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The fact that one can judge a person’s character by the structure of his face was known in ancient times; thinkers such as Hippocrates and Aristotle wrote a lot about this in their scientific works. Nowadays, in some eastern countries, the diagnosis of traditional medicine is based on physiognomy, because health problems are also easy to “read” on a person’s face, even by the chin.

A very good indicator for determining a person’s character, his inclinations and talents, as well as possible behavioral problems, is the chin. It is interesting that the chin becomes fully formed only after the age of thirty - and it is then that the correct conclusions, from the point of view of physiognomy, can be drawn.

Physiognomy - chin in women

According to physiognomy, a woman’s chin can be used to read the character of its owner as if from an open book:

  • Sharp - gives its owner politeness and courtesy, but at the same time - secrecy, cunning, and insincerity.
  • Very long and sharp - the woman will be vindictive and vindictive , sometimes even cruel.
  • Round - indicates that its owner lacks strength of character, but at the same time she is an excellent organizer, capable of making everyone around her work for her benefit.
  • Oval - considered ideal for women who are artistic and loving. But their vitality and health in old age, unfortunately, will be greatly weakened.
  • Square - does not make a woman very attractive, but gives her a strong character and perseverance, increased practicality and a desire for career growth.
  • Forked - in a light form it gives a certain piquancy to its owner, speaks of the passion and sensuality of its owner.

Chin and character in women

Physiognomy - chin in men

  • Based on the base of the face, the chin, you can analyze a man’s character. And to make it as accurate as possible, examine the chin of the man you are interested in both from the front and in profile.
  • In general , by the shape, size and characteristics of a man’s chin, physiognomy judges the stamina of its owner, his endurance and ability to concentrate on anything. The expressiveness of the entire face as a whole depends on the significance of the chin.
  • By size : powerful, well-defined chins - for confident men who are ready to fight; small - among sensual guys who are sensitive to criticism and who need praise.
  • Width : wide – for strong, hardy men who can easily overcome all obstacles in their path; narrow - for gentle, soft men, distinguished by delicacy and romanticism in relationships.
  • Shape : round - for responsive, caring men with a big soul, ready to help those who need it; angular - among males striving for high ideals, avid debaters; pointed - among lovers of free life, a kind of lone wolves who are extremely difficult to control.
  • In side view : oblique - for lazy, weak-willed men who are ready to keep silent about something and even lie in order to avoid conflict; speaker - very strong personalities who are ready to overcome any obstacles on the path to success; double - for men endowed with power, strong in character, and commanding the respect of others.

Chin in men

Prominent representatives

Various world publications regularly conduct ratings of the most beautiful and sexiest men on the planet (Heart world, Life). Looking at celebrity portraits, it is easy to understand what a strong-willed chin means. This is an invariable attribute of all modern sex symbols. It is possessed not only by actors who traditionally star in action films - Steven Seagal, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren. But also handsome men George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Justin Timberlake.

The picture is similar among Russians. Sex symbols from Nikolai Eremenko to Vasily Stepanov (the blockbuster “Inhabited Island”) are the owners of an outstanding lower part of the face. Among the legendary politicians, whose contribution to history has been confirmed by time, there are also many men distinguished by the presence of a strong-willed chin: John Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin. The existing exceptions only confirm the rule.

Physiognomy: chin shape and character

Physiognomy and analysis of the shape of the chin is an excellent indicator of a masculine character:

  • Round – it happens in men who are responsive, caring, hospitable, generous and open. For such people, caring for others and solving their problems comes first. They are also called kind-hearted.
  • Angular - characteristic of ideological men who spend their whole lives in motion to achieve some high goals, striving for ideals. These are principled people, ready to prove they are right until they are hoarse, and selflessly argue.
  • Pointed - such a man is very independent , not subject to any outside influence, and always takes the advice and recommendations of others with hostility. The only exception can be if the adviser can clearly argue for the need to perform certain actions and convince such a man.

Concept diffusion

The chin is responsible for the shape of the face as a whole, completing its lower part. Each race has its own characteristics in its structure. Thus, Negroids are distinguished by slightly developed chins, Mongoloids - by their almost complete absence. And representatives of the white race have the most pronounced lower part of the face. The most developed jaw, which influences its shape, is found in Americans. They are the ones closest to the ideal of what people mean by the concept of a “strong-willed chin.”

It is believed that it was the Americans who largely contributed to the spread of this term. Hollywood actor Spencer Tracy (1900-1967), who played gangsters at the beginning of his career, introduced a more glamorous concept to replace the “American jaw,” endowing his characters with masculinity and strong-willedness instead of arrogance and rudeness. With his help, a prominent chin became a sign of a real man, which began to influence the perception of others.

Physiognomy: double chin in men - character

  • If a double chin is observed in an overweight man, then it is a completely natural phenomenon that should be gotten rid of as part of the general fight against unnecessary kilograms.
  • But for a fit representative of the stronger sex, the physiognomy of a double chin tells of a good old age, surrounded by children and grandchildren, in prosperity and respect with good health.
  • But the owners of a small but excessively fleshy double chin are noble voluptuous people.

Double chin

Physiognomy: square chin in men - character

  • Square-shaped chins give the face masculinity, firmness, and a strong masculinity, which is undoubtedly attractive to women.
  • It must be remembered that, in addition to such masculine features, the physiognomy of a square chin can speak of a person’s enchanting stubbornness and willfulness. And if it protrudes slightly forward and sticks up, then add to this practicality, even some commercialism, as well as a craving for power.

