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Most of our compatriots choose foreign cosmetic products, counting on their high quality and effectiveness. However, modern Russian companies produce no less effective products for rejuvenation and beauty that meet the highest requirements of specialists and consumers. An example of such products are drugs under the Skinasil brand, used in mesotherapy. They are produced in our country, but are in no way inferior to their foreign counterparts.

About the brand Skinasil (Skinasil)

The name of the line stands for “strong skin.” All Skinasil products are developed and manufactured in Russia, by Laboratory TOSCANI LLC, and are sold by Martinex. They can be used alone or included in a complex multi-component composition, which will not only remove fat, but will have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. For this reason, they are preferred by professional cosmetologists who make the mixtures themselves, giving them the necessary properties.

General recommendations: contraindications and side effects

Reviews of Skinasil drugs often contain questions about contraindications, side effects and other features of such products. Let's look at each clarification in a little more detail.

Restrictions on the use of the composition are determined more by the procedure itself, and not by the drug used during it. Thus, standard contraindications apply to conditions such as pregnancy, lactation, skin hypersensitivity, elevated body temperature, exacerbation of chronic diseases. Mesotherapy based on specific products cannot be carried out if you are allergic to the components of the meso cocktail.

As for side effects, they can manifest themselves in an allergic reaction. However, if the peculiarities of individual intolerance to the components were taken into account, such risks are practically eliminated. But swelling, bruises and papules are standard manifestations after injections of any means.

Areas requiring correction with lipolytics

Cosmetological problems (excess fat layers, wrinkles, sagging, cellulite) can appear on different parts of the body and face. Skinasil is suitable for any of them.

On the face:

  • neck (back),
  • cheeks,
  • "double chin,
  • around eyes.

On the body:

  • stomach,
  • buttocks,
  • inner and outer (“breeches”) sides of the thighs,
  • shoulders,
  • elbows and knees,
  • back (under the shoulder blades).

For one procedure, no more than two ampoules are used, 5 ml each. The one-time and course amount of Skinasil is determined by a cosmetologist and depends on the volume of fat, the degree of skin damage and the area of ​​treatment.

Description of the complex

To urgently “exterminate” unwanted fat deposits on their own beautiful body, people striving for perfection use the most advanced and effective means. One of the “lifesavers” of modern cosmetology and dietetics is the method of mesotherapy. Specially developed drugs are designed to affect different parts of the body with the required intensity. They are injected using a thin, short needle into the middle layers of the skin or subcutaneous fat.

The common name for the procedure is chemical liposuction. The reduction in the volume of fat in the treated area occurs without the risk to life, which to some extent involves the use of anesthesia during the surgical (classical) method of “pumping out” annoying deposits.

What does Skinasil contain?

The Skinasil brand unites sixteen products that differ in composition and purpose. They contain in different combinations:

