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Denisova Tatyana Viktorovna - Ukrainian choreographer. Tatyana founded her own choreographic group in Germany and is a jury of several dance competitions, in particular "Dancing" on the TNT channel in Russia, as well as "Everybody dance" on the STB channel in Ukraine. He is also a mentor and choreographer on these projects, as well as on the Ukrainian show "Dancing with the Stars".

Tatiana Denisova

Tatyana Denisova: biography

Tatyana Viktorovna Denisova is a Ukrainian choreographer, founder of the German troupe “JB Ballet” and a member of the jury of the popular TV shows “Everyone Dances” on the Ukrainian channel “STB” and “Dancing” on the Russian TNT.

Tatyana was born on February 11, 1981 in the Kaliningrad region. Tanya's father was a sailor, and her mother worked as a kindergarten teacher. The girl was two years old when the family moved to Sevastopol, where her father was offered an interesting job.

Choreographer Tatyana Denisova

It was in this city that Denisova became acquainted with dancing. But first, the girl devoted more than five years to rhythmic gymnastics. The first choreographic number that the little girl performed was a dance to Alla Pugacheva’s song “Ballet, Ballet.” After this, the parents seriously thought about changing the sports section to the dance section.

At the age of 10, Tatyana began attending a dance studio, where she studied classical choreography. At home, the girl, in addition to classical techniques, honed the technique of modern dance, the idea of ​​which she took from video clips of Madonna and then Britney Spears.

Tatiana Denisova

Soon the young dancer entered the legendary Leningrad Choreographic School named after Agrippina Vaganova, having passed a competition of 30 people per place. A petite girl with ideal body parameters (height - 165 cm, weight - 48) from her first lessons established herself as a diligent student. But Denisova was not destined to graduate from this institution: due to family circumstances, the girl returned to Ukraine.

Tatyana received her higher education at the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts. There Denisova assembled her own dance group, in which she both danced and acted as a choreographer, although at that time she was only 21 years old.


In February 1981, Tatyana Viktorovna Denisova was born into the family of a sailor and a teacher. When she was 2 years old, the family moved to Sevastopol, where Tanya’s father was offered an interesting job.

The dance biography of Tatyana Denisova began here. Initially, she was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, but after the first number to the song of Alla Pugacheva, her parents seriously thought about sending their daughter to a dance club.

Young Tanya began practicing choreography professionally at the age of 10. In class, she studied classical and ballet dance techniques, and when she came home, she enthusiastically repeated the movements of the then youth idols - Britney Spears and Madonna.


For about three years, Tatyana Denisova worked with ballet in Kyiv, and at the same time taught choreography at the Kiev Variety and Circus College. But then foreign organizers drew attention to the promising director.

Denisova was offered to create a dance theater in Germany, and Tatyana founded and began to manage the JB ballet project. A new stage has begun in the creative biography of the choreographer. Denisova invited exclusively Ukrainian dancers to this ballet. Tatyana also worked as a choreographer and director of holiday shows and circus acts in European countries.

And in 2009, Tatyana first received an offer to take the judge’s chair in the second season of the mega-rated Ukrainian show “Everybody Dance!” on the STB channel. Moreover, the girl was not only a member of the jury along with Vlad Yama, Alexei Litvinov and Francisco Gomez, but also choreographed dances for promising participants in the television project. The choreographer specialized in such styles as Broadway and disco.

Denisova remained a constant person in this program, where, in addition to Tatiana, honored choreographers Radu Poklitaru and Konstantin Tomilchenko appeared. Tatyana did not leave the project from the second to the final ninth seasons and earned the right to be called a legend of the project. Dancer Vlad Yama lasted longer at the competition than Denisova.

Interesting Facts

  • Specializes in disco and Broadway styles.
  • Inspired by listening to the music of Queen, Elton John, Bon Jovi, Nickelback, Guns'n'Roses;
  • Gets inspired by watching dance compositions by masters of their craft Cyd Charisse, Frad Astaire, Sylvie Guillem, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolf Nureyev, Karina Smirnoff, Slavik Kriklivy;
  • She gets inspired by experimenting with 3D choreography: dancing on canvases, “Alpha Gravity”.
  • Life credo “Always rely only on yourself.”
  • The choreographer herself has not danced for a long time. She enjoys being a director - watching her work on stage. According to Tatyana Denisova, to become a dance star, it is rare that talent alone is needed. You also need basic body control skills. Those who do not have them are unlikely to achieve high results in this area.
  • Tatyana Denisova is often compared to Yegor Druzhinin, whose place she took in “Dancing.” There's really no point in comparisons here. Tatyana and Yegor have different biographies. There is also nothing connecting them in their personal lives. Egor left due to forced circumstances. It’s not Tatyana’s fault that she “took” his place. It’s unpleasant for a girl to read negative comments about herself online. Fortunately, she has already developed immunity to aggression.


