Vacuum facial cleansing: features and advantages of the procedure

There are many methods by which high-quality facial cleansing is carried out. They differ not only in the degree of impact, but also in effectiveness. One of the effective and most gentle procedures is vacuum facial cleansing.

A special device has minimal impact on the skin, which allows you to clean the epidermis carefully and not injure the sebaceous glands. Manipulation, like other cleansing cosmetological techniques, has its own characteristics, indications and contraindications, which it is advisable for the patient to know about before signing up for vacuum facial cleansing.

Why is the procedure performed?

The hardware method of cleansing the skin helps get rid of blackheads that clog pores. Blackheads look very unsightly on the surface of the skin and block the access of oxygen to the pores. Due to insufficient nutrition of the epithelium with oxygen and other beneficial substances, a deterioration in complexion is observed and acne often appears.

Vacuum cleansing of facial skin is good because the device is used to clean hard-to-reach problem areas, for example, the chin, nose, etc. Other methods of cleansing the epidermis are not able to treat the skin so well and get a 100% result.


  • Why is the procedure performed?
  • Features of cosmetological manipulation
  • Who is vacuum cleaning recommended for?
  • About contraindications of the procedure
  • Stages of facial cleansing using a vacuum
  • How effective is vacuum cleaning?
  • Pros and cons of vacuum facial cleansing

Preparing for the Hydrafacial procedure

The procedure does not require special preparation, but there are still recommendations that must be followed before it is carried out. A week before the procedure, do not perform any cleansing, peeling, or injections.

At your appointment, tell the doctor about past illnesses, possible allergies, medications you were taking at the time of the procedure, as well as previously performed cosmetic procedures. After consultation, the doctor can perform a Hydrafacial session immediately, or set a date for you at a time convenient for you.

Features of cosmetological manipulation

Vacuum cleaning is carried out using various replaceable attachments that are produced for a special device. The cosmetologist selects the right attachment depending on the patient’s problem. To treat oily skin types, it is advisable to use a beak-shaped tip. To get rid of fine and deep wrinkles, use a flat nozzle. Round tips should be used to activate blood vessels and improve lymphatic drainage in the body.

After connecting the device, the desired nozzle is applied to the skin, as a result of which an area of ​​​​strong pressure is formed. The skin, along with blackheads, comedones, pimples and other formations, is sucked into the cavity of the nozzle. In this way, blackheads, dirt deposits, pus and remaining sebum are drawn out from the pores.

During facial cleansing, the stratum corneum begins to peel off, and this is considered normal. In order to get rid of the residual layer of the epidermis, peeling is done, then a mask is applied to the face, which helps to narrow the pores. The restorative mask will have a nourishing effect on the epithelium. After hardware therapy, there is no redness or swelling left, which is one of the advantages of cleaning.

The cost of the Hydrafacial procedure in Moscow and detailed prices at the Novikov clinic

In our clinic we adhere to the principle: accessibility and excellent quality. Prices for the Hydrafacial procedure
at the medical center are the most affordable in Moscow.
You can attend the initial consultation with our specialist for free. The price list, which is presented below, indicates the list of services and the scope of hardware facial cleansing; the price may depend on the condition of your skin, as well as on the use of additional types of services and cosmetics.

Initial consultation0 rubles
Program update5,500 rubles
Deep cleansing program6,500 rubles
Half an hour to perfection7,800 rubles
Rejuvenation program6,950 rubles
Launch program7,250 rubles
Recovery/rehabilitation program6,100 rubles

Who is vacuum cleaning recommended for?

If the patient has an oily skin type, then mechanical cleansing cannot be done, as it can cause injury to the skin. Due to injuries to the epidermis, the sebaceous glands begin to work very intensively, as a result of which existing problems on the skin intensify (inflammation occurs, acne and pimples appear, pores become clogged).

The cosmetic procedure is indicated for: impaired turgor, lumpy skin, decreased tone and elasticity of the epidermis. If there are minor defects on the skin, acne, blackheads and large pores, vacuum facial cleansing is prescribed. Manipulation is carried out on the face only when there are no obvious inflammatory processes on the epidermis.

For severely contaminated facial skin, the technique is also used, but more sessions will be required to achieve the desired results. A cosmetologist spends much more time on heavily contaminated skin, and the doctor has to do some manipulations himself.

How does the procedure work?

Before cleaning with a vacuum device, it is very important to remove makeup and open the pores. Typically, a cosmetologist uses a standard set of products to cleanse the skin (gel, milk or foam, depending on skin type). Pores are opened using a vaporizer. If for some reason its use is impossible, then warming creams are used.