  • Sodium deoxycholate is a salt of deoxycholic acid, a compound natural to the body, found in bile, which makes the walls of fat cells permeable to lipolytic substances (MPH - lipolytic complex, Lipocat).
  • L-carnitine, or levocarnitine, is a vitamin-like compound (sometimes mistakenly called vitamin B11), helps to use fatty acids not excreted with lymph in metabolism (for energy supply to muscles) (MPH - lipolytic complex, Slim Body, Lekarcel).
  • DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) - strengthens skin cell membranes, evens out wrinkles, eliminates signs of gravitational ptosis; A natural substance for the body, it becomes less abundant with age (DMAE Complex, DMAE, Body Lift).
  • Troxerutin is a venotonic, strengthens capillary walls, fights swelling and inflammation (VLD Forte).
  • Organic silicon is a component of connective tissue; restores, regenerates and moisturizes the skin; often included in mesotherapy formulations (Slim Body, Silikin, DMAE Complex).
  • Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide, a filler for the collagen and elastin matrix of the dermis; attracts and retains water molecules, moisturizing the skin (DMAE Complex, X-ADN Gel).
  • Collagen (hydrolyzate) - increases skin elasticity, participating in the creation of an elastic framework in the dermis (Kolelast Complex, Body Lift).
  • Elastin (hydrolysate) is a source of proline, valine, lysine and other amino acids for the elastic matrix of the skin (Kolelast Complex, Body Lift, X-ADN Gel).
  • B vitamins - have a positive effect on hair health, strengthen hair follicles, control redox reactions in the scalp (Strong Health).
  • Zinc (chloride) - used for hair problems (early gray hair and baldness), has a healing effect, affects the sebaceous glands (Strong Health).
  • Copper - prevents dystrophic changes in the hair follicle, affects its natural pigmentation (Strong Health).
  • Medicinal dandelion (root extract) is a natural choleretic agent that accelerates the removal of broken down fat from the body (MPC - lipolytic complex).
  • Guarana (seed extract) - accelerates metabolism, detoxifies, removes excess water, controls cholesterol levels (Slim Body).
  • Green tea extract - supports metabolism (especially carbohydrate metabolism), tones the skin and blood vessels, removes water from the body, binds free radicals (Slim Body).
  • Caffeine-sodium benzoate - potentiates the effect of guarana and green tea (Slim Body, Lipokof).
  • Asian centella, or Gotu Kola (extract) is a strong dermatoprotector, biostimulator, activates dermal fibroblasts, enriches the dermis with collagen (VLD Forte).
  • Artichoke (extract) is a diuretic and decongestant component, protects the walls of blood vessels (VLD Forte, Alkafit).
  • Sweet clover extract (coumarin) - breaks down fats, promotes blood circulation (VLD Forte).
  • Fucus vesiculosa (extract) - brown algae; promotes lipolysis, good immunomodulator, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, detoxifying, choleretic and diuretic (VLD Forte).
  • Gingko biloba (extract) - facilitates the outflow of lymph, venous blood and metabolites from areas treated with Skinasil; cytoprotector, anti-inflammatory agent (Strong Health, Gibilan).
  • Sturgeon caviar (extract) - anti-aging effect, skin nutrition (Caviar).

General purpose products

In addition to special formulations, there are also general-purpose products Skinasil. These include Silikin - ampoules of organic silicon used to solve a whole range of different problems (strengthening cells, increasing immunity and much more). Another universal drug is Gibilan based on ginkgo biloba extract. This herbal remedy will help get rid of puffiness, rosacea, help the skin recover, acquire a healthier shade, eliminate cellulite and sagging.

How Skinasil lipolytics work

Metabolism, including fat metabolism, never stops in the body. The synthesis and breakdown of substances is slow for some, faster for others - the speed depends on weight, gender, age, physical activity, and medications taken. When more lipids (fats) begin to be produced than broken down, they are deposited in the subcutaneous tissue - the fat layer grows. This is the front of the lipolytic’s work. Skinasil breaks down fats into their constituent fatty acids, and to prevent them from coming back together, it contains components that prevent this.

Areas of use

Men and women who have problems with loose deposits of subcutaneous fat decisively get rid of their external flaws using “chemical liposuction” in the following critical areas:

  • Stomach. A vast territory with the most visible “strategic reserves”. It is preferable to puncture the main areas of accumulation of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen - the lower part, the side surfaces.
  • "Ears". An unpleasant visual effect is caused by accumulations of fat on the sides of the thighs, forming lumps. When walking, such “breeches” are especially striking, making the figure angular and swollen. This type of deposits occurs not only in obese people. This unpleasant feature is the fruit of a genetic predisposition. Even slender people can have soft “ears” that stick out on the sides. With physical exercise, such a flaw in appearance can be removed with great difficulty, especially in women.
  • Hips. It is not common in men. The presence of “legs” is a common female distinctive feature. In the hip area, nature has planned to store reserves of nutrients (in the form of fat, cellulite) in case of pregnancy during a lean year. This is a difficult area for effective weight loss, since “melting” fat in it will happen last. A full course of injections with Skinasil Lipolytic can significantly reduce the number of extra centimeters that will not appear later, even in the absence of strict dietary restrictions.
  • Sides. The result of waist shaping in this particular area of ​​the body is clearly visible.
  • Double chin. The use of a lipolytic course helps to reduce the double chin and tighten sagging skin. The combined use of massage gives a rejuvenating effect and forms a clear oval of the face.