"Dancing on TNT"

In 2016, the Ukrainian queen of dance, as Tatiana’s fans call her, was offered to become a judge on the Russian show “Dancing on TNT.” Together with the Ukrainian, American choreographer Philip Chibiba, better known as Pacman, Mikhailovsky Theater ballet dancer Ivan Vasiliev and Bolshoi Theater ballet soloist Kristina Kretova were invited to evaluate the participants’ performances.

Tatyana Denisova in the show “Dancing on TNT”

In 2022, in the fourth season of the competition show “Dancing” on the TNT channel, Denisova took the place of mentor Yegor Druzhinin. The Ukrainian's rival was choreographer Miguel, who has been producing productions since the beginning of the project. In August, mentors began selecting dancers for the project at castings throughout Russia.

Miguel and Tatiana Denisova

From the first episodes of the season, Tatyana Denisova acted according to her own method, which outraged TV viewers. The choreographer was accused of biased assessment of the dancers and showing sympathy for dancers who were more attractive in appearance. Tatyana Denisova initially singled out the dancers for their professionalism, but by the end of the selection she changed her mind. TV viewers were surprised that Denisova, having shown favor to dancer Elena Pul, did not take the girl into the team due to a lack of energy in the dance. And Shinzhina approved Aykhan only after he danced with his torso bare.

As a result, the choreographer’s team from Ukraine included Olya Baturina, Teona, Timur Bazarov, Yulia Gaffarova, Alexander Krupelnitsky, Yulianna Kobtseva and others. At the end of the season, the places were distributed as follows: the first and second went to the members of Miguel’s team - Vitaly Ulivanov and Dima Bonchinche, and the third and fourth to Tatyana Denisova’s charges - Yulia Gaffarova and Ildar Gainutdinov.

Tatiana Denisova

Denisova’s shocking behavior on the project only increased the interest of Russian viewers in the choreographer’s person. In December, the girl, together with her project colleague Miguel, became a guest of the humorous program “Where is the logic?” In the program, the soloists of the Serebro group, Olga Seryabkina and Ekaterina Kishchuk, performed against the team of the “Dancing” show. As a result of a tense but fun game, the choreographers won with a score of 8:4.

After the end of the fourth season of the show “Dancing”, they went on a tour with a concert program to cities in Russia and neighboring countries. The program is a mix of new and already favorite choreographic numbers.

Don't stop there

Like all highly educated people, Denisova is constantly engaged in self-education and improving her skills. She has her own idols in the world of dance. She uses knowledge from various areas of the art world in her productions. Constantly experiments with styles and genres.

The art of great dancers inspires her to create new dance figures and steps. Rudolf Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Slavik Kriklivy and Karina Smirnoff are her reference points on stage. These artists captivated the audience with their charisma, irresistible body flexibility, and expressiveness of movements.

Denisova herself is worthy of admiration. In her life, she was used to relying only on herself. Without connections and influential relatives, thanks to her talent and hard work, she became what she is.

In August 2022, the next season of “Dancing on TNT” began. Yegor Druzhinin returned to the project, this pleased both Tatyana and Miguel, who for several seasons were the only mentors of the dance teams.

Before the start of the season, Tatyana was hospitalized with a suspected stroke. Doctors provided her with the necessary assistance, and she returned to work. The fifth season of “Dancing” once again confirmed the skill of the Ukrainian choreographer. The winner of the competition was Denisova’s team member Alexey Letuchy.

From the very beginning of the show, Alexey was considered almost the only favorite of the season. Tatyana Denisova made every effort to ensure that his numbers did not leave the jury's choice. They truly were the best. Season 6 of “Dancing on TNT” is ahead. Once again, three mentors will recruit dancers for their teams. Tatyana is ready to give free rein to her ambitions and prove that she continues to rule the dance Olympus.

