Mesotherapy for the face: universal beauty injections?

Progress of the procedure and result

Facial mesotherapy without a needle consists of several stages:

  • cleansing, makeup removal using a special lotion;
  • peeling;
  • preparing an individual “cocktail” for a specific patient (it may include vitamins, hyaluronic or glycolic acid, anti-aging, moisturizing compounds, antiseptics, plant extracts);
  • hardware application of the composition to the skin, thanks to which beneficial substances penetrate deeply, nourishing the tissues and improving their appearance.

After the correction, you can immediately evaluate the result: the skin becomes smooth, nourished, radiant and youthful. Swelling and irregularities in relief disappear, enlarged pores narrow, and fine wrinkles smooth out. The course may require 3-5 procedures. The effect lasts for several months, then, if necessary, sessions can be repeated.

An important advantage: facial mesotherapy without a needle is suitable even for people with very sensitive skin. Correction can be carried out at any time of the year, without restrictions. In autumn, summer and winter, the compositions will be different - you can choose preparations for moisturizing, preventing inflammation, mild antiseptics (they will get rid of inflammation and regulate the production of sebum).

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