Also, before proceeding directly to the cleaning itself, the cosmetologist must remove excess sebum from enlarged pores. This process is called deencrustation. It is also carried out using a special device, only this device acts on the skin not with a vacuum, but with a small electric current.

About contraindications of the procedure

Facial cleansing using a vacuum is considered a relatively mild and painless procedure, so it is often combined with other cosmetic procedures. During hardware therapy, blood circulation increases and a strong drainage effect is exerted on the skin. If the patient has problems with blood vessels, then cleaning should not be performed.

Contraindications for vacuum facial cleansing:

  • rosacea;
  • advanced dermatosis;
  • inflammation on the skin and in the body itself;
  • rosacea;
  • pimples with pus.

If the patient has at least some kind of inflammatory process and vacuum cleaning is carried out, this may lead to the fact that with increased blood circulation, inflammatory foci may spread to other parts of the body. Manipulation should not be performed on people with dry and excessively thin skin.

When the vessels are located very close to the epithelium, hardware therapy is undesirable. Only a highly qualified doctor can judge the appropriateness of the procedure after examining the patient and reviewing the medical history.

Description of the vacuum facial peeling procedure itself

Hydrafacial hydropeeling is performed using a special Vortex-Fusion technology, which includes 6 stages of action on the skin that have a healing effect. The method is based on a combination of mechanical exfoliation, saturation with unique serums and vacuum stimulation.

Today, Hollywood cleansing has become a popular procedure in Russia, thanks to its amazing effect. Our medical center successfully practices vacuum peeling sessions using innovative HydraFacial MD equipment, which allows for deep reading and skin rejuvenation.

At all stages of treatment, patented HydroPeel nozzles are used in combination with unique serums that are developed and produced in our own laboratory

in Moscow.
is carried out step by step, each stage enhances the other and has its own characteristics.

Stages of facial cleansing using a vacuum

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Manipulation in most salons follows the same pattern. First of all, the doctor cleanses the facial skin with cosmetics with an antiseptic effect. Foams, lotions and gels must contain alcohol. The essence of preparing the epidermis is to cleanse it of fat and impurities. Also, the use of cosmetics allows you to disinfect the skin.

The next stage of cleansing is steaming the face. Vaporization is needed in order to remove deep impurities that lurk in the pores. For the steaming procedure, the cosmetologist will use either masks and lotions with an immediate steaming effect, or treat the skin thermally (using steam).

If the patient has very dirty and narrowed pores, disinfection or microcurrent should be used. Under the influence of direct current, the pores open and residual fat is removed. This stage is carried out by specialists very rarely and only when absolutely necessary.

Only now the cosmetologist begins vacuum cleaning, which on average takes from 15 to 30 minutes. The technique is non-invasive and has a positive effect on the skin. The specialist runs the device with the attachment over the surface of the face. At this time, any dirt, fatty deposits and neoplasms are drawn into the nozzle and removed from the epithelium.

During the manipulation, the patient does not feel any discomfort or pain. During hardware therapy, the doctor must constantly treat the nozzle with antiseptic drugs to avoid infection on the facial skin.

The final stage of vacuum cleaning is surface peeling. A cosmetic procedure is needed to completely remove exfoliated areas of skin. After peeling, the doctor applies a nourishing and at the same time moisturizing mask to the skin; it has a beneficial effect on the pores and narrows them.

In our work we use:

  • Certified innovative equipment made in the USA
  • We work using patented Vortex-Fusion technology
  • We approach each client individually
  • We guarantee the safety of all procedures performed
  • We use only disposable consumables

The serum that we use during the vacuum peeling procedure is developed and manufactured in our own laboratory

The hydrafacial hardware cleaning technology has gained popularity around the world and has been awarded many prestigious awards in the field of cosmetology. Now the salon treatment procedure is available to you too.

Visit Dr. Novikov's medical center and feel the effect of a unique procedure for yourself. You can sign up for a consultation by phone number: +7 (495) 694-56-59. Or take advantage of the online registration option and get a free consultation from our experienced specialist.

How effective is vacuum cleaning?

The technique helps to get rid of blackheads on the face and other formations. At the same time, dead skin particles are removed, making the skin smooth and pleasant to the touch again. After one manipulation, most patients experience a positive result.