Personal life

Tatyana Denisova's first husband was aerial acrobat Ilya Strakhov. The young couple lived together for several years; a son, Lev, was born into the family in 2009, but the couple subsequently separated. Tatyana and Ilya managed to maintain friendly relations. As Denisova says, one day she and her husband realized that it was easier for them to be apart than together.

Tatyana Denisova with her son

At the beginning of 2011, rumors appeared about the choreographer’s affair with a participant in the musical talent show “X-Factor”, singer Alexander Krivoshapko. Despite the fact that her lover was 12 years younger, Tatyana felt happy and did not feel the age difference. In May, Denisova and Krivoshapko officially became spouses. The newlyweds celebrated their wedding in Kyiv, where they visited the registry office, and then stopped at the church to light candles.

Subsequently, their relationship resembled hostilities - either stormy public breaks on the eve of the New Year, or bright reconciliations on Valentine's Day. In the fall of 2012, the couple finally separated, followed by divorce proceedings.

Alexander Krivoshapko and Tatyana Denisova

Such a painful relationship has led to the fact that now Tatyana Denisova completely hides her personal life and does not tell the press and fans about new novels. At official events, the choreographer most often appears together with his young gentleman, his son Leo.

On the 9th season of the Ukrainian show “Everybody Dance!” From communication between Tatiana Denisova and colleague judge Radu Poklitar, it became known that the girl was married again.

Choreographer Tatyana Denisova

Denisova is known as a highly educated, intelligent person. Tatyana is a well-read woman and is well versed in various types of art. Denisova identified Rudolf Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Slavik Kriklivy and Karina Smirnoff as her idols, as well as foreign stars - Cyd Charisse, Fred Astaire and Sylvie Guillem.

In addition to creative experiments, the girl does not refuse to be shocking on social networks. After divorcing her second husband, Tatyana arranged a photo shoot in the shower, which she called “My Party.” And in 2015, the choreographer posted a photo on Instagram in which she appeared completely naked in splashes of water. The photographer captured the dancer while swimming in the lake.

In 2016, a debate broke out between fans of the presenter on social networks: whether Tatyana had a nose job or not. In the photographs of 2014-2015, the bridge of the girl’s nose looks wider than in the photos and videos of 2016. The choreographer's followers were divided into two camps: some believe that Tatyana had surgery, others believe that the dancer applies makeup correctly.

Plastic surgery

Tatiana's stunning appearance and youthful skin is not only a woman's good genetics. There is no reliable information about surgical intervention. According to experts, she underwent several plastic surgeries. Because choreographer Denisova has changed a lot in appearance after plastic surgery. The choreographer looks much younger than her peers at the same age. Salon cosmetic procedures alone are not enough to get rid of age-related changes on the skin.

Denisova's fans come to her defense. In their opinion, the woman did not resort to plastic surgery, and the secret of her youth lies in proper makeup. Permanent makeup made her lips more expressive, and highlighting certain areas visually made her nose smaller.

The rumors about plastic surgery are confirmed by Tatyana’s sudden lull in the spring of 2017 on social networks. After she posted a new photo online, fans noticed how much the choreographer’s appearance had changed. It was this situation that fueled rumors about plastic surgery.

If we compare the last photo with earlier photographs, the changes in Tatyana’s appearance are obvious. It is noticeable that in my youth my cheekbones and nose were fuller. In photo 2022, the oval of the face has become more refined. The most controversial procedure is nose surgery. The star denies its existence. In her youth, her nose was quite large with a forked tip. When smiling, it seemed as if the tip of the nose was resting on the lip. In the latest photographs, the nose began to look more neat: the back narrowed, the tip became smaller and shorter and rose slightly upward. After rhinoplasty, Denisova’s face began to look more harmonious.

The volume of the choreographer's lips causes a lot of controversy. This sensual shape can be achieved by contouring with hyaluronic fillers. Early photographs of Denisova show that her lips were thin and gave her face excessive severity. The final touch to changing the woman’s appearance was the removal of Bish’s lumps.

Every young girl can envy the choreographer’s slender and fit figure. Tatyana looks perfect in any outfit. In the photographs where she is photographed naked, not a single flaw is visible on her body. In an interview, the woman talks about how every woman can look the same. According to her, the secret of her beauty and youth lies in self-love, proper nutrition, an active lifestyle and regular exercise. But skeptics do not believe her words and accuse her of lying. They claim that Denisova had breast surgery. Therefore, she can afford to wear revealing outfits with a deep neckline.