Square chin


Positivity, optimism and a joyful attitude in life - this is what is inherent in the owners of a chin of this shape. People who have it round always have many friends.

They are loved and appreciated, but they themselves avoid leadership positions. And if they occupy a leadership position, they do everything in order to first unite the team and only then lead it to the goal. And it works! Subordinates are incredibly inspired by the dedication of their leader. And the human attitude towards each team member makes you respect and listen.

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Physiognomy: chin forward - character

  • By looking at a person in profile, you can assess how much his chin protrudes.
  • In men with a strongly protruding chin, according to physiognomy, such qualities as stubbornness and perseverance predominate in their character; they will purposefully move towards their goal, and are very success-oriented.
  • The motto of such men is: “Only victory - and nothing else!” They are not afraid of any obstacles or difficulties on the way to a result.

Physiognomy: wide chin - character

  • The width of a man's chin, according to physiognomy, is directly dependent on his strong-willed character traits. That is, a man with a very wide chin will be surprisingly resilient, physically strong, stress-resistant, and able to fight the aggressive outside world.
  • Such a man will not be a romantic or talk much about his feelings, but, believe me, he will do a lot.
  • Such men are well suited for leadership positions, as they can take responsibility for large teams.

Wide chin

Physiognomy: sharp chin - character

Physiognomy - sharp chin:

  • A man with a sharp chin needs to be extremely careful when giving advice or tasks - he can react extremely negatively to this. And the stronger the pressure, the more violently you will receive a rebuff. It may even seem to you that you are “throwing pearls before swine,” but in fact, in this case, it is better not to unfoundedly insist on fulfilling your demands, but to specifically explain to a man with a sharp chin why a certain task should be completed and what the benefits will be for everyone. benefit.
  • Such debaters are candidates for the development of diseases “based on nervousness”: problems with the gastrointestinal tract, allergies, and so on. Therefore, owners of a sharp chin should work on themselves and avoid conflicts with others. And also - learn to relax, take a break from irritating factors (best of all - alone in the lap of nature).


Famous personalities

The conclusions are confirmed by examples from the lives of celebrities. Thus, the Duchess of Cornwall, whose strong-willed chin can be seen in the photograph, had an affair with Prince Charles before divorcing her first husband, Andrew Parker-Bowles. And the owner of a neat lower face, Joanne Woodward, lived her entire life in marriage to Paul Newman, a Hollywood star who drove women crazy with his bottomless blue eyes.

Women's strong-willed chins rarely have a quadrangular shape. They are more rounded and attractive in appearance. They often make the proportions of the face, especially in its lower third, more correct and perfect. Celebrities with a protruding jaw include Julianne Moore, Cynthia Nixon, and Ksenia Sobchak. Many Hollywood careers began with chin augmentation through implantation. Among women, Angelina Jolie, Haley Bury, and Jennifer Aniston decided to undergo such surgery. Their appearance has benefited so much from this that today many are wondering how to make a strong-willed chin.

Sloping chin - physiognomy

Sloping chin - physiognomy:

  • Looking at a man in profile, you can see a sloping chin. Unfortunately, for representatives of the stronger sex this is not a very good sign, which indicates laziness and the absence of some kind of inner core.
  • These are people who are “both yours and ours,” that is, they want to remain good for everyone, and this is simply impossible. As a result, you may hear half-truths from them, a trick convenient for them.
  • They rarely get into arguments and are in no hurry to defend their rightness, preferring a bad peace to a good war.


This form is quite rare. And if you have just such a chin, then know: fate has endowed you with family pleasures.

You, a gentle and family-oriented person, will be able to become happy. You will connect your life with someone with whom you really want to spend it, being side by side. Loyalty, devotion, love and sincerity will become your eternal companions.

In addition, a long chin indicates originality and strong individuality. And also about the ability to be flexible and adapt to a variety of situations and circumstances.

Small chin - physiognomy

  • Size , in the case of studying the chin in physiognomy, is of fundamental importance.
  • Thus, men with a small chin are usually very self-critical (even excessively), so adding to this a negative assessment of their activities from the outside, you can end up with real hysteria or depression.
  • Therefore, if you do not want to hurt such a man, then it is better to praise him once again and provide moral support. After all, he adapts very poorly to aggressive reality; he simply organically cannot stand competition.

Small chin

Recommendations from experts

If you decide to correct the shape of your face yourself, then before you begin, study the advice of cosmetologists.

  1. Before training, remove makeup and apply cream to your face.
  2. At first, do the exercises in front of a mirror. If it is more convenient for you, perform all the complexes while sitting.
  3. Don’t write it off, try to feel the muscles working.
  4. When performing exercises, try to achieve a feeling of slight tingling or warmth in the tissues.

All experts agree that the key to success is regular exercise.

Cleft chin - physiognomy

  • Men with a strong, strongly cleft chin, as physiognomy says, are wonderful lovers, simply sparkling with sexuality. The masculine principle is very strongly expressed in them.
  • If a man’s chin is slightly forked and poorly defined, then its owner is a passionate person, ready for experiments and strong experiences.
  • strongly cleft but weakly defined chin signals his desire for loneliness, homelessness, even a kind of seclusion .


Contraindications for surgery

A dimple on a man’s chin – meaning, physiognomy

  • A dimple on a man’s chin, according to physiognomy, indicates that the owner of such an anatomical phenomenon will be purposeful , determined in achieving his goals, and persistent .
  • These are men with strong character and iron willpower - and the deeper the hole, the more strongly these qualities will manifest themselves.
  • Women simply adore such men because they intuitively recognize their bright temperament and love of love.

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