Hardware therapy also has a rejuvenating effect, since during the procedure blood circulation improves, nutrients and oxygen enter the cells, metabolism improves and the number of wrinkles appears decreases (due to the supply of oxygen to the epithelial cells, collagen begins to be more actively produced).

Advantages and disadvantages

This method is usually considered an alternative to mechanical cleaning. However, it also has a number of advantages over chemical peels. Its main advantage is that it is a completely painless procedure that does not cause any discomfort. The patient feels how the cosmetologist runs a drainage tube with an attachment across the face - and that’s all.

Atraumatic facial cleansing - effective, safe and painless

In this case, the skin is not injured, which means it recovers very quickly. And since the stratum corneum itself is practically not removed, the skin does not change shade, which is important in the summer if you want to maintain a tan. An important advantage is that after such cleaning you do not need any special, particularly thorough care - your usual products are enough.

The main disadvantage of this procedure is that the effect does not last very long, because after some time the cleaned pores still become clogged. But since the procedure does not injure the skin, it can be performed often. Moreover, with each subsequent time the number of blackheads will decrease.

Is it possible to do it at home and how?

Vacuum rejuvenation can be performed independently at home. Portable devices are available for personal use.

A mandatory requirement is to steam the skin in a water bath. Medicinal herbs are added to the water: thyme, cornflower, chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort.

To close the pores after the procedure, wipe the face with ice or water with lemon.

Don't forget to disinfect the device. The nozzle is washed, doused with boiling water or treated with any disinfectant solution.

Popular devices

Vacuum cleaning devices are produced by many manufacturers. The most successful models are:

  • Panasonic EH2513K . Japanese device with several operating modes and different attachments. Price - from 1,500 to 2,000 rubles.

  • Gezatone . French vacuum pore cleaner with three attachments and two functions. Price - up to 1,800 rubles.

  • Super Wet Cleaner Pro . An option that combines four operating modes and additional devices in the form of: sponge, brush, massage and vacuum attachment. Cost - up to 2,500 rubles.

  • Queentone Spot Cleaner . Compact device with special cream included. Price - about 2,000 rubles.

Cost of service in the salon



Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Beauty salon "Matryoshka"st. Dnepropetrovskaya, 2 1 8007
Beauty salon "INCONTI"st. Seligerskaya, 12, bldg. 2 2 5007
Stylistics and cosmetology salon “Blossom of Beauty”st. Zapovednaya, 18, building 2 8007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Medicalst. Studencheskaya, 30 1 2007
Network of laser hair removal salons "INFINITY"st. Friedrich Engels, 64A 1 5007
Beauty salon "PurPur"st. Vladimir Nevsky, 19 1 5007

Nizhny Novgorod

Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Clinic "MISMED"st. Dobrolyubova, 20 1 6007
Aesthetic Medicine Clinic "Euromedica"st. Oboznaya, 4 1 2007
st. Bogdanovicha, 2/27 1 5007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Beauty salon "Rodniki"st. Rodniki, 2 4007
Body correction studio “Beauty and Health Factory”st. Military, 4 6507
Beauty salon "Art Deco"st. Shamshin families, 4 8007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Beauty salon “Diadem Clinic”st. Mendeleeva, 140/1 1 0007
Beauty salon "Estrella"st. Lenina, 154 8007
Beauty and health clinic "Sofitel"st. Komsomolskaya, 156/1 1 1007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Aesthetic Medicine Center "Talisia"st. Veresaeva, 10, bldg. A 6507
Center for Medical Cosmetology "Aesthetic Med"st. Demonstrations, 1 1 5007
Cosmetology "Hollywood"Lenina Ave., 66a1 2007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Cosmetology clinic of injection cosmetology “Artevita”st. Grushevskogo, 12 1 5007
Cosmetic salon "House of Beauty"st. Soviet, 1 6007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Beauty salon "Stilyagi"Lenina Ave., 84A1 5007
Beauty chair “Kor.c”Stachki Ave., 190/161 2007
Medical Center of Cosmetology and Aesthetics “ViaVi”st. Bolshaya Sadovaya, 148 1 5007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
"International Academy of Health"st. Aleutskaya, 12B 1 5007
Medicalst. Aleutskaya, 12B 1 5007
Beauty salon "Louis D'or"st. Uborevicha, 10A 1 3007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Center for hardware cosmetology “LASER Pro”st. Molodogvardeytsev, 17 1 6007
Beauty salon “Fashion House VizaViz”st. Academician Koroleva, 40 1 4007
Cosmetology clinic "MEDEOR COSMETOLOGY"st. Gorky, 16 2 0007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Aesthetic Medicine Center "Renovazio"st. Vesny, 7d 1 4007
st. Lado Ketskhoveli, 77 2 0007
Beauty salon "Empire of Style"st. Chernyshevsky, 75 1 5007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Beauty salon "Belle"st. Maxim Gorky, 30A 1 2007
Beauty salonst. Bolshaya Sadovaya, 98 1 5007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Beauty salon "Sugar"lane Bankovsky, 8 1 3007
LLC Medicalst. Ural Rabochikh, 55B 1 5007
Beauty salon "Quince"st. Onezhskaya, 8A 1 5007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Beauty salon "Anyuta"Chervishevsky tract, 721 8007
Cosmetology and beauty center “Golden Wings”st. Nikolay Fedorov, 9 1 7007
st. Kotelshchikov, 2 1 5007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Studio of laser hair removal and hardware cosmetology “GLADKO”st. Julius Fucik, 90a 1 7507
Cosmetology “Our Business”st. Khadi Atlasi, 26 1 5507
Treatment and diagnosticAlberta Kamaleev Ave., 281 9807


