations: 1, 4, 7, 11, 15, 18, 19, 23, 25, 29, 30

MARS: in the sign of Aquarius (until November 16), in the sign of Pisces (from November 16)

Having moved into the sign of Pisces, Mars will almost immediately meet Jupiter in a negative aspect on November 19-20. This is an unfortunate aspect for operations: the risks will not be worth it. You may overestimate your strength and physical capabilities.

Venus will move through Libra this month, but will be retrograde in the first half of November, so we do not recommend planning plastic surgery until November 23 inclusive.

However, the end of the month is not particularly successful, so it is better to postpone plastic surgery now. Venus will be approaching opposition to Uranus, so any plastic surgery may have unexpected consequences.

Lunar calendar of operations for December 2018

  • It is most reliable to operate on the kidneys and organs of the urinary system on December 23–25. On December 7, you need to postpone your visit to the surgeon, and starting from December 22 and until the end of the month, you should completely abandon surgical treatment and prepare for the New Year holidays;
  • the upper part of the thighs and veins can be subjected to surgery on December 1 - 6, 23 - 31, and on December 7 - 15 and 22 it is better to abandon the idea of ​​surgery until a more appropriate moment;
  • The most favorable period for treatment by a surgeon in the area of ​​the chest, lungs, stomach, liver and gall bladder is December 1 - 6, 26 - 31. And the most unsafe days are December 7, 20 – 22;
  • surgery in the knee area, on the skin and skeleton will be completed successfully on December 1 - 5, 23 - 31, however, December 7 - 12 and 22 should be carried out not on the operating table, but at home;
  • Energy on December 1 - 6 and 23 - 31 will contribute to the successful completion of surgery on the head and neck area. If possible, such a serious step should be abandoned on December 7, 13 – 22;
  • the patient will quickly recover after surgery on the upper limbs and shoulder girdle if he seeks help from a surgeon on December 1 - 6, 25 - 31. Complications cannot be avoided after surgery on December 7, 13 – 22;
  • the digestive system can be operated on on December 6, 23 and 31, but on December 7 and 22 surgery will not benefit the patient;
  • the genital area is safest to undergo surgical treatment on December 23–27, but in no case on December 7 and 22;
  • “heart” operations will be successful on December 23–27, and problematic on December 7 and 22.

How to determine the most favorable day for surgery according to the lunar calendar 2022

Astrologers assure that when calculating the most suitable day for surgical procedures, one must take into account not only the phase in which the Moon is located, but also the location of celestial bodies. Here are some astrological aspects that can affect the results of the operation:

  1. The tandem of the Moon and the constellation Capricorn puts the skeletal system of the body under attack, with the lower limbs suffering the most.
  2. The gastrointestinal tract is completely under the control of the Moon when it is in Cancer.
  3. The union of the night celestial body with Leo is a serious contraindication for surgical treatment of the cardiovascular system.
  4. The lower legs and ankles experience the most powerful influence of the Moon when it is in Pisces.
  5. The combination of the lunar body with Virgo does not bode well for the femoral part of the legs, Scorpio, fueled by the Moon, poses a danger to the excretory system, and Libra negatively affects the spine.
  6. Moon in Aquarius is an ambiguous pairing. For example, they can have both beneficial and destructive effects on the body's lymphatic system. It all depends on the individual characteristics of a person’s health.
  7. The Moon being in Aries is a warning sign that rules out any surgical intervention in the head area. At this time, even going to the dentist is undesirable.
  8. When the Moon reaches the constellation Taurus, the neck and throat are most often affected.
  9. The condition of the liver and gall bladder largely depends on the Moon when it is in Sagittarius. Basically, all therapeutic procedures during this period are very effective, but surgical treatment does not always meet the expectations of specialists.
  10. The energy of the Moon, supported by the power of Scorpio, can have an extremely negative impact on the condition of the intimate area of ​​the body. When the lunar body is in the territory of this treacherous constellation, it is dangerous to operate on the genitals.
  11. Moon and Gemini help in therapeutic treatment of the upper limbs, shoulder girdle and lungs, but oppose surgery in these areas.

The influence of lunar phases on the human body

To understand how the Moon affects success in surgical matters, you need to understand its effect on the human body. Its phases replace each other. They affect the vital activity and activity of the body. That is, in some phases a person is more resilient and strong, and in others - less so. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun and, accordingly, brings solar energy to the Earth to a greater or lesser extent. Influence of lunar phases:

  1. The first phase is considered to be the new moon. Energy is directly related to the elements of the Earth. During the first phase, a person feels an increase in energy and vigor. This period, which lasts seven days, is best devoted to treating the eyes and head.
  2. The second phase (first quarter) is the element of Water. This is an emotionally intense period. But the outcome of any case will be positive. During this period, it is worthwhile to treat the gastrointestinal tract and liver.
  3. Full moon. The moon fully reveals its energy, but affects the body in a negative way. Tension, insomnia and exhaustion appear. Any surgical operations should be postponed; they will not bring a positive result. After the full moon, the third phase begins, subordinate to the element of Air. It has the effect of reducing appetite. You can start the fight against excess weight. This will have a positive effect on the body as a whole.
  4. The element of Fire favors the fourth and last phase of the Moon (waning). Characterized by a negative effect on the body. Fatigue and apathy are faithful companions of this period. Biorhythms are also affected.

During eclipses, any medical manipulations with the body are not the best solution.

How does the planet Mars affect surgical treatment?

Not only the Moon can influence the course and result of a surgical intervention. In the energy plane, all operations and all manipulations in any way related to the release of blood are subject to the warlike planet Mars.

The ancient Romans worshiped Mars, who was considered the god of war. Astrologers watch Mars especially closely when it is in a state of retrograde (a state of backward motion in relation to other celestial bodies). Retrograde is a sign of a planet's weakness. Retrograde Mars is determined: it has been observed that during this period the percentage of violent deaths and accidents is very high.

Patients who are “lucky enough” to be on the operating table when Mars is weakened will most likely have to undergo more than one operation to eliminate complications and correct the mistakes of an unsuccessful surgical intervention. Treatment may take a long time. Mars also does not guarantee that the patient will not have injuries that surgeons will no longer be able to correct.

In 2022, Mars retrograde will rule our destinies from June 27 to August 27 inclusive. On its way, the insidious planet will meet the constellations Capricorn and Aquarius. This means that it is better to postpone all manipulations related to the lymph node system and the skeletal system to a more favorable time.

The position of celestial bodies is not the ultimate truth, especially when it comes to your health. You shouldn’t treat the advice of the deceptive Moon with fanaticism, but from time to time it won’t hurt to look at the lunar calendar - if you know that your operation is scheduled for an auspicious day, you will receive the necessary reserve of courage and optimism to successfully undergo surgery.

May 2022

Drug treatments will not always be effective at this time. Some tablets may need to be discontinued or replaced with other drugs due to their poor effectiveness. You should be extremely careful about the dosage of medications, as they may be taken excessively and cause problems with removal from the body. An extremely unstable month for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, and even a negative reaction to medications is possible.

  • From May 16 to May 28, you can carry out operations of any nature, from the simplest to those that require a long time. Don’t worry about the risks, they will be kept to minimal
  • May 22, last quarter of the Moon, unstable period, it is advisable to cancel operations on the thyroid gland and reschedule those aimed at removing benign or malignant tumors
  • You should not have cosmetic surgery, especially on your legs, between May 16 and May 17. At this time, the Moon is at its apogee and perigee, which will negatively affect recovery and health
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