To whom Skinasil is prohibited

These drugs are contraindicated in the following groups of people:

  • pregnant and breastfeeding women;
  • having increased skin sensitivity to the components;
  • those suffering from endocrine (diabetes mellitus), oncological, skin, mental, nervous (epilepsy), infectious diseases, diseases of internal organs (cholelithiasis) and blood;
  • having lesions of the central nervous system;
  • patients in a state of intoxication or fever.

Cosmetologists' opinion

"Mrx lipolytic complex" is certainly effective. Its effect is noticeable after the third procedure.

Some clients require fewer injections, others more. It all depends on the initial volume of subcutaneous fat, the general condition of the person, and lifestyle.

Physical discomfort is natural. But it quickly becomes familiar.


Without special preparation

If there are no contraindications, a course of Skinasil injections (as a stand-alone drug or as part of cocktails) can be started on the same day.


It is important to clean and disinfect the treatment area so that microflora that constantly lives on the skin, dirt, skin secretions, and decorative cosmetics do not get into the injection sites. To do this, the skin is wiped with tampons (cotton pads) moistened with one of the antiseptic solutions (Betadine, Povidone-iodine, hydrogen peroxide).


Invasive procedures, which include Skinasil injections, require anesthesia. For this, creams (Emla, J-Cain), gels (Beracain, Light Frost, J-Cain) are used. The composition is evenly distributed over the skin and covered with a film for better absorption for 40-45 minutes. Then the film is removed, the remaining cream is removed with a swab.

Zone Definition

If lipolysis is carried out, injections are made into the thickness of the fat lobes, that is, there is no need to inject the entire surface, this is a mistake. If a lipolytic is injected into a large fat lobe and a small one at the same time, the effect will be more noticeable in the second, that is, the breakdown of fat will be uneven, the lobes will be contoured, and the body relief will become ugly.

Some problematic fat lobes:

  • patellar roll;
  • the inner and outer surfaces of the thigh (marked in a standing position, since they shift when lying down);
  • subgluteal omentum;
  • the lower omentum (on the abdomen; a rather large lobe; the upper omentum in women is poorly expressed, it is not treated with lipolytic);
  • lateral surfaces of the gland (fat on the sides, the so-called “muffin top”).

You need to start working with the largest fat lobes - in those areas that the patient dislikes the most.

Areas for mesotherapy are determined visually and depend on the client’s wishes.

The actual injections

5- or 10-ml syringes and thin needles are used. Fat-breaking drugs, unlike lymphatic drainage drugs, are administered in large quantities per injection - 0.2-0.4 ml, to a depth of 13 mm, in order to penetrate not into the dermal tissue, but into the fatty tissue located underneath it.

Antiseptic again

Carry out final treatment with an antiseptic solution on all treated areas.


It is necessary to be aware that the price of Skinasil, or rather its products, is considered an integral part of the cost of mesotherapy. We will give you only approximate figures for ready-made drugs from the Toscani laboratory.

  • Alsatin - one hundred and fifty rubles.
  • Lipokof - one hundred and sixty rubles.
  • Slim Body – six hundred rubles.
  • X-ADN - two thousand four hundred rubles.
  • MPH complex – four hundred and sixty rubles.
  • Lipokat - two hundred and sixty.
  • Kamezin - one hundred and fifty rubles.

Buying Skinasil means giving preference to a line of domestic product (drug) that is used in mesotherapy. These products are characterized by a small volume and in a large number of cases are mono-component. Such products are used to combine with other beneficial substances and obtain the best cosmetic product.

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