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Beauty salon "White Envy"st. Novoselov, 33g 5607
Beauty salon "Yves Rocher"Pervomaisky Ave., 351 2007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
MedicalKrasnoflotskaya embankment, 174507
Rehabilitation Medicine ClinicTatarsky Lane, 28507


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Center for therapeutic cosmetology "Verbena"st. Zapolnaya, 60A 1 2007
Clinic "New Technologies"st. Pavlova, 1 1 0007
Cosmetology studio "Kosmo"st. Lomonosova, 30A, room. 4 1 5007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Cosmetology studio of Alexandra Smurovast. Zhukova, 31 2 0007
Beauty salon "Tais"st. Chkalova, 32A 1 2007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Beauty and health studio "Bella"st. Malaya Yamskaya, 10/1 8507
Laser cosmetology clinicst. Pushkina, 80 1 2007
Beauty salon "Versailles"Parkovy Ave., 1/11 0007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Center for Reconstructive Medicine "Kameya"Karl Marx Ave., 242 0007
French beauty salon “Kriss Triane”st. Volochaevskaya, 15, bldg. 2 1 5007
st. Dekabristov, 45 1 5007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Beauty Studio "Enjoy"st. Pomorskaya, 41, building 1 1 2007
Beauty salon "Benignum"st. Voskresenskaya, 116, building 3 1 5007
Beauty salon "Louis D'or"st. Uritskogo, 68, building 1 1 2007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Beauty salon "Fashion Style"st. Ternopilskaya, 7 1 1007
Salon "SPA & Beauty"st. Volodarsky, 67 1 5007
Beauty salon "Smartbeauty"st. Mira, 65 1 2007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Berezina Clinicst. Karla Marksa, 26/16 1 8507
Medical cosmetology clinic “ReLine”st. Radishcheva, 5 1 5007


Name of the clinic/salonAddressCost (in rub.)Telephone
Cosmetology clinicst. Partizanskaya, 112/1 1 5007
Clinic "NovoMed"st. Dzerzhinsky, 20 1 3007


The hardware technique is required for patients who:

  • there is excessive activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • there are black spots and open ulcers;
  • age-related changes have appeared (wrinkles, uneven skin structure);
  • there are minor defects;
  • there are enlarged pores, dry acne;
  • the skin is characterized by decreased turgor.

For very oily skin, manual cleansing methods are not recommended. Vacuum cleaning often precedes the use of other techniques. In this case, the removal of impurities is accompanied by lymphatic drainage and toning.

In the price list, most beauty salons and medical centers offer a service for cleansing the skin using a vacuum. This procedure is often included in a general regimen prescribed to remove fatty plugs or keratinized particles in hard-to-reach places. After the procedure, the skin becomes elastic and youthful. Thanks to the procedure, metabolism is activated and cells are renewed.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Absolutely painless.
  • No damage.
  • There are no age or season restrictions.
  • It not only has a local cleansing effect, but also affects metabolic processes and regeneration.
  • Eliminates the consequences of mechanical cleaning, since it is not accompanied by injuries to the ducts.
  • There is no rehabilitation period.
  • Short duration of the procedure.
  • Possibility of combination with other cosmetic treatments.
  • Lack of result.
  • Minor bruising is possible if the peripheral capillaries are fragile.
  • Without steaming, the dry method stretches the skin.
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