Tatyana Denisova now

On August 25, 2022, the new season of the show “Dancing on TNT” started. The main event is the return of Yegor Druzhinin as a mentor. The renowned choreographer will share the mission with Miguel and Tatyana Denisova. Tatyana was happy about Yegor’s return; in her opinion, this would be an interesting battle of the teams.

On August 22, 2022, Denisova made her fans worry. Tatyana posted a photo from the hospital on Instagram, saying that she was hospitalized

in a pre-stroke state. The star was taken by doctors to a Kyiv hospital, where she was provided with the necessary assistance. She feels better now.

What is known about the dancer’s personal life today?

A colleague of Tatyana Denisova let slip about changes in the girl’s personal life. It turned out that the girl’s biography was supplemented by another marriage. It became known that Tatyana has a husband.

They started talking about this after the speech of 26-year-old Massimo Arduini from Italy. The guy danced quite well. However, the judges did not appreciate the young man’s efforts. They unanimously decided that the guy lacked emotions. Tatyana Denisova liked the young man. She said that the man needed to be “fucked” a little because he didn’t get enough sleep. Tatiana's colleague Radu Poklitaru approached her with a joking question about when her husband was leaving so that the girl could take up training as a young dancer. The girl's answer came out crumpled. Most likely, she did not expect to hear such a question, especially on the set of the program.

Fans of Tatyana Denisova decided that she really has a husband, whom the girl skillfully hides from the public. Perhaps this is true. The young woman is tired of public relationships. She had the experience of marriage, which ended unsuccessfully both times. Both spouses were media figures at that time. The couples Tatiana and Alexander or Tatiana and Ilya could not get rid of the attention of the press.

If Tatyana Denisova really got married, then most likely her new husband has nothing to do with show business. It is likely that the girl specifically chose a guy who would not “shine” on TV.

So far, Tatyana has managed to keep her relationship a secret. The press is closely monitoring changes in the dancer’s personal life. As soon as something becomes known about the girl’s new husband, her biography will have to be supplemented with another official marriage.

Whether Tatyana is free or not, in any case, the main man in her life is her son Leo, whom she is raising on her own.

Key achievements

Tatyana Denisova is a famous dancer and choreographer. For Russian viewers, Tatyana is primarily one of the leaders and inspirers of the television show “Dancing.” Since 2022, when she joined this project, the program has enjoyed continued success and popularity.

The biography of Tatyana Denisova is a worthy example to follow. Not every dancer achieves success in their own country, and it is even more difficult to do so abroad. Tatyana Denisova managed to create her own team in Kyiv, and then, having moved to Germany, continued working there. Her JB ballet troupe is very famous and performs successfully in Europe.

Ukrainian viewers know and love the artist for her work in the TV show “Everybody Dance!”

A true professional, a bright and beautiful woman, she gained a lot of fans among the audience. We can safely say that Tatyana Denisova’s personal life arouses no less interest among the public than her professional achievements.

Show “Everybody Dance!”

Project “Everybody Dance!” started in Ukraine in September 2008. The talent search show instantly became popular. It was an adaptation of the popular British program So You Think You Can Dance? The project promised to show a new generation of dance artists. Famous choreographers taught and examined the dancers. Tatyana Denisova joined the judges in 2009.

All participants were given the opportunity not only to become famous, but also to receive a substantial monetary reward. The show existed until September 2016, and then was closed. After this, Denisova was invited to participate in a similar Russian project “Dancing”.

Dance career

When Tatyana Denisova assembled her troupe, she was 21 years old. She herself performed with other guys, being at the same time a choreographer. In Kyiv they quickly became known. At the same time, Tatyana began teaching at the Variety and Circus College. Every year, around the time of graduation, foreign agents visit the college in search of new talent. Denisova’s team received an offer to start working in Germany. In her opinion, at that time in Ukraine they had reached the limit, they wanted further development, and in 2004 they moved abroad.

Now JB ballet is widely known in Europe. He works at the Fantissima theater in Cologne. Denisova is personally involved in staging bright spectacular shows; she herself no longer appears on stage. She also ensures that new talented artists appear in the team. Some of them become participants in television shows, where Tatyana Viktorovna acts as a choreographer.

The group also periodically holds castings, selecting promising dancers.

Fig. 2: JB ballet performance

JB ballet is a serious dance group where bright, unique artists perform. Ballet participants Oleg Tatarinov and Tatyana Maslova were named the opening of the season after their triumphant performance in the Got to Dance show in Germany.

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